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Chapter 76 - Ye Lang's Weapon (2)

"Fuck. Ye Lang, you are so shameless. How can Miss Ye be a weapon? How can you use her?" The group of people began to strongly oppose him and condemned his shameless behavior.

"For me, my sister is my most powerful weapon. If I don't depend on her, what else can I use?" Ye Lang said with a smile, and then added, "A person can also be used as a weapon. Am I right?  Sister, they bully me. Kill them!"

"Got it! Just wait! You all are dead!" Ye Lan Yu geared up for a fight and shouted. She just needed a reason to give them a lesson herself. Although this reasoning didn't make sense, she did not care.

"Hey, you two can not do this… Ah, damn… Quickly escape…" The group of people said when they saw Ye Lan Yu was coming to beat them. They escaped without saying anything more.

Everyone knew that in such a situation, Ye Lan Yu would first beat them up.

Usually, what Ye Lang and his sister did didn't make sense…

While the group of onlookers were frozen, everyone, including that group of people, was warning themselves in their hearts.

Now everyone understood why Ye Lang had promised to have this duel.  He hadn't intended to fight the duel on his own. Instead, he had planned to let his sister help him.

And the excuse he had made was so ridiculous. Only he could find such an excuse so naturally!

"Sister, let's go home!"

Ye Lang finally rose and then took the lead to go outside, ignoring all their amazement. Undoubtedly, he became used to leaving with such an expression, no matter what serious problem he faced.

"You guys don't need to save them, or else… Hmmph" Ye Lan Yu warned those who wanted to save those frozen people.

Never offend these two, for one was a fool and the other was crazy. They were definitely a terrible match!

"Wait for me, I …" Princess Qi shook her head, and then caught up with them. But before she finished what she said, someone appeared unexpectedly.

"Sir Ye, Your Highness, His Majesty asked you to the palace!" A royal guard with a familiar face suddenly appeared near them and stopped Ye Lang on his way.

Without hesitation, Ye Lang immediately replied, "Today I'm busy… Ah, why do you hit me?"

"Idiot, you have to go with me if my father asks us to do so, even if you have no time!" Princess Qi whispered to Ye Lang impatiently.

"But today I don't want to go there." Ye Lang didn't change his mind and said.

"Go with me even if you are not willing to do so. He is not just my father, but also the ruler of the country. Understand? Go with me." Princess Qi said softly and pulled him slowly.

"Oh, that's all right!" Ye Lang no longer refused, and went with her to the palace.

Although Ye Lan Yu sometimes was very crazy, in general she was very considerate. She would have let Ye Lang go with the princess even she hadn't asked him to do so.

She would certainly accompany Ye Lang to go to the palace no matter whether she was asked to do so by the emperor!

But the emperor seldom asked both of them to go to the palace.  He used to ask Ye Lang to visit him alone by contacting others of the Ye family.

Therefore, it was a bit unusual. But none of the three found anything different, because for them, the palace was like their home and the visit to the emperor was like that to their relatives, especially for Princess Qi.

When the three arrived at the palace, they were directly led to the hall. As soon as they entered the hall, they felt something was wrong.

In this hall, almost all the princes and princesses were present, in addition to the emperor and a few powerful ministers. It could be said that all here held the power of the entire empire. If someone at this time destroyed this place, the whole empire would end up in chaos.

At this moment, when the three entered the hall, everyone fixed their eyes on Ye Lang with helplessness, appreciation, or aversion and so on.

But Ye Lang was not aware of their eyes and ignored all the people. He directly asked the emperor as usual-

"His Majesty, why did you ask me to come here?"

Hearing what he said, the emperor felt angry and thought, "Brat, you don't take this seriously, I really want to give you a lesson… Just kidding… You two little girls, don't stare at me like that!" He quickly suppressed his anger when he saw Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi staring at him with an unfriendly expression!

"Take it seriously, Ye Lang. Today I asked you here for only one reason. Give them a test!" The emperor said and became very unhappy.

"What?" Ye Lang did not understand what the emperor said. What did he mean by saying giving them a test?

"You should not have forgotten helping my fifth daughter…  your brother's fiancee solve a problem, right?" The emperor said, and judging from Ye Lang's expression, he knew that he did not know what he said.

"I remember it, so?" Ye Lang nodded and asked.

"Then you should also remember you helped your wife pass the test." The emperor continued to say.

"Yes, couldn't I?" Ye Lang asked with a little puzzlement.

"You could do that, but the problem is that you finally helped everyone pass the test!" The emperor said helplessly.

After Ye Lang had helped the fiancee of his Brother Seven and then also Princess Qi, almost all the princes and princesses turned to him and he finally helped all of them!

What had surprised them was that Ye Lang had solved all of their problems, although they had never expected him to do so!

What's more, Ye Lang had solved the problems in various and strange ways that no one had ever even thought about.

This also told everyone that Ye Lang, an alchemist, was really capable. He was really indeed an alchemy genius…

"What's wrong?" Ye Lang asked with confusion.

"Pop!" The emperor slapped his throne and arrived in front of Ye Lang, and then exclaimed, "Damn. The test was unsuccessful because of what you did, and my goal could not be achieved!"

"Ah, you can give them another test. This time I will help none of them!" Ye Lang said embarrassedly.

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