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Chapter 54 – Liu Fei Yan (2) Translated by imakeussmile

“Let him wait, I still haven’t properly asked yet!” Ye Lan Yu said with no trace politeness at all. Those words of hers made others feel astonished, but it was seemingly also within expectations.

“Lady Lan Yu, superior Ye also instructed you to wait for a bit, they also want to know the same thing as you two.” The imperial guard added on.

“I don’t care about you all……” As before, Ye Lan Yu rejected. Within her heart, Ye Lang was the biggest, everyone else must move aside.

“Ye lan Yu, it’s better to listen together with them, everyone wants to know, there is no need to be in a rush for just a short while.” Princess Qi wrinkled her brows and pulled Ye Lan Yu.

“All right, let’s go together then! Quickly!!” After finishing speaking, Ye Lan Yu pulled the young lady and rushed towards the place where the emperor was currently at. If people did not know her, she probably would have been blocked by quite a few people on her way.

When Ye Lan Yu and the other two arrived at Ye Cheng Tian and the emperor’s side. When the emperor straightforwardly asked who the delicate and pretty young lady was, and when that young lady said her name, all the men who were present were dumbstruck, having a look of disbelief on their faces.

“This…how could this be possible? How could it be her? Which point of her is alike?”

“You say that you are Liu Fei Yan? Impossible, this is definitely impossible!!” The emperor and Ye Cheng Tian both spoke in unison, and all the males present agreed unanimously with their words.

“Why is it not possible?” Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi asked unclearly.

“Liu Fei Yan is Romantic Floor’s star of the year. She is the representative of flirtatious and charming, and furthermore, she subdued the majority of the imperial capital’s males, how could she possibly be such a delicate and pretty little girl!!” The emperor explained.

“This is just a rumor I guess, you all also have never seen her before…….”

“Who said that we didn’t see her before, we……” Ye Cheng Tian said next.

“Cough, cough!!” The emperor immediately coughed, cutting off Ye Cheng Tian’s words.

“Dad/Father emperor! You……”

Ye Cheng Tian immediately corrected himself: “That, about that, although we haven’t seen her before, but our information is definitely reliable. Let’s not talk about whether this Liu Fei Yan looks delicate and pretty, she doesn’t have even a bit of seductive feeling at all. Just talk about her current age, she only looks just 17 or 18 years old, so how could she be that Liu Fei Yan. I presume that Liu Fei Yan should at least be 25 or 26 years old.”

“Then, it could be that they maybe have the same name.”

No, I am that seductive Liu Fei Yan that you all are speaking of. However, that is only the look which I show to all you men when I perform at Romantic Floor. Don’t you men all like that kind of woman? Also, I am not 25 or 26 years old, I am even younger than the thirteenth prince okay. It is only when I dress up that I would appear a bit older.” Liu Fei Yan smiled and said.

“Young lady, don’t think of bluffing us, if Liu Fei Yan really has this side to her, we should have known already. Her daily life, who knows how many people followed her. Moreover, a young lady who is in her teens, how would she even be able to have that seductive and mature side to her?” The emperor and the others still did not believe.

“Romantic Floor is the imperial capital’s most top-notch brothel, and I have been there since I was little. You say, would I not be able to have that kind of side? As for this current look of mine, isn’t it all because of the thirteenth prince, saying that he doesn’t like that side of mine, making me wash up before accompanying him……” Liu Fei Yan protested coquettishly, and those words of hers seemed to be very ambiguous.

“What did you say!! My little brother wants you to accompany him?! If you dare touch him, I will kill you!!” Said Ye Lan Yu furiously. She definitely could not accept her little brother mixing together with a brothel woman.

But those words of hers seem to have made Ye Lang be the girl and Liu Fei Yan the big pervert!

“Young lady Ye, don’t misunderstand, he only made me accompany him to train Xiao Yan only.” Liu Fei Yan said faintly, and a complicated look flashed across her face.

“It’s good as long as you understand. Next time, you are not allowed to get close to my little brother!” Ye Lan Yu did not have any sort of sympathy or pity at all. In order to protect Ye Lang, even if it was to harm others, she would still choose to harm them without the slightest hesitation.

“Why is he together with you? Could it be that he went to Romantic Floor again?” Princess Qi took hold of the crucial point of the problem.

“All right, didn’t you all want to know where he has been all this time, and what has he been doing? Just as Princess Qi said, he has indeed once again come to our Romantic Floor again after 13 years. Starting from over 20 days ago until 3 days ago, he has been staying at my courtyard, together with Xiao Yan!” When Liu Fei Yan said the part about 13 years having passed, there seemed to be a bit of emotional fluctuation.

At this time, Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi also noticed that emotional fluctuation of hers, a thought flashed passed in their minds. Could it be that she has seen Ye Lang 13 years ago?

But at this time, the both of them did not have any thoughts to care about that, and they both also perhaps felt that it was completely not important at all.

But the emperor and Ye Cheng Tian however thought about one matter, no wonder we weren’t about to find him, so the reason was because he ran to Romantic Floor. This little brat is really nothing good, going there and not even notifying us, we could have at least gone together……

“Why did he bring Zhen Xiao Yan to that place of yours?” Everyone was not able to understand, completely not able to understand just what Ye Lang is trying to do.

“The reason was to make Xiao Yan learn the etiquettes a woman should have, to let Xiao Yan have a bit more temperament. Before all this, Xiao Yan’s condition could only be said to be a spectacle too horrible to endure!” Liu Fei Yan smiled. Thinking of the situation of that time, she immediately felt that it was funny.

The first time she saw Zhen Xiao Yan, she straightforwardly said that it was impossible, but she never thought that the result would however go beyond what she had expected.

“She indeed needs to learn those, but the question is, why did Ye Lang bring her to your Romantic Floor? Others could also teach her those, why was there a need to choose that place of yours?” Princess Qi asked confusedly.

“There are many people who can complete this task, and perhaps you all also can. However, to be able to complete this in such a short time, there are only two places, and those two places, one of them is the imperial palace, and the other is a brothel! This is what the thirteenth prince himself said.” Liu Fei Yan said while smiling.

“……” Those words made the emperor’s face to become a bit unnatural. This little bastard, to actually compare the imperial palace with a brothel equally!

However, those words were also reasonable. To cultivate a girl’s temperament in such a short time, at least on the surface, there were only the imperial palace and a brothel, these two special places. And to complete it in such a short time, it is also not something which an ordinary imperial palace and brothel is able to do!

Just on the basis that this delicate and pretty young lady in front of them is able to transform into that seductive appearance, it shows the strength of Romantic Floor on this aspect. As for the imperial palace, it is a bit hard to say.

“Since he knows that the imperial palace is also possible, why did he go to that place of yours, it is not like he can’t come to the imperial palace.” Princess Qi still could not understand, could not understand why Ye Lang would choose that place out of those two choices.

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