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Chapter 82 - Alchemy fighting skills (2)

Before the duel even started, the Imperial Academy was already packed full of people. This was despite of the difficulty in obtaining a ticket for today's event. Yes, this required tickets, for the Imperial Academy to maintain order among this many people required large amounts of manpower and resources, and for them to recoup some of the cost was perfectly normal.

And most importantly, this kind of moneymaking opportunity, who would let it go to waste!!

Among the people who arrived today, from commoners to nobles to Imperial family members to the Emperor himself, members of every social class were present.  At the same time, from peasants to merchants, to workers, officials etc, the various occupations were also all represented!

And yet, every person of unique background still had the exact same goal: Support Ye Lang!!

As for that person himself, Ye Lang? Was he going to be like those people thought, appearing at the last second, just like last time at Zhen Xiaoyan's competition, refusing to appear until the very end?

No, Ye Lang had arrived long ago, arriving early even compared to everyone else, using his words, "I am a person with a sense of responsibility, naturally I can't make everybody else wait for me".

Ye Lang at this time was within the arena, pacing back and forth, apparently observing his surroundings very closely, as if he was observing every inch of the ground……

"Thirteenth young master, we all support you…..!" within the arena, the spectators let out a burst of cheers in their support of Ye Lang!

"Thank you for your support, after this, I'll treat all of you to a meal!" Ye Lang smiled wryly, and cupped his hand and saluted in response.

"Thirteenth young master, we have so many people here, are you going to treat all of us out to a meal?" One person jokingly asked, he was only joking, he didn't think Ye Lang would really treat them all, there were tens of thousands of people here.

Only, Ye Lang at his core was an extremely prodigal son, he was quite satisfied having this opportunity to squander money—

"En, I'll treat all of you, no matter where you go, bring over a bill, come to my place and I'll reimburse you!"

"Hooh, Thirteenth young master, you truly are a good person! I like you!!"

"When this is over, I'm going to the best restaurant under heaven to eat dinner…."

"Two bowls of soy milk, two deep fried bread sticks, eat one and throw the other away…"

"Boss, bring me a bowl of fish bone soup to rinse my mouth…"

(TL note: Fish bone soup is apparently a fairly expensive dish in China)

All of a sudden, the scene erupted, the fighting had yet to even begin and a *** phase had already begun, the sounds of support for Ye Lang grew louder and louder!

Just this vigor alone could intimidate that Li Danteng, hey!

Of course, this was just what some people thought….

"This little bastard, doesn't treat money like money, treating these tens of thousands of people out to eat, how much is this going to cost!" Long An Qi scolded from the viewing platform somewhat unhappily.

"Treating tens of thousands of people to a meal, this is a grand undertaking, practically guaranteed to be the only time this will ever occur in history!" The Emperor sadly lamented, it would appear that even him, as emperor, had never treated people to meals like this.

This kind of thing, only Ye Lang, this super prodigal son, would do, even if others were forced to admit defeat, they would not have this kind of courage, this kind of tolerance!

And this event really did become a one of a kind grand undertaking, becoming a tale that would be passed down through the generations!

When Li Danteng and the rest of his family arrived, it was almost time to start the duel, and when he found that Ye Lang had arrived at the arena long ago, he fell into a stupor.

It would seem that within their minds, Ye Lang ought to be the kind of person who arrives at the very last moment!

And thus, they started suspecting Ye Lang's motives…..

"Thirteenth young master, you arrived quite early, did you perhaps play some tricks on the arena ground?' Li Danteng said while superficially smiling.

"No, I am a gentlemen!" Ye Lang shook his head and replied.

The hidden meaning of the sentence wasn't to say Li Danteng was a scoundrel, but someone who with the thoughts of a petty man judges the actions of a gentlemen…….

"Danteng, today Grand Master Class alchemist Edward and company, are all here, if Ye Lang plays some tricks, they will definitely know." The first Sword Saint calmly remarked.

He spoke calmly, but those in the know knew, the first Sword Saint was asking Edward and company to speak up, to speak up and verify that Ye Lang had not played any tricks!

As for why he wanted Edward and them to speak up, it was because they were the Imperial Family's  Grand Master Class alchemists, and they were the world's best as well, if they said that no tricks had been played, then there were definitely none, to say nothing of Ye Lang!

Don't forget, Ye Lang is an alchemist, if he was to play tricks, he would use alchemy, at least , that's what ordinary people thought, it had to be like this!

In truth, the reason for Edward and company to come was also to watch Ye Lang, they wanted to see how Ye Lang, this alchemist, defeated others. Perhaps they could see Ye Lang using Ban's techinques!

It was common knowledge among ordinary people, Ban was an alchemy battle master, and everyone also knew, Ye Lang was the holder of Ban's alchemy notebook, he should have learned some battle skills from it.

Only, ordinary people didn't know, that Ban's alchemy notebook was currently under Ye Lang's table leg…..

"Relax, Thirteenth young master has only looked around, he hasn't done anything up to now, the ground does not have an alchemy spell formation or anything else!" Grand Master Class alchemist Edward shouted, apparently not too friendly.

This was because Grand Master Class Alchemist Edward was the same as all the other Imperial Family alchemists, they all held favorable impressions of Ye Lang,  it was Ye lang who obtained Ban's alchemy notebook for them, allowing their alchemy skill to improve by leaps and bounds in recent years.

Simply speaking, the Imperial Family's alchemists were a group of Ye Lang supporters!

"True, from the very start, when you talk about alchemy, it's best to first set up an alchemy spell formation, this way you can bring out the most potential and have the highest chance of success! But you guys will definitely say that it's cheating if I do this, so I'll go easy on him, I promise that with his ability, I don't need prior preparations!" Ye Lang obediently said, every word spoken came from his heart.

Only, when others heard these words, as well as his lackadaisical tone of voice, they could feel a kind of arrogance!

"I'll let you flaunt your arrogant words for now, but I recommend that you find a doctor to watch over you from the sidelines." Li Danteng retorted in a disdainful tone.

At this moment, normal people could tell, finding a doctor was an insult, so many people grew angry, some of them even desiring to go and beat up Li Danteng.

Only, Ye Lang foolishly replied: "I already found a doctor, he's the best doctor, as long as you don't die, he can save you, but there might be some residual effects!"

Was this rascal pretending to be stupid? Otherwise how could he be so stupid and yet astute, able to turn his opponents words against him, moreover using such a watertight argument.

"Alright, now that you're here, let's begin, you have to be careful, don't get careless, I'm very strong." Ye Lang waved his hand, five fingers spread out, palm facing forward, towards Li Danteng.

Just you, who can you scare, it would be weird if you were strong!!

It would seem that everybody had the same line of thought, they all thought these lines were randomly spouted by Ye Lang, bravado without any basis in factual reality.

"Who do you think you're scaring, I'll let you have the first move!" Li Danteng disdainfully replied.

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