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Chapter 94 - Trip (2)Edited by Ilesyt, Oberon

“It doesn’t matter what you say anyway, I want to go out to travel, and I wil go alone. No one can follow me!” Said Ye Lang, opposing  vehemently against the three people.

“Alone? Never! Absolutely not! Don’t even think about it!”

“No matter. At that time, I will just slip away alone. None of you can stop me!” Ye Lang straightforwardly said.


This sentence made those suddenly speechless. As long as Ye Lang wanted to go, no one believed that they could stop him. Ye Lang’s many disappearences were a good proof of this.

“Fine, I’ll allow it. But you need to contact us all the time!”

They could only helplessly agree. They would at least know, otherwise they wouldn’t even know if he had gone on the journey or otherwise…

“This is no problem, as long as I remember to..” Ye Lang promised to it, but his was promise was not much different from him not having done so.



“Son, where will you be going first?” Long An Qi suddenly asked Ye Lang, but she already had an idea where she believed Ye Lang would go to first.

“The Tiger tribe!” Ye Lang replied.

“…..I knew you would go there, you want to look for you Tigress…” Really as expected. Tai Ya was still kid’s most favorite.


“Ye Lang, at the trials… ” A wonderful voice rang.

“Trials your sister, do not bother me! Whoever mentions the trials in front of me, will have me to deal with!!” Ye Lang very angrily shouts back that sentence. These days he had been annoyed to death with that word. So when mentioned it to him this time, he didn’t think but just shouted angrily.

After he was finished with his tirade, Zhen Xiaoyan pulled him aside.

“Why?” Ye Lang looked helplessly at Zhen Xiaoyan and asked.

Zhen Xiaoyan pointed in front, indicating Ye Lang to look clearly.

“Uh……” Ye Lang saw the beautiful teacher at the front, her face now covered in a black cloud. The whole classroom was also staring at Ye Lang.

Some people showed admiration in their eyes: You fool, you even dare to go against her!

While some people showed glee, their eyes saying: Haha, you’re finished now.


This was the classroom, and the one who asked Ye Lang was no one else, but their beautiful teacher. That is to say, in front of so many students, Ye Lang directly cursed at their “beloved” beautiful teacher.

“You! Get out!!” The beautiful teacher angrily shouted.

“I am sorry, these past days I have become tired hearing of this thing. In any case, I will not participate in the trials!” Ye Lang apologized to the beautiful teacher, and after once again announcing his stance on the subject, he went out.

The beautiful teacher did not speak. Zhen Xiaoyan had wanted to go out with him, but then thinking about, she stopped. Ye Lang would often be confused, and would be called out by the teacher to the desk.

Other people may give Ye Lang face, but the beautiful teacher had never been extra reserved with him. She was impartial to the students, and didn’t give a different treatment based on their status.

When Ye Lang left, the beautiful teacher continued the lecture. But her heart was suffocating, she was doing it for his own good, letting him succeed, but as a result, she was scolded at by him….

Hmph! Who cares about him!

As for the Ye Lang, after he went out, he stood at the door for a while, thinking of a place to go, and then immediately left for that place:

The library!

Learning was as boundless as the sea, even if Ye Lang never forgets and remembers all the books, looking through them again is always a new experience. Reading was not just memorizing it.

On the other hand, Ye Lang naturally only picked the books that appealed to him. He was lazy, and would never read those that were not within his sphere of interest, or that were not useful to him.

Right now, he needs to look at some reference books to plan for his journey!

In fact, if this matter was not mentioned, Ye Lang would have prepared next year. His plan was to go after next year, but he might as well do it now.

He wants to complete his adulthood ceremony first, and then after he is finished this year, it will then be the time to set out!

And he is just walking around, just regular travel only, not the so-called adventuring. He will not do such a boring and dangerous thing, he just wants to spend money here and there. Those dangerous things can be left for those professional people to do.

What he wants to know now is which are the most fun places, the famous and touristic places. In the past he had just ignored those, of course, that was because there was no time to see them.

“Young master Thirteen, you have been driven out by the teacher again?”

Coming to the library, Ye Lang met an acquaintance. He often encountered him in the library, a youth the same age as Ye Lang.

