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Chapter 81 - Alchemy fighting skills (1)

"Cough, those are just meaningless words…" Ye Lang said.

"Are you sure you can make it? Without getting injured?" Ye Chengtian questioned. He was only concerned whether his son could avoid hurting himself rather than whether he could win or not.

"I'm very sure!" Ye Lang was so serious that others felt what he said was true, temporarily, just temporarily!

"But… I will still make a trip!" Ye Chengtian said, he hesitated for a while, but didn't change his mind.

Ye Lang insisted on refusing their offer to help. He warned them that if they helped him, he would fall out with them. But his warning didn't work and they ignored him.

In the end, Ye Chengtian didn't visit Li Danteng, not because Ye lang succeeded in persuading him, but because Li Danteng took the initiative to change the life or death duel with an ordinary duel.

And such kind of replacement had almost never happened before. No one had changed the way to have a duel, but this time was different and special. No one opposed this change, on the contrary, many supported it, almost the whole city!

Perhaps it was unexpected that almost everyone in the city was on the side of Ye Lang. Hearing Li Danteng force Ye Lang to have a life or death duel, many of them rushed to the home of the first Sword Saint to accuse Li Danteng of his shameless behavior and strongly urged Li Danteng to cancel the duel.

Stemming from the pressure of the public, and from the first Sword Saint himself thinking that Li Danteng was the one to be blamed; And although he didn't want to displease the Ye family, it was also impossible to cancel the duel!

So the first Sword Saint told Li Danteng to change the type of duel, so the two sides didn't have to try to kill each other!

Although this change failed to satisfy many people, it was the only solution.

The time and place of the duel were settled. They would have a duel in the Royal College Arena seven days later, and this arena was big enough to accommodate and audience of tens of thousands.

After that, Li Danteng had been training secretly in order to win the duel. Even though his opponent was the useless Ye Lang, he had to do his utmost.

What about his useless opponent, Ye Lang?

He still attended the class in the college as usual…

"Why don't you take it seriously, Ye Lang?" Zhen Xiaoyan asked helplessly. She didn't understand why this man, who had said he would win the duel yesterday, now didn't take it seriously.

"What is it?" Ye Lang asked as if he really forgot about it.

"Your duel with Li Danteng!" Zhen Xiaoyan helplessly shook her head.

"We will have it seven days later, and why do you talk about it now?" Ye Lang remembered it, but he was not nervous.

"You should prepare yourself for that, or how can you win even without hurting yourself! Good, if you get injured or even lose any of your hair, I must punish you!" Zhen Xiaoyan held Ye Lang's hand and said fiercely.

"Fatty, it is normal for me to lose my hair. I should not be blamed!" Ye Lang said innocently.

"…Anyway, you cannot get injured or even lose any of your hair…" Zhen Xiaoyan became silent for a while and then still said so irrationally.

"This is a little difficult for me, so I have to to study on this…Well, where is my lunch?"

"Here you go. I had planned to send it to you."

After a few days, it occurred to Ye Lang that he had to confirm something, so he brought Zhen Xiaoyan to a place. When they arrived there, he was in a daze and didn't believe what he saw.

"Look at the bulletin board in the front, Fatty. Is the compensation of my victory 1 to 3 or 3 to 1?

"1 to 3, maybe. " Zhen Xiaoyan failed to tell him with certainty for she also doubted whether it was correct. In fact, it was correct!  It was 1 to 3!

The compensation of their duel were what he had wanted to confirm and he never missed any chance to take a gamble.

But he never expected the odds for his victory being so low, much lower compared to Li Danteng!

What on earth was going on?

Ye Lang had no idea. In this gambling, almost all who supported Ye Lang bet on him, so that the odds became incredibly low from incredibly high.

This situation surprised many people.

"Bet on Ye Lang? Hey, don't you know he is useless? His victory is less than one percent."

"We know!"

"Why do you still bet on him?"

"Because we like him!"

This was what some civilians said. As for those aristocrats and rich men who bet a lot on Ye Lang, their argument can be explained by the emperor, who bet a lot again on Ye Lang!

And his reason was the same -

"I know nothing about Ye Lang's ability and strength, but I know he has good luck. I believe that he will win!"

All kinds of reasons to support Ye Lang made this gamble surprising, and also made Ye Lang pleased for he knew he was so popular.

As for his low odds, he didn't mind. He had never thought about making money from the high odds and he had planned to bet on Li Danteng. He would lose the money with one hundred percent!

But this time, he could not bet on anyone!

"Why can't I bet ? Why?"

"You are in the duel. Although we believe you (perhaps), but this breaks the rule! If you want to make a bet, you can bet on yourself!" The staff in the gamble house said very humbly.

"Fuck, if I bet on myself, I will win some money. Forget it!"

"…" You're the only one who does not want to win some money, thinking about how to lose money all the time…

Then Ye Lang left the gamble house with Zhen Xiaoyan. They strolled down the streets, looking for delicious food to eat and having fun…

"Ye Lang, you should prepare yourself for the duel. Stop strolling around." Zhen Xiaoyan said in the beginning, but soon after she said -

"Ye Lang, this is very tasty, and this, this …"

In the end, Zhen Xiaoyan totally strolled around with Ye Lang and forgot about the duel!

As the time went by, Li Danteng made an effort to train himself every day, while Ye Lang just had some fun.

Did Ye Lang completely give up making any efforts, or was he full of confidence?

In theory, the former reason made sense and many people also thought so. In everyone's eyes, Ye Lang had never practiced any skills, so he would be certainly defeated. Since this was the case, he didn't need any preparation.

But some people believed the latter, because Ye Lang had enviably good luck. Maybe Li Danteng would be defeated before the duel, which was the main reason why they supported Ye Lang.

What was result? You will know today!

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