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Chapter 80 - Spine-chilling woman (3)

However, Li Danteng didn't know Ye Lang well, so he mistakenly thought he had frightened Ye Lang and felt complacent. He certainly pretended to be very calm, and just said with disdain, "Since you know me, let's have a duel! If you lose, cancel your engagement with Princess Qi!"

"You are really worthy of your name. Anyways, I am too busy. I don't have time to duel with you!" Ye Lang still refused.

Worthy of your name? What does it mean?

"Ye Lang, what is wrong with his name?" Zhen Xiaoyan felt puzzled and asked.

"His given name, Danteng, means he is a troublemaker!"

"…He said his name is Danteng, and you said you have heard of it. Were you referring it to this?"

"Well, such a troublemaker with such a special name is a legend…"

"…" Everyone was silent.

"Ye Lang, I want to fight with you in my grandfather's name!" Li Danteng was angry, he never imagined that Ye Lang would make fun of his name!

"Don't say that, or you will ruin the reputation of your grandfather. What a bad grandson!" Ye Lang shook his head and said, as if he was his grandfather.

"I want to have a duel, either you die or I die!" Li Danteng unsheathed his sword, and threw it in the air. The sword fell and was thrust with a slant into the ground.

And when he said that, everyone present became quiet, looking at him and the sword on the ground…

Such a life or death duel was unusual, because only those with deep hatred had such a duel. Both opponents in such a duel would try their best to kill their opponent!

In the past, the duel wouldn't end until at least one party had been killed!

It seemed that Li Danteng was so irritated that he decided to have such a cruel duel with Ye Lang. In fact, he didn't hate Ye Lang so much, and he had regretted the decision before his sword touched the ground.

At this time, Zhen Xiaoyan became furious:

"Li Danteng, are you crazy? You are a swordsman of grade seven, and he is not even a beginner. You said you want a life or death duel with him. Are you mad? And all of you always try to have a duel with him, but he is an alchemist, not a warrior nor a magician! Don't you feel ashamed?"

"Fatty…" Said Ye Lang. He suddenly felt Zhen Xiaoyan was so strong, like a bitch, uh, no, a heroine!

But soon, Ye Lang gave up this idea, and even wanted to kick Zhen Xiaoyan out…

"It is well-known that he is useless. Do you just enjoy bullying such a useless man?"

"…Fatty, damn you."

"I am helping you. Why do you scold me?" Zhen Xiaoyan said unhappily, and she didn't think what she said offended him.

"Are you helping me? You are just insulting me! The brat called Danteng, I agree to have a duel with you. I will give you a lesson!" Ye Lang said furiously with his shoulders thrown back.

No one had ever expected that he would have his first duel because of Zhen Xiaoyan!

Yes, that was his first duel, for the previous one could not be counted.

"Ah, you are so stupid. I don't mean that you should agree to have such a duel. It is impossible that you can defeat him!" Zhen Xiaoyan said and pulled Ye Lang's hand with anxiety to let him change his mind.

"I have already agreed. Just do it." Ye Lang said and waved his hand. Then he turned around, deep in thought, and left a group of dumb people behind him.

"Li Danteng, you are dead!" Zhen Xiaoyan warned him, and then followed Ye Lang to leave.

Yes, Li Danteng was surely dead, not because he would be defeated by Ye Lang, but because he chose to have such a duel with him.

Some would protect Ye Lang no matter what cost! Even the best swordsman could not stop them and would be defeated.

Even they knew Li Danteng didn't dare to kill Ye Lang, but they would not allow him to take the risk!

"My son, are you crazy? How can you agree to that?" Ye Chengtian ran into Ye Lang's small yard and asked. He found that there were a lot of people there, includng Long An Qi, Ye Lanyu, Princess Qi, Zhen Xiaoyan, and Ye Lang himself.

"Again, and I have explained it already so many times…" Ye Lang looked at Ye Chengtian, and said with a wry smile.

"So you all asked him about it?" Ye Chengtian looked at Long An Qi and asked.

"Of course! Why would we wait for you?" Long An Qi glanced at Ye Chengtian and said snappily.

"What is it?" Ye Chengtian asked.

"Your son said no one could intervene in it. He want to solve it himself, he wants a real duel!" Long An Qi frowned, and said with a little worry.

"Nonsense. Have you ever used any weapon?  Have you ever practiced any magic? None at all!" Ye Chengtian shouted. Others might not know things about Ye Lang properly, but they were very clear about it.

It could be said that Ye Lang had never practiced any skill or magic, and he had never done some sports, so no one would think he could win against a swordsman, not to mention a swordsman of grade seven.

"I have used all weapons, and practiced magic." Ye Lang retorted.

"You have practiced it?" Ye Chengtian was puzzled. How come he didn't know?



Long An Qi directly slapped Ye Lang, and said angrily, "By using weapons hemeans he has ever held the weapons in his hand, and with the practicing magic he mentioned doesn't mean he has succeeded in doing the magic!"

"No, I have really practiced magic, otherwise how can I master my alchemy. You really consider me a useless kid, but I am a man!" Ye Lang retorted.

"Well, why did you agree to have a life or death duel? You never accepted one usually." Ye Chengtian was very puzzled and asked.

"Because I want to prove that I am not so useless, and I am also useful to some degree!" Ye Lang said, holding one brush in each of  his hand.
[This is a joke and meme getting lost in translation, holding/having 2 brushes is an idiom of being capable. The "taking out two brushes" thing came about as a meme from Fate/Zero, due to the official Chinese subtitles using that saying, the fans photoshopped two brushes.]

"Stop. It seems that I have to visit Li Danteng to urge him to cancel the duel. If he doesn't agree, I will not show mercy to him." Ye Chengtian said with firmness.

"Honey, I support you!" Long An Qi said with hazy eyes.

"Dad, I support you too!"

"No, no, this time I want to have a real duel. Please believe me, I will defeat him without hurting myself, and will make him have trouble standing it up!" Ye Lang said very seriously.

"Standing it up? What does standing it up mean?" Princess Qi asked bepuzzled.

"…" Zhen Xiaoyan blushed, because she also had asked Ye Lang about this.

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