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Chapter 55 – The birth of a miracle (1) Translated by imakeussmile

Liu Fei Yan smiled and said: “I also asked him about that. He said that, according to the previous Incomparable Girl Talent Competition, the dominant judges and spectators are all males, and if Xiao Yan is to be able to attract those males’ gazes, of course she had to come to Romantic Floor. He said that, as long as Xiao Yan is able to attract that group of males, then she would 100% get number 1.”

This—it is truly indeed like this, although this competition is said to be some talent competition, but the matter of fact was, however, that it was an appearance showcase, and sex appeal was really a huge proportion in the winning factor.

However, the majority of the talent girls disdained this point, because they felt that the most attracting point of them was their talent, and thus there were very few people who would use their sex appeal. As for Ye Lang, he didn’t care about all those, as long as it was possible to win, all is good. What’s more, it was also not him himself using his sex appeal, thus him even more not having any scruples at all.

But there was however a problem in the midst of all those things, does Zhen Xiao Yan even have sex appeal? If she was to use her sex appeal, how many people would even be willing to buy it? No, it should be that, would anyone even be willing to pay for their bill?

“If it is you, I believe it is possible, but as for Zhen Xiao Yan, even if a miracle were to happen, it would still be very hard to do.” The emperor spoke out everyone’s thoughts.

“That’s right, that appearance of her, perhaps spending one or two years would be possible to fix it. But just a mere 20 plus days… Even if there are any improvements, it would still be too lacking compared to those other girls.” Said Ye Lan Yu very straightforwardly.

“About this, my thought was the same as all of you at that time, but in those 20 plus days, I started feeling that it is also not impossible. Thirteenth prince and Xiao Yan, the two of them have a side to them that everyone is not able to imagine.” Liu Fei Yan lamented.

A side which everyone is not able to imagine? Just which kind of side is it?

Just when everyone wanted to ask clearly about this thing, wanting to question Liu Fei Yan, Liu Fei Yan softly said –

“I believe that they will be able to succeed this time! Even though Xiao Yan had to suffer from that kind of inhuman pain, she still persevered on. Just based on this point, I deeply believe that she will succeed!”

Inhuman pain? From this word, everyone was able to more or less guess some things. That is, for this competition, Zhen Xiao Yan has paid a price with normal people would not be able to pay out!

“I also believe that the thirteenth prince is able to change a person, and I myself am a very good example. If not for him, I would also not have this side of me! I also hate him really really much……” The more Liu Fei Yan spoke, the softer she got, and at the end, only she herself was able to hear her voice.

In those 20 plus days where she had been in contact with the thirteenth prince, at the same time where she changed Zhen Xiao Yan’s temperament, she herself was also slowly changing. And in the end, she also seemed to understand, maybe the person who changed Zhen Xiao Yan wasn’t Zhen Xiao Yan herself, but it was instead Ye Lang, who also changed her at the same time.

Being together with Ye Lang, she would always feel a kind of naturalness and closeness, making her slowly let go of her seductive and icy arrogant outward appearance, and slowly recovering that side of her deep down in her heart. Letting her body emit a kind of delicate and pretty feeling.

“What?!” Everyone was not able to understand what Liu Fei Yan was saying, and even if they were able to hear everything she said, they would still not be able to understand it, never mind not even having heard all of it.

Liu Fei Yan seemed to have woken up from a dream, letting out a laugh, then shook her head and said:” Nothing much, you all just watch properly, Xiao Yan will give all of you a big surprise!”

“Can’t you just straightforwardly tell us just how Zhen Xiao Yan looks like right now, and what did Ye Lang do to her?” Said Princess Qi while furrowing her brows. She did not like to guess like this, especially on the matters about Ye Lang, she wants to clearly understand what the matter is.

“What the thirteenth prince is doing?” Liu Fei Yan shook her head, “I also don’t really know. I just know that he used some very mystical alchemy to let Xiao Yan’s body have a miraculous change. However, this alchemy also brought forth a lot of pain for Xiao Yan, and at the same time Xiao Yan endured this kind of pain, she had to undergo our training.”

“Miraculous change?” Everyone was not able to understand just what kind of change it was, and what kind of mystical alchemy did Ye Lang have, that even they didn’t know about.

Although everyone knew that Ye Lang knew alchemy, but what everyone knew about was however only confined to the degree at the standard of an ordinary alchemy student.

However, everyone did not think that Ye Lang’s alchemy had any astonishing point to it. And this was also perhaps because Ye Lang had always been staying low profile, and not having displaying his alchemy skill before.

Thus, at this time, many people were astonished by his ‘alchemy’.

“Yep, very miraculous. Miraculous to a point where it is able to make a person not able to believe it. In these 20 plus days, Xiao Yan she……” Liu Fei Yan was just about to say something, but she suddenly stopped, because at this time, a change appeared at the place, a change which arose from the arrival of a person.

At this time, the Incomparable Talent Girl Competition on the stage was about to come to an end, and if no accidents were to happen, the competition this time would also be finalized.

However, at this final moment, an accident, no, it should be said to be a thing which everyone has been all along looking forward too, just like this, expectedly happened!

“I’m sorry, I have come late, my apologies, my apologies!” A young man pulled onto a young lady and dashed towards the stage from the outside, apologizing while running at the same time.

Who was the young man? Everyone present was all able to recognize him, he was exactly that person who everyone had been waiting for and speculated about, that Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, who had disappeared for 20 plus days –

“Ye Lang!!”

But, who is that young lady he was pulling along? This question was something which everyone really wanted to ask, along with asking him just where Zhen Xiao Yan was, why did they not come together?

No one felt that this young lady could be Zhen Xiao Yan, because this young lady had figure and looks, and was definitely not that Zhen Xiao Yan who had ‘none of the goods’.

“My apologies, I have come a bit late because of a bit of accident. But it seems like I have come just in time.” Ye Lang straightforwardly went up to the stage and spoke calmly while apologizing to the crowd.


Suddenly, Ye Lang was knocked on the head by a small fist.

“Ah……big sis, what are you doing?” Ye Lang looked at the person who knocked his head and said painfully.

Big sis? Then is that Ye Lan Yu? Strange, wasn’t she just by Ye Cheng Tian’s side a while ago?

“? ! How did this little girl ran away so fast?”

At this time, the emperor and the others only then discovered that Ye Lan Yu had disappeared from their side and ran onto the stage. And during this process, there seemed to be not one person who had noticed it, and at the same time they also discovered that Princess Qi had also disappeared from their side and appeared at Ye Lang’s side.

“What am I doing you say? Next time, if you dare to play hide and seek without informing me at all, I will beat you!!” Ye Lan Yu raised her fist to show off her might.

“Aren’t you already beating me right now?” Ye Lang asked confusedly.

“This is only just a very very small hit, it is still very far off from a real beating!” Ye Lan Yu snorted, while at the same time, beginning to give Ye Lang a body check, carefully looking if there were any changes from before, checking If he had suffered from any injuries or hardships during that period of time.

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