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Chapter 8 – Purchasing a Playmate Translated by imakeussmile


No matter, even if there were many coincidences which allowed the little thirteenth prince to be able to leave the residence, it caused the backs of all of these Ye Family members to turn cold and be covered in sweat, because it had clearly shown that there was a huge loophole within their defenses and guards.

Because of this, the Ye Family started to immediately implement security measures within the Ye Residence’s defenses and guards. And some events that happened afterwards also caused this matter to become very interesting.

And with regards to this event, it wasn’t that interesting, what was interesting was the place where the little thirteenth prince went to and stayed at for the past three days.

During that time, right after the little thirteenth prince left the residence, upon seeing the fresh scenery on both sides, in that moment of time, he forgot about what he was going to do and instead just wandered aimlessly within the city.

After all, this was the first time he had ever left the Ye Residence, so of course everything was new and fresh to him.

Fortunately, this place was in the imperial capital, in the influential official district, therefore law and order here was quite good. Even if the little thirteenth prince, who wore luxurious clothes, strolled around the streets alone, no one would have any bad intentions towards him. Or perhaps it was because there were so many noble little master and little misses like him wandering  around the streets.

Except that the noble little master and little misses all had people accompanying them, and perhaps because of this, some people thought that the little thirteenth prince had people accompanying him as well, and mistook other people as people who were accompanying him.

Later on, the little thirteenth prince suddenly recalled his own purpose and started to find people. What purpose? Don’t you know? The reason he came out was to squander money and be prodigal.

The little thirteenth prince casually asked a person that he saw and got an answer that if he wanted to be prodigal, within the city, there was a very good money squandering establishment where many prodigal sons always went to squander money.

The little thirteenth prince had already forgotten who the person who told him that was, and if he was to still remember, that person would definitely become very miserable, because right now, everyone present all had the urge to slap him to death.

Why have this urge? If you knew what kind of place the person recommend to the little thirteenth prince to was, perhaps, you may also have this urge.

“Romantic Floor!”  At that time, the little thirteenth prince slowly said out the name of the place.

“Pfff……” Ye Yi and Ye Cheng Tian immediately spurt out the tea which they just drank.

“What?! What did you say? Romantic Floor?” Ye Yi and Ye Cheng Tian both asked shockingly with some tea still on their mouth.

“Yep!” The little thirteenth prince nodded his head.

“Cheng Tian, what kind of place is Romantic Floorv?” Long An Qi asked while looking very puzzled. Looking at the situation, she did not know this place at all, but she could still see that her own husband and father in-law both knew about this place.

“About this……that place is the imperial capital’s most high grade……brothel……” Ye Cheng Tian said, sounding somewhat embarrassed.

“Oh, so it is a brothel. No wonder you would be embarrassed to say what place it was. All of you men……What?! Brothel?!” At the start, Long An Qi still had not reacted over what was said and only suddenly came to realize.

Brothel was a somewhat more elegant way of saying it, and if one was to say it more simply, it was a prostitution house. A five year old child going to this kind of place, how could anyone be able to accept this?

No wonder no one was able to find him even after searching for three days straight. So it turns out, this kid was actually at this kind of place. To ask, who would even be able to think of it, who would even go to this kind of place to search for a five year old child?

“Son, tell your mom, what does the person who told you about this place look like? I want to kill him!!” Long An Qi’s face shone with green light, that murderous-looking appearance let others know with no doubt what she just said was her true feeling.

It was no wonder she would be like this. No matter what, how could one even introduce a child to go to that kind of place to squander money and be a prodigal son?

“He had a pair of eyes, a nose……” The little thirteenth prince slowly thought back bit by bit. Just that, those features which he said, other than proving that the person was a human, other facts could be confirmed at all.


“Forget it. It is good that he came back. Isn’t it just spending a bit of money? In any case, even if he would want to do ‘that’, he still could not do it right now.” Ye Cheng Tian said, with his expression looking very eccentric.

“Humph, best if he didn’t do any weird stuff. If not, I will go and tear apart that what, Romance is in the air Building.” Long An Qi bit her teeth and said, “Little darling, what did you do there, tell it to me accurately.”


