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Chapter 95 - On behalf of the Emperor (1)Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon

“Done. It’s finished! Next year Tigress will be able to accompany me.” After several days of research, Ye Lang finally determined his route. According to his route map, he would travel to all places worth visiting on the whole continent. It was certain that he would spend an unbelievably long period of time on this journey, ggoing beyond everyone’s imagination.

According to his plan, it would take him five to six years to finish the journey, excluding the time spent in visiting.

Was this duration not a bit too long?

Absolutely. If anyone in the Ye Family knew his plan, he or she would straight-up cancel it or make him stop inbetween to go back home before continuing on to travel.

But if that is the case, his route map would be meaningless. In that case, he would have to travel with the Soaring Sky Empire as the center.

Can only say at that time. But in regards to this, Ye Lang still had various way to deal with it.

In order to avoid a change of his route, he thought he should keep his plan a secret from his family. He had better carry out his plan before telling them about it.

“Little brother!” Ye Lanyu suddenly appeared behind him.

“Hmm? What’s up?” Ye Lang hurriedly put his route map into his ring. Afraid that his plan would be discovered.

“What are you hiding?” Ye Lanyu asked.

“Nothing…” Ye Lang whistled, pretending to be calm, but this betrayed him.

“You dare lie to me?! When you stick up your behind, I know you are lying.” Ye Lanyu said with a little anger.

“Really?” Ye Lang looked at her with puzzlement and then pulled up… his behind!

“…” Is he…

“Do you know what I am going to do?” Ye Lang asked.

“Are you looking for a beating?!” Ye Lanyu gave him a hard slap on his ass.

“You are really lying. I want to run away, not receive a beating.” Ye Lang laughed and said. He was pleased because he knew his sister didn’t discover his plan.

“…” Ye Lanyu was a little worried about her silly brother.

Even if I don’t know what you are thinking about or if I misunderstood you, but now you’re telling me your intent.

Are you really trying to run away?

Right after telling her his intent, he ran away at once, so by now, he had already reached the gate of the library.

“Bastard, stop!” Ye Lanyu chased him while shouting.

“No, if I am caught, you will ask me about my travel.” Ye Lang shouted to reply. His reply told her that he was planning his journey.

“… I got it, so you don’t need to run away anymore.” Ye Lanyu kept silent for a while. She stopped chasing him, and said this while smiling calmly.

“Oh, how do you know I will leave home for several years?” Ye Lang also stopped running and asked her in a daze.


“I didn’t know. But now I do! You dare to have a mind to leave home for several years! ” Ye Lanyu clutched his collar and scolded him angrily.

“I want an enjoyable journey. I will write to you, I promise. Is that okay, my dear sister?” Ye Lang begged her and looked pitiful, which made her anger dissipate.  

“No way. It’s no good unless you agree to bring me along.” Ye Lanyu made up her mind not to compromise. This was her principle.

“No. Bringing you along will cause me many troubles, since you always do something strange.” Ye Lang refused and this was his principle. He seldom went out with her since childhood, let alone travel with her.

“You still remember... I no longer do what I have done in our childhood. Moreover, you are no longer a little boy.” She pulled his hand, and said with a smile.

“I don’t believe you!” Ye Lang said directly.


“If you don’t agree, I won’t let you go. If you run away, I will let everyone in the continent look for you and you won’t enjoy your travel.” Ye Lanyu rolled her eyes, and threatened him.

“… Fine, if you are free, you can come with me for some time.” Ye Lang was afraid his sister would really do what she said.

“Yes, I hadn’t even thought about it. If you don’t return home, I can spend some time with you whenever I want. Okay, deal!” Ye Lanyu said with a smile.

“You are so stupid!” Ye Lang said.

“Bang!” Ye Lanyu punched him on the head.


“You dare say that?! I’m telling you, you can’t bad mouth me. ” She pinched his face and warned him.

“Why not?” He asked.

“That’s because I am your elder sister!”


