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Chapter 53 – Liu Fei Yan (1) Translated by imakeussmile

Three days later, at the location of the place where the Incomparable Girl Talent Competition was held, the competition was finally about to begin…

But the two people who everyone was paying the most attention to – Ye Lang and Zhen Xiao Yan, still had to show up!

“I say, the competition is already about to begin, why is that little brat still not here? This time, it should be unlikely for him to go so far as to say that he wants to directly crown Zhen Xiao Yan as the champion, and saying that if they don’t give the championship to Zhen Xiao Yan, he would get rid of the original champion right?” Seeing that Ye Lang still hadn’t shown up, the judges and the seniors of those girls who were present all began to start randomly speculating for a bit.

“Based on what he said last time, there is a possibility that this might happen……”

“This should be impossible, Ye Family would definitely not allow him to mess around like that!” Someone said very firmly.

“The question lies in whether this brat would even listen? If he really did it, what can Ye Family even do to him at that time? According to past experiences, Ye Family would only cover up for him, and at most, only give him a tiny bit of punishment!”


“You tell me, why is it like this? For no good reason, this brat ran into this competition and stuck his nose into it to do some weird thing. Isn’t that Zhen Xiao Yan very fat and very ugly? Why would he help this kind of person?” Many people who were present were all still not able to understand this, why would Ye Lang help Zhen Xiao Yan?

If it’s because of Zhen Xiao Yan family background, but she had no family background; maybe her figure, but she had no figure either, and as for looks, that was something that she even less had. But of all things, this type of person who should not have any interactions with Ye Family’s thirteenth prince, however, very luckily received his help.

Actually, within those present here, majority of the people also thought about that. If their daughter or granddaughter had been favored by Ye Lang, perhaps it would be much better than becoming the champion of this Incomparable Girl Talent Competition.

Although Ye Lang was a publicly known prodigal son who did not have any good qualities, but he was someone who had a strong family background, and this point was enough to make up for all of his shortcomings!

Even if he was now just like he was in the past, being an idiot, there would also still be many who would fight to get close with him. But of course, the precondition being that Ye Lang not having Princess Qi as his fiancée.

“About that, I don’t really know. I just know that, if not for that Sha girl, Zhen Xiao Yan would not have participated in this competition, and we would also not have this current situation with Ye Lang to worry about!”

At this time, everyone in the vicinity all turned their eyes and stared at the pitiful Sha Family’s head. Originally, he already was not someone who was powerful, but right now, he was even weaker as he got shunned and resented by others.

The Sha family head was also very very aggrieved. Although he also understood that this could not be blamed on Sha Lan, but this matter, however, made many of his relationships turn sour. And for someone who has been struggling in this noble social circle, this was definitely fatal!!

Previously, at home, he had already bellowed at Sha Lan, asking her why she let Ye Lang, this super prodigal son, slip through her fingers and not want him. Why did she not understand the meaning of the pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first, to have actually let ‘the early bird catches the worm’ happened by Zhen Xiao Yan!

Although Mo Ya was not bad, but compared to Ye Lang, he was still lacking too much. If you said that Sha Lan’s affections for Mo Ya were because of love, then what had happened was nothing much. But if her purpose was for relationships and benefits, then that would mean that she had indeed suffered disastrous loss!

No matter what was said, no matter what the result will be, even if Sha Lan becomes the champion, she would also not feel good. And as for Zhen Xiao Yan, it doesn’t really matter for her, as no matter whether she wins or loses, she would still not suffer any losses.

Using Ye Lang’s words to say, “You are barefoot, is there even a need to be scared of her wearing shoes?”

And the question right now is, ‘Why has Ye Lang still not shown up?’.
After a few more contestants, the entire competition would come to an end already. Then by that time, even if he has an enormous privilege, he would also not be able to change the result.

Could it be that it is just as what they had speculated? That he would just get rid of the champion and then afterwards let Zhen Xiao Yan substitute her?

The more they thought about this, the more logical this guess of theirs became. Because, after waiting for all the female talents to finish performing, Ye Lang was still not here……

“Fool, stupid fellow, idiot……Why are you still not showing up?” Ye Lan Yu looked at the exit and mumbled, the concern in her expression could be seen.

“Ye Lan Yu, don’t worry! Since he said that he will come, then he will come. Although he is a bit stupid, a bit foolish, but he has never gone back on his words before!” Unprecedentedly, Princess Qi consoled Ye Lan Yu for a bit.

“I know that, and that is why I am worried. I’m worried that maybe he has met with some accidents……” Ye Lan Yu said worriedly.

“…….” Princess Qi remained silent. She had also thought about this, however, she optimistically believed that in Soaring Sky Empire, no one would dare to do any harm to Ye Lang at all.

“Ah, that woman…… Princess Qi, isn’t that the person of that time……” Suddenly, Ye Lan Yu pointed to an area. That area seemed to be a VIP seating area, and at that place, there seemed to be someone that she had seen before.

“That……she……That’s right, she is that woman from three days ago, but her look today seems to feel different! Ah, Ye Lan Yu, where did you go?” Princess Qi suddenly discovered that Ye Lan Yu had already jumped out, not caring about her image in the slightest bit, straightforwardly jumping from the stage towards the area which she pointed out previously.

Princes Qi went into a daze for a while, then made an action which made others feel dumbstruck as she jumped towards the area with Ye Lan Yu. Both of them used their magic power to jump, and the control of their magic was to the point of perfection, letting others be surprised about their strength.

“What are those two girls trying to do, not caring about their image and jumping around like that. Right now, there are a lot people watching. It is okay if it’s just your daughter, why did my daughter also follow after her too.” The Emperor, who was sitting on the main seat, said towards Ye Cheng Tian.

“Right, just what is going on? Normally, those two wouldn’t be lacking in manners like this. To make the both of them lose their manners at the same time can only be because of Ye Lang, that little bastard! Could it be they have news of him?”

“It should be, they seem to have gone there to find a person……”

“It’s not that it seems like, it is precisely that. Look, they even caught that person already! Also, what did you say just now, why is it that it is ok if it’s just my daughter?”
“Cough, cough……”

“Princess, Lady Ye, we meet once again! But, could you loosen your grip a bit.” The young lady who had been caught by Ye Lan Yu said very politely.

“Tell me, where did my little brother go to?” Ye Lan Yu got right to the point and asked.

The young lady smiled bitterly and said: “I also don’t know about that, I was still looking for him just a while ago. I know that you will suspect me, but I can also only tell you that, three days ago, I was still together with the thirteenth prince. However, the next three days afterwards, I don’t know where he went to.”

“Three days ago, he……” When Ye Lan Yu wanted to ask another question, a person suddenly appeared and interrupted her.

“Princess, Lady Lan Yu, the Emperor asked you two to go over to him, and to bring along this young lady too, he has some questions he wants to ask!” The person who came was one of the Imperial Family’s imperial guards.

When the Emperor noticed Ye Lan Yu’s and Princess Qi’s actions, he had already given an order to make someone bring them over here. As for the reason, the first reason was that he was afraid that the two of them would do something that would make others feel astonished, and the second reason was that, he also wanted to know the identity of this mysterious young lady.

The Emperor and Ye Cheng Tian had sent people to check the details of the young lady before, but they were not able to check this young lady’s identity. This surprised them, as within the Imperial Capital, there was actually someone who they were not able to check out.

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