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Published at 29th of September 2020 08:36:53 PM
Chapter 723
Ruler (1)


Note from DOGE: hey guys, The Silly Alchemist ends at chapter 779 . (we're very close to completion, right now we're at 732 for patrons!) come pledge to read in advance! :) thank you for all your support so far .

“Three, when’s the wedding?” Ye Yi asked suddenly . Everyone was shocked . Old man, how could you participate in gossip? 

“ . . . There’s nothing going on…” said Third Brother, exasperated .  

“There’s nothing going on now but that doesn’t mean there’ll be nothing in the future . Third Brother, is this because you’re too afraid to pursue her? Don’t worry, leave it to me . I’ll settle it for you!” said Ye Lang .  

“Go away! Go play somewhere else . You’d scare everyone away!” roared Third Brother .  

“Oh, scare them away… I understand! You do it yourself . ” Ye Lang was asking for a punch .  

“Haha, Third Brother, don’t be shy . Just tell us if you need help, we’ll help you! Everyone wants you to have a wife…” Seventh Brother nudged him teasingly .  

“You… Can we talk about our business here? Thirteen has more problems than me…” Third Brother was helpless . He had no choice but to change the topic . It was useful too, for everyone was interested in Ye Lang .  

“What’s the matter with me?” Ye Lang pretended to be clueless, as if nothing happened .  

“Don’t fake it! Everyone here knows how much commotion you caused during your trip . Tell us what you did! Let’s not talk about the thing at Vermilion Bird… What is going on with ‘Clueless Genius Doctor’ at Sheng City? Have you studied medicine before? Also, why is that Sacred Lady Xuan Yuanbing so friendly to you…” said Third Brother .  

“Huh, how long ago was that? If I start talking from that point, I’d be talking for three days!” Ye Lang shot up . It was old news, plus Ye Lanyu and the rest already knew what happened .  

“It is old news but I’m curious when you learned medicine, and you’ve mastered it too! Then again, when we were injured, why didn’t you treat us then?” The Seventh Brother glared at him accusingly .  

If Ye Lang was actually that good at medicine, then all their sufferings were for nothing .  

“I learned medicine while studying alchemy, I just didn’t tell you all! As for why I didn’t treat you, that’s simple- you never asked!” said Ye Lang, stunned, as if it was all their fault .  

“Why didn’t you tell us? Why would we ask you if we didn’t know?” roared Third and Seventh Brother .  

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“What’s your problem got to do with me?” said Ye Lang casually .  

“Are you asking for a punch…” Third Brother raised a fist .  

“Come scratch my back instead!” Ye Lang turned around and pointed at his back .

“ . . . ” Third Brother had gone mad .  

“Alright, that’s enough! Let’s get down to business . Chengtian told us about what happened at Soaring Sky but I need to ask you about the ruins . What was it? What do you think will happen to Soaring Sky after the discovery?” asked Ye Yi .  

Although Ye Lang had told them what happened, he hadn’t gone into detail . They were very interested in the Tiangongyue people’s ruins but he hadn’t explained .  

Since it hadn’t been appropriate to talk about this at Vermilion Bird, plus they knew Ye Lang would return to Ye City, Ye Chengtian hadn’t talked to him about it .  

“How should I say this? Tiangongyue is a peculiar race . Their alchemy had progressed to an unfathomable level, enough to change the world but it all depends on how one uses it!” Ye Lang frowned, not sure how to explain .  

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“Change what? The entire situation across the mainland?” asked Ye Chengtian .  

Ye Lang frowned . “Depends on how you use it . If it were me, I’d change the quality of life and improve convenience . I’d create a transport vehicle so I won’t arrive seven days late! The journey from Vermilion Bird’s Dragon City to here should take only a day under the best circumstances . ”

“One day? How is that possible? Unless you were riding a dragon or some magical beast, you can’t arrive in a day . ” Ye Chengtian shook his head immediately . He was very sure of this . Ye Yi and the rest too . They were soldiers, hence very familiar with the fastest way of travelling .  

“I’m only talking theoretically . If each side doesn't mind building a direct road, this should be simple . I think it can happen in one year!” Ye Lang shook his head, disagreeing .  

“Is that so?” Ye Chengtian was still suspicious .  

“Of course not!” Ye Lang grinned .  

“How dare you joke around!” roared Ye Chengtian, about to hit Ye Lang .  

“Wait! Dad, I’m not joking! I said ‘if each side doesn't mind’ but it’s difficult . One country is fine, two countries may negotiate but more countries would have more problems . We’d take a long time just on negotiation alone,” said Ye Lang .  

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“Why?” Ye Chengitan didn’t understand .  

“You’re a soldier, you should know this . What would you think if another country wanted to build a road through your country? You would think that if the other party wanted to attack you, they could, while it would be difficult to defend your own lands . ” 

“Oh, it’s true!” Ye Chengtian realised it was an unsolvable problem .  

“Both sides can set up surveillance systems to deal with this but they probably wouldn’t accept it for a while . We won’t be able to do it quickly . That’s why I said no!”said Ye Lang . This was quite common on Earth but not in this world .  

“Then let’s not talk about this . Do you think this discovery will affect the powers across the mainland?” Ye Chengtian realised his question hadn’t been answered .  

“Didn’t I answer this? It depends on how one uses it . If they decide to use it military-wise, then yes!” said Ye Lang .  

“ . . . ”

Ye Yi and the rest were very concerned . They knew it was unlikely Zhao Yarou wouldn’t use it military-wise .  

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