A good reason!

“Why did you come here? You seldom come looking for me at the library at this time.” He suddenly noticed that her arrival was unusual.

“Well, I almost forgot about it. Princess Qi and I were looking for you because the Emperor needs your help.”  She patted her head and said.

“…I don’t want to go!” He knew that the problem that the Emperor couldn’t solve must be very tricky, so if he went there it would become his big headache.

What’s worse, if he solved the problem, would they turn to him again next time? It was possible.

“Don't worry. They said that the problem should be solved only by you. It is not a difficult one to deal with. If it turns out to be a tricky one, we can leave directly.” Ye Lanyu said. She knew a lot about him, so she was clear on what he was worried about.

Ye Lang nodded his head and said, “If that’s the case, then let's go there. Will Little Qi go with us?”

“Leave her alone. She will go there by herself.” Ye Lanyu replied directly and left with him.

They didn't get along well with each other, so whoever found Ye Lang first, they would not wait for the other. In other words, if Princess Qi had found him, she would have brought him to the palace immediately instead of waiting for Ye Lanyu to join them.

“Okay...” Ye Lang was pulled away by her.

“Shit! Ye Lanyu, I will teach you a lesson!” When Princess Qi arrived at the library, she found that Ye Lang had left. She then stamped her foot and strode in order to catch up with them.


In the Imperial Study of the palace, the Emperor told Ye Lang the problem that needed to be solved. There were only several people present. All of them were trustworthy, and also included Ye Cheng Tian, Ye Lang's father.

“... So that's your problem?” After hearing what the Emperor said, Ye Lang frowned and asked.

“Yes, that's all. But we can’t do that on our own. I think you are the most suitable for it!” The Emperor nodded and said seriously.

“So inconvenient. Since you already know the answer, why don’t you just do that on your own?” Ye Lang said.

“You don't know how many things and people are involved in it. Even if they know you did it, they won't blame you. But it’s different for us, that's why we can’t do that.” Said the Emperor, not explaining the reason.

For them, it was not easy to explain to Ye Lang and it was also irrelevant and he didn’t really need to know the reason.

“So you can ask someone else to do this, why did you turn to me?” Ye Lang didn't care about anything else but the reason why he was asked to do that.

“We chose you because in your cause, there can be a reasonable explanation. You can also inadvertently come into contact with this matter. You can get involved and no one will blame you.” The Emperor said with a smile.

“You people in the positions of great power always have a lot of tricks!” Ye Lang told his feeling frankly, which embarrassed them a lot.


"*Cough cough.* You can go and do what you need to do in the way you like, as long as it is done." The Emperor coughed and waved his hand to let Ye Lang leave.

“Got it! I will do that this time. But don't ask me to do so next time.” He said with arrogance and never regarded the Emperor with reverence.

“...” Whatever, I’m this brat’s uncle right now, can only let him go.

“What did they ask you to do?” When Ye Lang walked out of the study, Ye Lanyu and Princess Qi came up to ask him. They were waiting for him outside the study because the Emperor had said they could do it together, but only Ye Lang could listen to what needed to be done.

“They asked me to set some people free, kill some, and put some in prison. It‘s easy. ” Ye Lang shrugged and said.

“Kill some people? No! How can you do that? Why does father ask you to do so?" Both replied in almost the same words. The “Father” they mentioned referred to the Emperor and Ye Chengtian respectively in the room now.

“That is not my idea but theirs. They will kill them and I will be just involved in it more or less. So I will feel unrest in the following days and they are not good men.” Ye Lang said calmly.

“Don't do that. Let someone else do that.” Ye Lanyu said.

“Since they turned to me, it means that no one is more suitable.” Ye Lang shook his head and said. He hadn't refused to do that because he knew he was the most suitable.

"But you don't have to do that! Don't worry. I will take the responsibility.” Ye Lanyu always protected Ye Lang and she was willing to take any responsibility for him.

That was her love for him and her love would never change!

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