“At that place, I had good food to eat and good drink to drink. Also, there were many big sisters to play games with me. Next time, I want to go there and play again.” The little thirteenth prince said.

Long An Qi’s charming face sunk and chided softly: “You are not allowed to go there anymore! In the future, you are not allowed to go to this kind of place anymore. No matter if you want to squander money, want to be prodigal, you are not allowed to go to that kind of place.”

“Why? That place is very fun, more fun than this place.” The little thirteenth prince asked while feeling puzzled, and towards this sentence of his, I believe that two certain people present here would surely agree that that place was indeed much more fun than home.

Cough cough, of course, that was their thinking back when they were still young.

“No why, because this is mom’s order and you must listen.” Long An Qi really did not know how to explain all these to the little thirteenth prince, and instead just put down a compulsory order for the little thirteenth prince.

“Oh, then I will not go there anymore. Next time, I will go to other places to squander money.” The little thirteenth prince said while tilting his head to one side.

Still next time? We would definitely not let you have a next time. Definitely will not let you leave home alone again.

Following, there was still another problem. What was going on with this little tiger race girl. As to why Romantic Floor would receive the little thirteenth prince as a customer and not have any problem? Everyone was already well aware to the answer to this question.

As far as Romantic Floor was concerned, as long as it was a male who had money, no matter if you were too old or a child, you were the emperor or a slave, they would treat and serve upon you as an esteemed customer.

This little tiger race girl was just as what the little thirteenth prince said, a female slave which he had bought.

At that time, Romantic Floor just happened to have a female slave auction, and this little girl was one of the female slaves. Of course, this auction was targeted to some people who had a special hobby and as for what this special hobby was, I believe that not much is needed to be said about it.

Anyway, ultimately, just to squander money and be a prodigal son for a while, the little thirteenth prince bought the little tiger race girl. Purely just to squander money and to be prodigal only, and there wasn’t any kind compassion or sympathy involved in the purchase.

As for the reason why he picked the little tiger race girl within all of those female slave, it was of course due to their age being similar. After all, a little child would of course pick another little child, right?

Lastly, there was still a point which was needed to be said and it was that the amount of money that the little thirteenth prince had spent in Romantic Floor, including the amount of money spent to buy the little tiger race girl, the thirteenth prince had straight up finished spending almost all of his allowance money.  The total amount spent was 68,100 gold coins.

This amount of money, if others were to try and earn this much by working their entire lifetime, they would still not be able to do so. Also, as this amount of money was actually spent by the little thirteenth prince in just three days, he  indeed had the potential to become a prodigal son.

This was also the reason why Romantic Floor did not release any information about the little thirteenth prince and let him squander his money here instead. After all, such a big customer like the thirteenth prince was rarely seen, even to them.

Among the expenses, the little tiger race girl he had bought for 50,000 gold coins, which constituted for the majority of his expenses. It was said that, during this time, there was a big shot who had the aforementioned special hobby, and was raising the price against the little thirteenth prince. Thus causing the price of the little tiger race girl to reach 50,000 gold coins. At this time, this was the highest price reached in the auction and the second highest price was merely just 20,000 gold coins for a very beautiful half elf.

It could be said that, as before, at this time, the big shot was very angry and wanted to look at just who in the hell was going against him, and the result obviously caused him to be stunned. No matter who it was, they would have the same expression as him, because this was just too unexpected.

How was this even buying a female companion? This should instead be called buying a playmate.

Forget about it, don’t try to argue with a child. If word was to spread, it wouldn’t be good for my reputation, the big shot comforted himself. To speak the truth, if he were to continue fighting against a little child for a little female slave, this matter would surely be spread around by others and at that time, his reputation would surely go down the drain.

It’s just that, he did not know that the identity of this little child was that of the little thirteenth prince and for the past few days, his disappearance had caused the whole city to be in an uproar. Therefore, the matter of him fighting against the little thirteenth prince for a little female slave was still known by everyone in the end.

And many people said to him, I did not think that you were this type of person…

There was also another matter which was that, even if this big shot was to continue increasing the price, the little thirteenth prince would still match it, as his sole motive was to squander money. He could care less about how much money he had brought, and in fact, he really didn’t know how much he actually had on him.

At this point, the disappearance incident had concluded and what was left behind was a restless aftermath.

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