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Chapter 74 - The emperor's  puzzle (3)

"Ah, I forgot! What kind of difficult problem did you get? Tell me so that I can help you." Ye Lang had only just thought of it, that his "future wife" was also a princess.

"Hee hee, you don't need to bother about this, I won't be answering this question." Princess Qi quietly giggled while saying, she only needed to know that Ye Lang would help her. Someone else would've seized the chance to solve this kind of test, but she did not want to solve it.

"?? Why?" Ye Lang couldn't understand Princess Qi's attitude.

"You don't need to ask me about this, I only want us to continue living our peaceful lives, there's no need for such an headache." Princess Qi softly said, and gently pulled Ye Lang's arm.

The others had roughly overheard their conversation, they had admired this trait of Princess Qi, that she could let it go so easily!

The emperor's puzzle, since it targeted all of the princes and princesses, anyone could easily guess that this was an assessment of the right of inheritance of the emperor's throne, although it might not be the decisive one, but it was still very important.

Even if they couldn't inherit the throne, once they had performed exceptionally, they would be able to gain the emperor's acknowledgement, then they would be able to obtain considerable power and status!

And such an opportunity, Princess Qi had actually completely disregarded it!!

"Ah." Ye Lang didn't care, although he didn't understand what Princess Qi was saying, but he was too lazy to care about these matters, however he still reacted with a solid question-

"What's your puzzle, let me see."

"…… , I'll tell you then, two people drink from a same bowl, but the two will have different flavors, of course, the senses of the two person will not have any difference." Princess Qi lightly said.

"It's just this? That's too easy……" Ye Lang said it with a hint of surprise, this question was just too coincidental, this question would have been a giveaway for many, on Earth that is.

"?? You have a solution already?" Princess Qi asked with amazement.

"I'll tell you, it's like this……"

Ye Lang and Princess Qi started whispering in each other's ears……

They were still like this, the two's relationship was really not bad!

The Emperor chuckled while waiting for people, concerning Ye Lang and Princess Qi's intimate actions, it was a common occurrence already, as the two had always been like that since young!

And they wouldn't care about the bystanders!!

Only that, there were people who were indeed unhappy, and that is brother Seven and sister-in-law Seven.


"Sister Qi…"

"You two, can you stop being so intimate, resolve our situation first!" The two people said in one voice.

"Isn't it happening already, when the emperor says it's complete, it will also be done!" Ye Lang said without a care, and continued to chat softly with Princess Qi afterwards.

"Elder sister, Ye Lang says it's solved then it's solved, he never tells lies, he only says the truth in inappropriate situations!" Princess Qi agreed and replied with a sentence, and then continued to whisper into Ye Lang's ear.

"Okay then, I only want to know now, how does this hole not break the rules." When the Emperor saw this, he felt there was no need to say anything else.

As for others, those who wanted to destroy it had gone personally, but had immediately given up this idea, because they also were awaiting the explanation, on how this thing did not violate the rules.

At this moment, everyone had shifted their gazes towards Ye Lang, because at this moment, anyone would know that it was his doing, brother Seven and his wife were temporarily overlooked.

But however, Ye Lang did not bother at all and continued to talk to Princess Qi in hushed tones, the two had already started to discuss about other people's puzzles


"Woh, are you ready? Do you want me to explain that black hole….. actually……" Ye Lang walked towards the black hole, walked until the edge, and immediately took a step towards the black hole……

"Ye Lang! You…Idiot…… ?" At first, Princess Qi frantically screamed, and wanted to pull back Ye Lang, but when she saw Ye Lang, she was completely dumbfounded.

Only because, Ye Lang at this moment was actually standing on the black hole, seemingly floating on it……

"How, how is this possible?"

"Magic? Alchemy?"

Everyone that was present was flabbergasted,they had no idea how Ye Lang did it, all kinds of speculations came and went.

"You're stunned right!?" Ye Lang smiles and said towards Princess Qi.

"You silly. In the end, how are you…" Princess Qi wanted to ask but was interrupted by Ye Lang.

"No need to ponder, just come and you will understand."

"Alright…" Princess Qi heard Ye Lang's words and directly walked on to the black hole, she did not even think that she would fall.

In this way, Princess Qi and Ye Lang were standing on the black hole, as if they were just standing on the ground.

"Hey, is this the ground below?" Princess Qi lightly stomped down with her foot, the foot issued a corresponding stomping sound, just like shoes making contact with the ground.

But that's clearly a black hole, how could it be the ground?

"This is the ground, steady ground, but I put down a three-dimensional painting on it. People just had a visual illusion. Sometimes, the things our eyes see may not be true!!" Ye Lang smiled, and then left together with Princess Qi, leaving behind a dazed group that was in deep thought.

They weren't just thinking about Ye Lang's last sentence, they were also wondering whether this puzzle was solved. According to the rules it should have been solved.
And this made several people light up and praise the way it was solved.

But after all, this puzzle was solved by brother Seven and his wife enlisting foreign aid, Ye Lang. This issue needed to properly studied.

Finally, when this issue was raised, the Emperor said: "Who of you never received aid from others? Did you solve everything yourself? As the ruler of a country it is very important to know how to use people, rather than trying to solve everything yourself!"

"Little Qi…" Ye Lang also heard how Ye Lan Yu called her.

"What is it?" Princess Qi didn't object to it and just answere.

"Where do we go to play? Go to the auction?" Ye Lang asked with his eyes shining.

"What is the fun of going to the auction, you go every day, aren't you tired?" Princess Qi's interest in the auction was very low, so she unhappily pinched Ye Lang.

"The things there are never the same, and sometimes you would encounter fun things." Ye Lang did not notice Princess Qi's lack of interest.

"What fun, you only know how to be prodigal, if not for the Ye Family, who knows what would have happened with you!" Princess Qi said with a little concern.

She was worried about Ye Lang, afraid that if he went on like this and lost the shelter of the Ye Family, what would happen to him, how would he live?

Although she felt that the worry was unnecessary, Ye Family's foundation would not be drained out in a short amount time, unless something special happened.

And even if there was no Ye Family, as long there was her, she could also take care of Ye Lang!

"When I become homeless, I'll just make more money to be prodigal!" Announced Ye Lang.

"Make money to be prodigal….. Really, you!" Seven Princess said weakly. There was probably no second person in the whole world whose purpose of making money was for being prodigal!

"Then, let's just go to the auction now?" Ye Lang asked while looking at Princess Qi.

"Fine, Go! Not like I have a choice!" Princess Qi said helplessly. She had been together with Ye Lang for so long, for these kind of things she would not have any objections, even if she did not like it.

"Don't be so unhappy, I'll buy you a present you later." Ye Lang pulled Princess Qi into a carriage, dashing towards the auction.

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