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Chapter 75 - Ye Lang's Weapon (1)

In the afternoon, a few days later, Ye Lang was in the academy's contest field. He was looking at his opponents in front of him calm and leisurely look, as if he had duelled a countless times.

However, it was well-known that this was the first time for Ye Lang going to the contest field, and this was his first duel!

Ye Lang always depended on others since birth. Moreover, he was so useless that no one intended to fight with him. Defeating him, he or she would gain nothing. But if they were defeated, he or she would lose major face. Regardless of the result, he or she would end up irritating many people!

Besides, he never accepted others' challenges and he did not feel embarrassed and ashamed turning down others!

So many people found it strange that Ye Lang accepted the challenge.

The reason why Ye Lang did so dated back to this noon when he was

taking a walk with Zhen Xiaoyan. A group of aggressive people stopped

them on their way, all staring at Ye Lang!

At that time, Ye Lang looked at the group of people and said something that shocked everyone:

"The classrooms are on the right. The teachers' office building is on the left. The toilet is in the middle!"

Obviously, Ye Lang thought that the group of people were going to ask about the direction rather than stirring trouble. So after saying that, he continued to walk away with Zhen Xiaoyan!

"Stop !" The group of people became dumb for a long time but then caught up with Ye Lang to block his way again.

"Do you want to inquire something else? This is all I know. You can ask others…" Ye Lang still failed to realize they came here for him.

"Ye Lang …" Zhen Xiaoyan finally said, "They came here for you!"

"For me? Why? Do I know you?" Ye Lang looked at those people in front of him and asked with confusion.

"You don't know them. But others know you." Zhen Xiaoyan said impatiently.

"There's always a reason, but I never offend others." Ye Lang replied and  recalled whether he had ever offened others.

"You have never offended others, but you are just too annoying!" Before those people said something, Zhen Xiaoyan answered him.

"Why, fatty? I am not so ugly. Give me a mirror." Ye Lang said and reached out for a mirror.

"…" Zhen Xiaoyan was silent, and that group of people looked blank, standing there.

"Give me that mirror, don't be dumb!" Ye Lang took the mirror from Zhen Xiaoyan's hand and looked at the mirror.

"Not very handsome, but I don't look so hideous." Ye Lang said. He was so modest that he never admitted that he was handsome.

"Stop talking about that. Take him away for the duel!" Among the group of people, some began to become impatient. They felt that if they continued to talk with the foolish Ye Lang, they would look like idiots.

"Wait, why do you want to fight with me? Why?" Ye Lang asked.

"You have to ask yourself for the reason. Why do you keep a romantic relationship with Princess Qi and refuse to let her go?" That group of people asked and no longer controlled their feelings.

"You're talking about Little Qi. I do not have a romantic relationship with her, but we just have an engagement." Ye Lang said carelessly, and did not feel his words provoked them.

"Ye Lang, don't be so aggressive. We will fight with you for Princess Qi!" The group of people shouted.

"Nonsense! Fatty, let's go." Ye Lang directly ignored them and continued to walk away with Zhen Xiaoyan.

But this group of people did not give up, and stopped him again and again. Then Ye Lang became angry, but just a little angry.

"You are so annoying. Since it is necessary for us have a duel, we should  go to the contest field, weapons optional!"

"Ye Lang, are you ready?" In the contest field, among the group of people, the most competitive man shouted to Ye Lang while holding a sword.

"No, I haven't got my weapon!" Ye Lang replied, found a place to sit down and waited.

"You haven't got your weapon. What do you need? We can lend you." The group of people questioned and they felt Ye Lang tried to delay the duel.

However, no one knew what kind of weapon Ye Lang would use, because he had never used any!

"That isn't something you can lend me. Just wait, what I need is about to

arrive!" Ye Lang said with a smile.

They had no choice but to wait, fearing that otherwise Ye Lang would just cancel the duel. They had tried hard to get this chance to have a duel, so they were willing to waiting for a while to ensure they would not lose this chance!


"Little brother, who is fighting a duel with you?" Ye Lan Yu said angrily, hurrying there with Princess Qi.

"Those guys. My weapon is here, please get ready."  Ye Lang stood up, clapped his hands, and said so to the group of people.

"Why? Why are you trying to duel him?" Princess Qi saw them and seemed to realise something. But she was not sure about it.

"Don't ask so much. Kill all who dares to bully my brother! " Ye Lan Yu simply said.

"Miss Ye, now it is Ye Lang that will fight a duel with us. You shouldn't get involved in it, or Ye Lang will always feel ashamed for the rest of his life."

When it came to a duel, no one could interfere it for any reason until the duel ended. Otherwise, the man involved in the duel would be disdained for the rest of his life.

If her interfering would ruin just her reputation, Ye Lan Yu would not care about it. But this would also have an impact on Ye Lang, so she had to wait for a while!

"Ye Lang, hurry and get the weapon from your sister. Let't start." His opponents shouted.

"Weapon? Little brother, what weapon do you want from me?" Ye Lanyu became confused and asked, looking forward to his answer.

Like everyone else there, she did not know what weapon Ye Lang would use or what weapon was kept by her.

Princess Qi was also very curious what weapon Ye Lang would ultimately use, looking at Ye Lang with expectation.

"Good, listen! My weapon is - my sister, Ye Lan Yu! Sister, beat the man!" Ye Lang smiled as he spoke slowly.

"…" Everyone became silent.

At this moment, everyone suddenly became speechless and did not understand Ye Lang's words. What did he mean by saying his sister was his weapon.

Obviously, Ye Lan Yu could not be regarded as a weapon.

If she could be regarded as a weapon, two will fight as one in this duel.

Never mind two people, even if Ye Lan Yu fights alone… wait…

I think I understand what he means…

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