“Yeah, you too?” Ye Lang nodded, and then casually asked.

“No, I requested to come on my own initiative.” The young man said proudly.

“I can’t help but say this. You’re so cheap, even have to ask.” Ye Lang said very politely.

“Each their own, each their own…” The boy didn’t take it to heart, but just calmly answered.

“Let me see your book, oh right, do you know where the book on the mainland’s civilization geography is?” Ye Lang did not want to go on with the youth, and then he suddenly remembered, this youth was the authority in this library, even the administrator did not understand of the books here as much as him.

This boy was almost every day in the library, even during holidays. What is the goal he was aiming for in the future? You will see!

“Civilization geography? What do you want to do? You don’t want to go out for experience, adventure and battles?” The boy immediately guessed Ye Lang’s intent.

“You only guessed half. I want to go out to be prodigal and come back, not to take risks.” Ye Lang said with a smile.

The boy looked at Ye Lang, and then asked in doubt: “Are you saying that you can’t do it here in our empire, so you have to do it in the whole continent?

“Yes, indeed the brightest mind of this library. You guessed it.” Ye Lang said.

“How many times do I have to tell you, not the library, but the empire, no, the continent’s brightest mind in the future!” The youth very proudly said. Speaking of the ultimate goal of his life.

“You also said ‘in the future’, right now you are only the library’s. Do not say any more nonsense, tell me, where are those books?” Ye Lang ignored the boy’s words.

“…You wait and see! I definitely will!”





Ye Lang soon found the books he wanted, then sat down, reading quietly. The library with two or three people became silent again.

All this time, Ye Lang did not seem to notice the person in front of him. It should be said that he was used to sitting there with people while reading books. They would not interfere with each other, so he wouldn’t pay attention to the person in front.

As he was looking at the book, he suddenly felt a very cold gaze, even a hint of bloodlust. So he raised his head…

“….” Ye Lang was silent for a while and then continued on reading.

Pah! The book in the hand of the person in front fell down, it seems her hands were unstable from the shaking!

“….” Ye Lang ignored it and continued to read

“Ye Lang, I will make you regret it…” The person did not say anything but her heart secretly whispered this, and then she sat down.

If someone now saw this picture, then they would find it to be very strange. Why would the two people sit together to read, even though their grievances were very deep!

Of the two people, one didn’t care, while the other didn’t want to be outdone.

This person is no one else but the one single-handedly destroyed by Ye Lang, Sha Lan.

Nowadays she rarely appeared in the classroom and just wholeheartedly studied alchemy. She seems to have abandoned everything, there was only alchemy now in her life.

She also had a terrifying talent in alchemy. Before, her mind was never completely 100% on alchemy, only about 34%. Now that she was wholeheartedly studying alchemy, her talent also became visible.

Perhaps becuase of her studying crazily, her talent bloomed. In short, her future was limitless. If not for a certain person, she would likely have become the top in alchemy.

For this, even after Ye Lang knew the situation, he still did not care, so now he would not care either.

Since that day, every day, if Ye Lang appeared in the library, Sha Lan would also appear in front of him, and he would alway meet her with friendly eyes.

“Are you crazy? If you hate me so much, then why do you sit together with me everyday.” At the third time, Ye Lang directly asked her.

The first time could be a coincidence, the second time could also barely be considered a coincidence, but the third time was definitely not a coincidence!

“I want to defeat you!” Sha Lan answered.

“What?” Ye Land didn’t understand.

“I want to defeat you in alchemy!” Sha Land said while grinding her teeth.

“Oh really. I will have you know that I am very powerful. If you can not become the empire’s first alchemist, then do not waste my time!” Ye Lang very objectively and honestly said. But to others this was just a display of arrogance.

“I will, and not just the empire’s. I will become the continent’s first!” Sha Lan said without cowering, she did not admit defeat.

“Another one… how come no one in this library is normal except me.” Ye Lang looked at the boy and then said sighingly.

“Ye Lang, I WILL do it!” The two said at almost the same time.

“We will see at that time, but stop arguing now…” Ye Lang scratched in his ears and said lazily.

“Good!” They said in unison.


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