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The wonderful combat came to an unexpected end; nearly all spectators left the Yuxu Inheritance Mountain with sighs. Kendo Inheritance came here with formidable confidence and headed back with unacceptable failures. Nobody could imagine this result before.


"Yuxu Inheritance is going to rise. Remember, you should keep a good relationship with Ye Feng and not provoke him." One Elder turned round and warned his disciples.


In the meantime, other Elders also reminded their disciples of the same thing.


On the Yuxu Inheritance Mountain, all spectators took off, leaving only Weng Wuyou and Ye Feng.


"It's just a beginning. Our road in the future will be tougher. Are you afraid?" Weng Wuyou looked into the distance with his eyes glittering.


"I'm never afraid of troubles." Ye Feng whispered, two beams of firm lights shooting out of his eyes.


"Work harder. I believe you will restore Yuxu Inheritance to its former glory in the future." After these serious words, Weng Wuyou left and backed to the dilapidated palace.


Ye Feng stood at the entrance of the mountain; at this moment, a sense of belonging hit him. He really loved Yuxu Inheritance and felt he was a member of Yuxu Inheritance.


"In the future, I must let the world know Yuxu Inheritance!" Ye Feng looked into the distance with his eyes shimmering.


"Several days passed. I don't know Yurou's injuries are healed or not." Ye Feng departed from the Yuxu Inheritance Mountain to visit Yuxu.


Cloud and mist curled up high mountains. Exuberant big trees boasted green leaves; fantastic flowers and herbs could be found everywhere. The beautiful scenery in Luoyun Sect made people here relaxed and pleased.


"As the largest Inheritance in Luoyun Sect, Kendo Inheritance is indeed based on a splendid mountain, surpassing other Inheritances mountains." Ye Feng released a sigh. According to the mountain, he could recognize the powerful strength of Kendo Inheritance was difficult for other Inheritances to compete.


"Ye Feng! Why he comes here?" A lot of disciples of Kendo Inheritance noticed Ye Feng, their faces filled up with surprise.


"Dose him come here to make trouble?" A disciple said in a trembling voice.


The disciples who had gone to the Yuxu Inheritance Mountain got back, so all disciples here had known what happened. When Ye Feng appeared under the Kendo Inheritance Mountain, all people thought he was going to make trouble.


"You…don't act recklessly! We have many powerful seniors. Now you are just a person, if you take unreasonable actions, you will be beaten by us." A disciple of Kendo Inheritance warned Ye Feng boldly.


Ye Feng smiled with embarrassment. Indeed, he came here not for making trouble, but for seeing Yurou.


"I will do nothing. I come here just for a friend." Ye Feng put on a gentle expression.


"Friend? You don't get along well with Kendo Inheritance. Is it possible you have a friend here?" A disciple said in a quivering voice.


"She is called Yurou and she has been promoted to an outer disciple for a short time." Ye Feng maintained his composure.


"Yurou? She is not here. After the inheritance competition among outer disciples was ended, she hasn't gotten back." A disciple rolled his eyes and told Ye Feng, lacking of self-confidence.


Luminous light emerged in Ye Feng's eyes; he realized something must happen to Yurou on the basis of the disciple's sights.

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