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Chapter 83 - Alchemy Fighting Skills (3)

"I am coming!"  Ye Lang said and nodded, and moved his hand in the air…

What was he doing? Drawing the array? But it isn't an alchemy array? The group of Imperial Alchemists were confused.

And soon they understood that it was just meaningless action by Ye Lang, and he was really going to start now.

Ye Lang suddenly withdrew his hand to put it into the space ring, and then he pulled out something long. That was only the front part of the whole object, but it was as long as the height of an adult.

After this, the back part of the long object appeared, made up by square boxes of different sizes. Then, the last part was a long object.

Looking at it carefully, you would find that the long object was actually a cylinder, and the cylinder was empty. In a word, this was a cylinder!

The whole object was covered with a mysterious carving, the pattern of an alchemy array. The present alchemists were sure about it.

It was an item used for alchemy, and its shape looked like a big gun that could be held in hand, with a handle as well as a trigger!

At this moment, Ye Lang clutched the handle with one hand, while the other hand held the trigger below it. And then he targeted Li Danteng and then pulled the trigger…

The array on the "hand-held big gun" began to flash, and then, the cylinder emitted dazzling light…

"Fuck, hurry and create the barrier!" Those responsible for the barrier immediately took actions, for they didn't what it was about Ye Lang, but they felt danger.

"This is…" There was a glow in the alchemists' eyes, as if they saw something precious.

The "hand-held gun" emitted a straight light heading towards Li Danteng.

"?!" Li Danteng was confused about what it was, but his instinct as a swordsman made him dodge.

"Boom!" The light reached the barrier and immediately exploded. A strong gust of wind with dust spread at the barrier, and the explosion could be heard in the entire arena, even in the places far away from it.

On hearing the explosion, you could imagine how powerful the big gun in Ye Lang's hand was. The blowing dust, as well as the cracks there, told you one thing:

The thing held by Ye Lang was absolutely horrible!


At this moment, everyone was looking at Ye Lang with astonishment!

It was unexpected that this brat had such a horrible and hidden weapon!

"!!" Li Danteng was shocked and scared. He was wondering whether he would still be alive and standing if he got hit by the light.

And Ye Lang just said, "Not powerful enough, I must change its setting to a higher level!"

Fuck, a higher level setting?

Everyone's eyes became wider open, so were their mouths…

It was certain and obvious that the setting of the big gun could be changed, because the alchemy array on the gun was not fully activated, if fully activated, then it would be more powerful!

In addition, Ye Lang's alchemy arrays with different combination would deliver different results, which would definitely surprise everyone!


Ye Lang shot him again without saying a word, and it was obviously more powerful. Fortunately, the barrier had extended the farthest, so no damage was caused!

"You did it again!" After escaping the second attack, Li Danteng said angrily.

"Why not? You are still alive!" Ye Lang said, while continuing to shoot him for the third time.

"You are so shameless. How can you use such a weapon? We are in a duel!! " Li Danteng roared with embarrassment.

"Why not?" Ye Lang stopped to look at the alchemy gun in his hand.

"Of course not, this is a foul! Have you ever seen someone use such an alchemy weapon in a duel?" Li Danteng shouted.

"But I am an alchemist. If I don't use an alchemy weapon, what should I use? Look! " Ye Lang once again pulled the trigger…

What he said made sense. As an alchemist, if he was not allowed to use the alchemy weapons, what should he use? If a warrior was not allowed to use qi, and a magician was not allowed to use magic, the duel was meaningless.

This time, Li Danteng became distracted, because his words made him mistakenly believe that Ye Lang would stop attacking him, but it turned out that Ye Lang continued to shoot him.

As a result, Li Danteng in that moment was hit for he responded a little slowly…


Li Danteng was pushed away because of the explosion and found it very difficult to stay balanced, so he used his one hand on the ground to support the body. His red eyes stared at Ye Lang, but it seemed that he didn't get any serious injuries!

Well, not very serious. Although he responded a little slowly, at that moment he instinctively released qi to defend himself, with the sword blocking the light!

It was certain that his qi skills couldn't stop the attack from Ye Lang's gun, but his body was hit away. That was why his injuries were not serious!

However, both of Li Danteng's hands were shaking because of the strong hit. Now he was just looking at Ye Lang while recovering from his injuries, rather than scolding him!

"Don't look at me like this. I will be scared, and if I am scared, I will accidentally pull…" The alchemy gun in Ye Lang's hands began to glow. He didn't intend to spare his opponent. Even though his opponent was exhausted, he continued to fight without hesitation!


Looking at the light taking shape, Li Danteng rolled on the ground. Although this was a shameful skill, it was easy and always effective in the crucial time!

Li Danteng avoided another shot. After that, he immediately got up, and then ran towards Ye Lang swiftly. Instantly they got closer!

As the grandson of the best swordsman, Li Danteng soon understood that the big gun in Ye Lang's hand was useful in a long-range attack. Although it was powerful, it was not easy to use it.

You had to wait for some time to use it for a second time, it seemed that there was a cooling time. In addition, it was hard for it to follow and hit the high-speed moving targets!

Besides, since it was a weapon for long-range attack, it would not be powerful in the short distance!

Therefore, as long as he rushed at Ye Lang during the cooling time, the big gun in his hands would no longer hurt him!

And it was clear that Ye Lang's big gun couldn't play a role in short distance. This was expected, but it was also unexpected that-

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