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Chapter 73 - The emperor's puzzle (2)

"That is because the emperor used a reason to give a puzzle to his children. In this way, he wants to find out whether his children are wise or not." Brother Seven said.

"Oh, got it. Let me think about it …" Ye Lang nodded and said.

"Take it easy, but we only have three days!" Brother Seven felt embarrassed to urge him to figure out the answer.

"I understand, and I will try to find the answer as soon as possible." Ye Lang waved his hand and said.

"Don't forget, please …"

"Stop talking about it, or I will immediately forget it!!"

"…" Brother Seven immediately shut his mouth.

The goal: To not let anyone walk on the ground of a bustling street!

Conditions: Don't destroy the ground, put anything on the ground, or block off an area…

Under these conditions it was almost impossible to achieve such a simple goal. Brother Seven and his fiancee could not work it out no matter how hard they tried, so they turned to Ye Lang.

They turned to Ye Lang because he was not only an "alchemy genius" but also a lucky dog. They thought they might pass the test because of his good luck.

Ye Lang's brother even believed that even if Ye Lang failed to find any solution and there weren't any changes, as long as he participated, people would stay away from that area magically.

Goddess of good luck, you must help your baby this time. Don't go away!

Brother Seven thought because the time was not fixed, they could choose a period of time when no one passed there if they would be lucky enough.

They also understood that even if they chose such a period of time, the emperor might still send someone there to pass by, or some other people, and not let them pass the test so easily.

And they had thought about how to keep people away in this fixed period of time, but had never considered how to do so at the peak time.

In the evening, Ye Lang told brother Seven that he came up with a solution…

"What? You plan to let the emperor come at the peak time? " Brother Seven asked with great surprise. As it was mentioned above, he never thought about how to do so during that period of time.

"Yes, the more people, the better. We may fail if there are few people. In addition, we should choose a period of time during the day when there is enough light." Ye Lang nodded and replied.

"Why? I have to remind you that we can't do anything, how are you planning to keep them away from that area?"

"Who told you that you can't do anything? If nothing can be done, why does the emperor give this test?"  Ye Lang smiled and said, "Don't worry. I will satisfy you. If I fail, we still have two days. Our time is limited but we can keep on trying."

"That's true…" Brother Seven nodded and replied. All the tests given by the emperor were the same, they had to be completed within a limited amount of time, but you could try as many times as you wanted!

The next day, the emperor, as well as his escorts, dressed casually and reached the most bustling street. They stopped in the most crowded place and waited for the answer.

"Are you sure you want to try in this place at this time?" The emperor frowned and asked.

Judging from his question, it seemed that he had never thought about this problem, and had never thought it would be solved during this period of time and in such an environment.

"Yep…" The fiancee of brother Seven nodded, and looked at brother Seven, who had a wry smile. He could only believe that Ye Lang's solution would work.

"Then you start!" The emperor said with some expectation. He wanted to see what his daughter's solution was.

"Ye Ming …"

"I know …" Brother Seven went to put away what covered the ground there. Then something appeared —

There was a deep pit!

"Fuck, I told you that you cannot destroy the ground. Brat, are you kidding us? Come here!" Brother Seven immediately shouted.

"Calm down. Take it easy. If you keep shouting, you are telling everyone that I did it." Ye Lang, who was just enjoying his tea somewhere, helplessly replied.

"…" The emperor and his escorts found Ye Lang was there, and understood this was done by him.

At this moment, someone in the crowd moved swiftly to approach Ye Lang and looked at him with a little anger…

"Anyway, your plan doesn't work for you have broken the rule!" Brother Seven said furiously. He thought Ye Lang had cheated them by saying they could pass the test as long as they uncovered the ground. How did it work? How?

"Well, I did not break the rule. Just wait a minute! Why are you staring at me, Princess Qi?" Ye Lang asked Princess Qi next to him.

Princess Qi had never expected she would meet Ye Lang, and he was even trying to help the fiancee of his brother solve the problem.

"You want to know why?" Princess Qi said and looked unhappy, pinching his hand firmly…

"I don't understand what you are saying?" Ye Lang felt puzzled and looked at Princess Qi.

At the same time, the test was still going on. Right now, everyone that saw the pit took a detour.

Even though some people could not see the pit, they still took a detour for most of the passers-by did so. That's why he chose such a peak period.

"You idoit, who are you helping?" Princess Qi patted Ye Lang's hand and said.

"My brother's fiancee, what's wrong?" Ye Lang naturally replied.

"Do you know what the test is?"  Princess Qi continued asking.

"I know. It seems that the emperor gave all his children a test, and then she turned to me." Ye Lang continued to answer her question.

"Since you know that, why didn't you ask me about it?" Princess Qi said and her small mouth pursed. Her response stunned the emperor and his escorts.

They had never seen her with such an expression on her face. Although she was not the focus of everyone, as her father and siblings, they knew about her.

"Ask you about what?" Ye Lang asked blankly.

Alas, why are you so smart sometimes but so foolish now? Brother Seven, the emperor, and others were all shaking their heads.

Who was Princess Qi? She was the princess, that is, the emperor's daughter.  All the emperor's children were given a test, naturally including her.

"You are so stupid!" Princess Qi guessed Ye Lang did not know the reason and said, "I am also a princess, so I was also given a test by father. Why didn't you consider that?"

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