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Chapter 721: Chapter 721 - Welcome (2)
Chapter 721 Welcome (2)

Third Brother’s motives were very obvious . He wanted to learn what Ye Lang taught Li Yue for battle . As for the guzheng incident, he thought it was too bizarre and unattainable . Might as well get Ye Lang to teach him about battle strategy .

Third Brother was a realistic guy, that was why his troops were well-trained .

“It’s nothing, I’ll just write a book for you . Not just fighting techniques, there’ll be army formations and battle strategy . As for battle strategy, you may only use it for reference, you can’t follow my instructions exactly!” said Ye Lang .

“I know that, each person has their own strategy depending on the situation,” said Third Brother .

At this moment, he thought Ye Lang meant he should be flexible in utilising strategies . He didn’t know that Ye Lang’s battle strategies were from another world, hence it wasn’t completely suited for this world and could only be used as reference .

Both worlds had different circumstances!

Simply put, for example, on earth, goods supply could determine if one could win the war . In this world, this didn’t apply because they had space items and did not need supply troops . Hence strategies involving targeting supply troops wouldn’t work .

They would put all their food in a space item, probably held by the general . Then if one could kill the general for it, what was the point of continuing the battle?

Also, the firepower of armies on earth was definitely weaker than in this world . Some strategies couldn’t be applied!

There were still many similar parts that were useful to Third Brother . For example, Sun Tzu’s Art of war could be used here . As long as one understood the theories, it could be used anywhere .

Battle strategies and martial arts could be used as one!

Ye Lang’s arts were considered simple and could be used in this world .

“Alright, remember to write a copy for me . I’m leaving, time to hand you over to someone else!” When Third Brother was done, he disappeared .

“Hand over? What?” Ye Lang didn’t understand at first .

“Thirteenth master…”

After Third Brother left, a crowd of people came asking many questions . These people had various questions to ask, immediately coming over when they received news of his arrival

Ye Lang could only answer them one by one . Anything that required a long discussion was postponed . He planned to stay for a long time anyway .

He also told everyone about this so they weren’t too worried .

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Therefore, everyone left . They’d come talk to him another time!

“Finally… I’m almost home . Fuck, they left only because of this!” Ye Lang realised he was already at the entrance of the new Ye Residence . That was why everyone left .

These people were conscientious and would not want to trouble Ye Lang . They respected him, only wanted him to help with their problems when he was available .

Now that he was home, they naturally left . They didn’t enter his home . Everyone knew he also had to talk to his family . Why would they stupidly disturb his personal time?

“Little troublemaker, can’t believe so many people welcomed you back! More than the number of people who greeted us when we arrived!” said Long Anqi, who was already smiling at the doorstep .

Although she didn’t go out to greet him, she had been waiting at home for a long time!

“I can pass them to you if you want, it’s so annoying! Third and Seventh Brother also came . Don’t we all live in the same place? Couldn’t they talk to me at home?” Long Anqi wanted to laugh when she saw his long face .

“They couldn’t wait . You don’t know how excited they were when they knew you were coming back, they kept asking about you every day! They wanted to get what they want as soon as possible…” Long Anqi smiled and waved him over .

Ye Lang did not refuse her gestures . He obediently followed her . Even if there was a sea of fire, he wouldn’t refuse .

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“You could’ve told us if you were unhappy, why did you leave without telling us beforehand? It was just two more days, it’d be the same if we all left a little earlier!” said Long Anqi, pulling him into the courtyard .

“Didn’t I ask you? You all said ‘it’s just two days, staying two more days won’t make a difference!’” Ye Lang said honestly .

Long Anqi fell silent . Everyone was too loose with their promises .

“I was very unhappy, I didn’t even one to stay a day longer . That’s why I left with Little Seven and the rest . We’re all coming back here anyway, it’s fine if we arrive at different times . ”

“You’re so weird . Don’t you know so many people wish to be pursued like you are? There were so many aristocratic girls pursuing you!” teased Long Anqi .

“I hated it! I don’t want them, I already have Little Seven, right?” He turned to the seventh princess .

“Of course!” She nodded . She was his fiancee after all .

“Now that I think of it, you both aren’t children anymore . When should we have the wedding? You both will be husband and wife then . ” Long Anqi looked at Ye Lang and the seventh princess .

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“It’s all up to you, Auntie . ” The seventh princess looked adorable when she blushed .

“Eh, Little Seven, you’re blushing! He used to call you his wife, aren’t you already used to this? Why are you blushing?” teased Ye Lanyu, not letting the chance to hurt her go .

“Little troublemaker, what do you think?” asked Long Anqi .

“Anytime’s okay, we can do it in a few days if you want . I am going to be here so anything goes!” said Ye Lang . He was already used to this, he did not feel anything about the marriage .

“Hmph! Anything goes? It’s still a major occasion, it’s our wedding! Whatever, we’ll talk about it when you’re more mature . Or maybe you can go marry someone else!” said the seventh princess, displeased .

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