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Chapter 1     The Strongest System


"Ye Feng, after three years, you hasn't got to the triple condensation realm,and still a fucking factotum disciple.look at your stupid face,damn ,it is really annoying. Today,you must go to cut a hundred trees to me ,or you will have no dinner."


A horse-faced youth shouted that he was Lin Dong, he is the head of a group of factotum disciples.


Ye Feng spoke nothing, but there was no more anger in the eyes.


Lin Dong is deliberately looking for his trouble.


In the distance, there are many factotum disciples in the crowd. They point to Yefeng and no one goes up to help him.


"I really confused. Even the disciple who has the most common talents should get to a triple condensing environment after three years. But Yefeng has been coming to Luoyun Sect for three years,but he still stay on first condensation realm,I really don't understand why he still stayed here."   


"He must also have the illusion of becoming a strongest one in the world!" A factotum disciple laughs unbridledly.


"Oh, Really? Hey, then give him another hundred years, and maybe he will be able to become a strong man.But now, his whole life is just a waste!" said a disgruntled disciple.


They have just entered Luoyun Sect in less than half a year, and they have already been in the double condensation realm. And then it will take a short time for the disciples to pass the assessment of the outside disciple.


Ye Feng smiled self-deprecating without one words. In this three-year period, he heard too much such words like this.


He grabbed an axe leaning against the wall and silently walked away from it.


"I really don't understand. On such a waste, Senior Brother Wang still wants me to "take care" of him. It really make no sense."


Lin Dong stared at the back of Ye Feng's departure and his eyes revealed a look of disgust.


Luoyun Sect located in the vast mountains, is a detached monastic school in the northern edge of the northern region of the East.


Ye Feng is a factotum disciple of Luoyun Sect.




In front of his eyes, a waterfall appeared. It was just like the Milky Way falls from the sky,make the sounds like a roar of horses.


And next to this waterfall is a huge forest of trees.


"Arrived." Ye Feng gently speaking.


He looked at the waterfall, feeling very emotional, like being infected by the fierce and unrestrained momentum of the waterfall, he excitedly yelled:


"No one would have thought that I would actually fall to this situation!"


In fact,He is not a person in this world, yet comes from the earth.


When he just got here, he was not frustrated. On the contrary, he was very excited.


He is an orphan on the earth. He lives in a muddle-headed way every day and has no attachment to the earth.


But this world is different. This is a world of spiritual practice. It can be said that it is omnipotent to practise the ultimate limit,and even you can live as long as the world.


When he first arrived in the world, his blood boils. He had longed for spiritual practice, but he could not find any way to practice on earth!


"Three years,three years have passed since I came to this world. But even an outside disciple i haven't become yet."


Ye Feng shouted loudly, venting out his grievances accumulated in his heart for many years.


"Lin Xi,its all because of you, i will never fall to such an end without you!"


Ye Feng's eyes suddenly became sharp, and there was a blaze in the depths of the eyes.


He came into this world,and then devoted himself to Luoyun Sect with exhausted his thoughts.


At that time, Lin Xi also had just entered Luoyun Sect as same as him. he was also a disciple.


The relationship between them is very good. During the week, Ye Feng often helps Lin Xi to do chores, and take good care of Lin Xi.


One day, they entered the mountain to collect herbs and do chores. However, Lin Xi accidentally fell from the mountain and fell into a deep cave.


Ye Feng directly into the deep hole to save him without any hesitate.


When he found Lin Xi and was ready to return, he accidentally discovered two extremely magic herb!


It was two purple ginseng, shaped like ginseng,and its rich reiki is really intoxicating.


Ye Feng and Lin Xi were very excited. they have read the introduction of purple ginseng on a book in Luoyun Sect.


The purple ginseng can be used to change the body's constitution, clean the marrow and replace the Tendons, open the body's potential ,thus it's the supreme magic herb.


But at this time, Lin Xi suddenly pierced Ye Feng's stomach with a sword, and also took away the two purple ginseng.


Ye Feng has never thought about that Lin Xi would give him a shot. Fortunately, the sword did not stab him.


He survived.


When he returned to Luoyun Sect, Lin Xi has already became the chief disciple of the leader of the school and his status was extremely high.


"Lin Xi, if you tell me that you want two purple ginseng, I will definitely give it to you!"


Ye Feng shook his head and his decadent eyes gradually became sharper.


"The friendship between us broke at the moment you attacked me. You became the enemy of my life. One day, I will return it to you!"


Ye Feng sneered and issued a vow.


However, then he gave a wry smile.


He thought very well,although Lin Xi's attack haven't kill him,his Dantian broke and could not agglomerate reiki.


This is also the reason why he failed to reach the triple condensation realm for three years.


"I believe that I will not continue to be like this!"


Ye Feng bright eyes, he has confidence in himsel that he will be rise up, become the strongest in this world!



At this moment, a shrill voice began to sound.


"Detected that host's heart meet the system's opening conditions, the strongest system is opening..."




"The strongest system binds successfully."


Then a data panel appeared in the front of Ye Feng's eyes.


Host Name: Ye Feng.


State: a heavy condensation environment.


Experience values: 0.


Cultivation method:Gas Concise (low-level condensation method).




Ye Feng took a sip of cold, he never think to bind a system!




"Detected that the host's Dantian was destroyed and it was impossible to carry out spiritual practice. The strongest system will reshape the body for the host. Do you agree?"


Ye Feng grinned, Do not need to consider that,


Of course agree!



An electric current passes through the body of Ye Feng. Ye Feng instantly feels that the cells in the body are active.


Only a moment, he sensed the difference.


The heartbeat is extraordinarily powerful and the buzzing sounds like a bang.


"So nice."


Ye Feng's eyes half squinte, a comfortable feeling came from all over the body, and the sword marks on his stomach disappeared.




There was a roar from Ye Feng's body. He immediately felt that there was a lot of clearing in front of him, like a mausoleum.




"The host physique was reshaped successfully and stimulated the host's potential physique, the Eucharist!"


A data light curtain appeared immediately before Ye Feng's eyes.


Host Name: Ye Feng.


Realm: First condensation realm


Constitution: Eucharist (0/10000)


Experience values: 0


Cultivation Method: Qi Condensation (low-level)

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