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Chapter 741: 741

Ye City was rapidly developing as always, gradually becoming one of the most recognisable financial centers in the mainland .

And in a fast-paced society on par with its rapid development, people began to leave Ye Lang in hindsight, and along with him the craze for his creations .

Just like that, six months went by since Ye Lang last returned to the Vast Moon Lake and never looked back . Almost no one saw him since, so he naturally faded from the thoughts of the masses .

A mystery can only be intriguing when it has evidence of its presence, but for it to be so mysterious that no one heard anything about it for half a year, it could hardly last as a topic amongst townsfolk .

For six months, nobody knew what Ye Lang was up to inside . Nobody went in or out, and with that news were stifled .

This turn of events left Mr & Mrs Ye Chengtian rather dumbfounded .

Ye Lang’s absence was believable because that was just his personality, he often became fully engrossed in the things he was passionate about .

They were understanding of his absence but it was still worth wondering what he was actually occupied with inside .

But it was just out of curiosity .

What Mr and Mrs Ye Chengtian found even more baffling was that Ye Lanyu had been in there for the past six months without quitting halfway, which was odd given her impatient personality .

Even though it was known that she loved spending time with Ye Lang, she still wouldn’t have undermined herself just to spend time with Ye Lang .

If there was a gate by the Vast Moon Lake, she would be out by now .

Aligned with her personality, she would have spent time in there for a while and out and about the other .

Mr and Mrs Ye Chengtian knew there was something keeping Ye Lanyu in there, otherwise she wouldn’t have lasted so long . As for the others, they were not as concerned .

The seventh princess had always been a calm and collected person, even if it was just a void of emptiness, even if Ye Lang was not in there, she would have stayed for six months or more with no issue . Now that Ye Lang was there, even years would be an understatement .

As for Ye Zhiqing, it was not a personality they could fully comprehend, but they too assumed that she was the kind that could cosy herself in an introverted environment .

After all, their understanding of Ye Zhiqing was fairly light, likely due to her low presence .

People of the Ye City were confused . After all, these people were close associates and family of Ye Lanyu . In terms of sociability, she was far superior to that of Ye Lang, even better than the likes of the seventh princess, who had a few tight-knit friends .

And these friends, most of which left Soaring Sky with her, had gone through many hardships together . Their relationship had, in turn, become much stronger which naturally meant their bond was stronger than before .

They all wondered what could keep Ye Lanyu inside for so long . Could it be Ye Lang?

The chances might be low but it was not impossible . Everyone knew what lengths Ye Lanyu was willing to go through for her brother .

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As parents themselves, Mr and Mrs Ye Chengtian gave it some thought and understood that they couldn’t leave out the possibility for that though the chances were slim .

They concluded that Ye Lang had something that enticed Ye Lanyu . It was less about Ye Lanyu’s persistence but Ye Lang’s exciting variety of things to do by the lake .

Before the actual answer was to be revealed, everyone settled with this hypothesis . Nevertheless, it was still rather surprising .

More like astonishing!

What they did not consider was that in less than a year, Ye Lanyu would…

“Sis, just a little more and you’ll be among the next generation of masters!” Ye Lang’s voice resonated across the serene blue lake, yet on the other hand, the feelings of encouragement were not reciprocated as Ye Lanyu resisted the urge to whack some sense into him .

“Work harder, Ye Lanyu!” The seventh princess was heard doubly encouraging her, yet seemingly from an outsider’s perspective .

“Look who’s talking! You didn’t breakthrough either!” Ye Lanyu agitatedly howled in response to the seventh princess, understanding that they were indeed on the same boat .

From Ye Lanyu’s perspective, the seventh princess was equally as irritating as Ye Lang!

“I’m working on it!” The seventh princess solemnly replied .

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Ye Lanyu was left speechless . ‘Fine, I’ll work on the breakthrough, and once I get there, I can do whatever I want! I’d be invincible!’ she thought .

Ye Lanyu was filled with glee at the future prospects of her greatness!

“Sis, what the heck is that look on your face?” Ye Lang followed with a rhetorical question .

“Go away! I’m thinking about how, very soon, I can trample you people beneath my feet!” Ye Lanyu rebuked .

“You don’t really need the breakthrough, you know . It’s not like I’m forcing you into this . You do whatever you want anyway!” Ye Lang casually blurted, unfazed by the situation .

It was exactly the case between the siblings . Even if Ye Lanyu was completely talentless, incapable, she could still bully Ye Lang without the anxiety that he would retaliate .

“…” Ye Lanyu paused for a moment to the revelation that there really wouldn’t be much of a difference from where she was now .

At that moment, the seventh princess added . “So what if you breakthrough, I’m going to reach that before you, the outcome will still be the same . ”

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Ye Lanyu figured that her main targets of intimidation were Ye Lang and the seventh princess . Ye Lang naturally wouldn’t be affected by her progress . As for the seventh princess, no matter how much Ye Lanyu improved she would still catch up to her, even as much as exceeding her cultivation .

Which meant that her aspirations ultimately were nothing more than wishful thinking!

“Big sis Lanyu, I won’t let you bully my big brother . If you don’t work hard, I’ll be better than you!” At this moment, the voice of a young, childish voice interrupted their conversation .

By the Vast Moon lake, there was a child, and it was none other than the young princess of the Ai La empire . She seemed more light-hearted than before!

She used to shyly hide behind Ye Lang, timidly peeking as other people spoke . But now, she seemed to have gained a decent amount of confidence!

Regardless, she was still coyly hidden behind Ye Lang’s back!

The little princess seemed to have gotten used to using Ye Lang’s body as a shield of courage as she regularly hid behind him . It seemed to have offered her with a safety net for her courage .

Now that she was better accommodated with the presence of Ye Lanyu and the others, she would crack a line or two every now and then, and usually when Ye Lang was the centre of the conversation .

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