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Chapter 9 – Legend Translated by imakeussmile


“Pfff……What?! Your son was at a brothel for the past three days? Hey hey, he’s just five years old right? Isn’t his speed of growth a bit too fast?” These words came from the mouth of the country’s ruler. When the emperor found out of this matter, even he himself was not able to resist from bursting out in laughter.

Even the country’s ruler was like this, let alone others. Right now, the whole imperial capital must of found out about the little thirteenth prince’s glorious accomplishment. Visiting a brothel at the age of five, this was definitely something that no one had ever accomplished before.

Right now, the whole imperial capital, and even people across the empire, were talking about how the little thirteenth prince went to the Romantic Floor to have a drinking party with female entertainers and how the little thirteenth prince raised the price against another person to buy a female slave.


After this happened, there was one more little girl at the side of the little thirteenth prince, and it was precisely the little tiger girl which the little thirteenth prince had bought. Originally, Long An Qi had wanted to find a servant girl whose age was similar to the little thirteenth prince, so that while taking care of the little thirteenth prince, the servant girl could also play with the little thirteenth prince.

The little tiger girl seemed to understand reason and she knew that her being able to avoid suffering and  humiliation was all thanks to this somewhat silly little thirteenth prince. Though she also knew that the little thirteenth prince did not sincerely help her, but the fact was still that it was indeed that the little thirteenth prince had saved her out from the pit of fire

As someone who belonged to the tiger race, it was tradition to repay kindness with kindness. Even if it was just a tiny bit of kindness, they would still repay it back in a larger manner. Of course, if someone was to offend them, they would definitely seek revenge against that person.

Therefore, the little tiger girl was really fond of taking care of the little thirteenth prince, but towards the other people of the human race she did not have any favorable impression at all, as after all, it was the humans that had captured her.

Henceforth, there was an additional little tiger servant girl in the Ye Family, and the little thirteenth prince himself would also have a childhood friend, who was both his servant girl and playmate.

Many years later, Long An Qi kept flaunting about how wise her own decision was.

However, at that time, the little thirteenth prince did not agree with this point at all, and said that he wanted to send the little tiger girl back home, since only this way would he be able to be called a thoroughly prodigal son. Thus, Long An Qi unhappily gave him a good lesson.

It was not that Long An Qi was unwilling to part with 50,000 gold coins. For her, this amount wasn’t anything much and the money was also originally the little thirteenth prince’s pocket money. It was just that, she felt that the little tiger girl was perhaps an arrangement by god to accompany her son.

Regarding this, the little thirteenth prince did not say anything, after all, he did not really have any objections and had very little knowledge about most matter. To suddenly have one more playmate to play with him, he was of course very happy about it.

That’s right, the little tiger girl hasn’t been introduced yet. Her name was Tai Ya and as for which branch she belonged too, she did not say anything and no one went to probe around. Actually, even if she had said her own name, as far as the little thirteenth prince was concerned, it was all the same because the only way he would address Tai Ya was – Tigress.

There was also another point which was that tigress’ age was approximately a year older than the little thirteenth prince. It was just that, her body shape was somewhat petite and thus it looked as if she was more or less the same age as the little thirteenth prince. After growing up, she may even be much smaller than the little thirteenth prince.

Don’t think that the people of the tiger race would all have a tough and stocky build, there was still a group of the female tigers who were very petite. Of course, this group belonged to a exceedingly rare portion and it just so happens that this tigress was one them.


“Little brother, is it true that Romanic Floor is really that fun? Let’s go together next time.” Little Lan Yu excitedly and quietly said to the little thirteenth prince.

“Yep, very fun. Cannot go, mom said that I cannot go.” Little thirteenth prince nodded his face and then shook head.

“We will go secretly. It will be alright as long as mom doesn’t know about it.” Little Lan Yu said softly.

“? ? Is it really alright? I will go and ask mom about it.” Little thirteenth prince brought along his doubts and ran to ask Long An Qi about it. As for little Lan Yu, upon seeing this situation and seeing that she could not stop him, she decided to run away.

“Ye Lan Yu! Stop right where you are!!” Long An Qi’s roaring voice resonated through the entire heaven and earth.

“Mom, I was only joking about it. Ye Lang, you little scoundrel, next time I won’t bring you around to play.”


In the next few months, the little thirteenth prince was still going out every few days to be prodigal. Of course, before going out, he would always ask Long An Qi for a bit of pocket money and Long An Qi would always say that there would be no next time but she would still give him pocket money every time.

Originally, the little thirteenth prince was prohibited from going out, but later on, Long An Qi decided to just let him go out and not stop him anymore. The reason for suddenly letting the little thirteenth prince leave was not because Long An Qi had suddenly became convinced to let him go, but it was instead that she had no choice.


Ever since the first disappearance, although the little thirteenth prince had been prohibited from going out, and the entire Ye Residence had been on high alert to prevent the same matter from happening, and therefore according to logic, the little thirteenth prince should not have been able to go out anymore.

But what was strange was that, the little thirteenth prince still nonetheless suddenly disappeared while playing, and it was also under the situation that the entire family knew that he was going to disappear. The methods which he exploited to go out were also very interesting.

All of these methods were ones that normal people would usually overlook and perhaps, only from the little thirteenth prince’s perspective would one be able to think of such methods. After the little thirteenth prince told Long An Qi about it, it only made Long An Qi open her mouth wide, as she was extremely astonished.

Afterwards, Long An Qi was no longer astonished and was only curious as to why the little thirteenth prince had so many methods. Even if a person was exceptionally intelligent, it was very hard to have such an ability to strategize. So, how was a child whose intelligence was so low able to come up with such methods?

Regarding this matter, not only did it make Long An Qi feel strange, even the entire Ye Family felt it was too strange. They even suspected that this little thirteenth prince was acting like a fool but the fact was that it was also not possible.

As he was like this since he was very young. If one were to say that he was acting, it also meant that he was acting like this since he was small. Was this even possible? Was there a need for it?

Also, some things can simply not be acted out, and it may only be possible for a short period of time. Even if he had exceptional acting skills, even if he had exceptional shrewdness, it was also not possible for there to be such a loophole, such that even his own parents would not be aware of it.

The only explanation was that the little thirteenth prince’s intelligence was only low in some places and in other places, he was better than normal people. If he would have been able to grow up like a normal person, then he would be just like the previous rumors, he would have truly become god’s child and a legend.

This matter made the bodyguards of the Ye Residence to grumble, and in their heart, they were also beginning to resent the little thirteenth prince because he caused them to be reprimanded every few days.

However, this matter also made them become elite bodyguards, as their vigilance had reached a very high degree which was unprecedented. It was to the extent that afterwards, the Ye Residence’s defense capability exceeded everyone’s imagination, and when compared even the imperial palace was somewhat lacking.

Once, there was a secret agent, a very legendary secret agent. A secret agent who was able to go into every country with ease and his traces had never been discovered by others. Even going into the imperial palace of the three big empires was just as simple as going back home. He could be said to be a legend in the world of secret agents.

However in the end, he fell into the hands of the Ye Family. During the time, he was carrying out a mission to spy on the Ye Family, when he was caught by a bodyguard. At the time, he thought that the guard who caught him was definitely an elite of all the elites, if not, how would a normal guard be able to catch him. It was just that, the outcome made him feet very depressed as the guard was just a very ordinary guard in the Ye Residence.

What made him even more depressed was that, when he asked the guard how he was able to discover him, the guard’s answer was: “This method of yours had already been used by the thirteenth prince when he was young. You are too inexperienced.”


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