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Chapter 72 - The emperor's puzzle (1)

This rascal did it on purpose, right?

Everyone was flabbergasted, they were all wondering if Ye Lang had purposely agitated them, although with Ye Lang's personality, this was probably very likely.

Going by everyone's beliefs, Ye Lang definitely had a misconception, that Sha Lan's child was Mo Ya's, therefore he had greeted and congratulated in front of Mo Ya.

And due to this type of thinking, Ye Lang had directly went and asked, because he wanted to rub some more salt into those two's wounds……

"Ye Lang……" Zhen Xiaoyan almost reluctantly hastened her steps to drag Ye Lang away.

"Little Qi, when did this rascal learn to be so wicked?" Meanwhile, Ye Lan Yu asked this to Princess Qi.

"How would I know when you don't even know. Also, why did you call me Little Qi?" Princess Qi felt curious about her new nickname.

"Anyways, you'll be my sister-in-law eventually, what about calling you Little Qi, don't tell me you still want to put up your princess arrogance?" Ye Lan Yu said.

"Naturally I won't do that, but I feel Little Qi is a bit like that thing, like I'm his seventh wife, but I'm the first." Princess Qi said it with a gripe. [For those who forgot, qi means 7]

"Relax, your position of being the first wife won't be stolen away, you need to put a leash on him, don't let him marry those no good women." Ye Lan Yu held onto Princess Qi's hand, seemingly passing to Princess Qi an arduous task.

"Mhm! I will!!" Princess Qi said it very seriously.

As the two talked, they drifted away from the original topic, jumping into a topic that Ye Lang always didn't put into consideration; he didn't put the marriage between Princess Qi and himself into his mind, he completely didn't think that he would have to marry Princess Qi as his wife one day in the future.

Of course, although Princess Qi had thought that she would definitely be married to Ye Lang, but she didn't think that she had to fall in love with Ye Lang!

"Sister, I've come to bring you home! Princess Qi is also here huh, just go home by yourself, I won't be sending you." Ye Lang unreservedly said.

"You…" Princess Qi was livid by that, "Can't you just ask me to go home together?"

"Oh, want to go home together ah, that's fine. " Ye Lang thoughtlessly said.

"I also want to go together……" Zhen Xiaoyan said it at one corner.

"No, you better go home quickly, if not, your illness will reoccur again, it's too troublesome." Ye Lang definitively rejected.

"So you still want your lunch or not?" Zhen Xiaoyan smiled whilst saying, completely not afraid of Ye Lang's rejection.

"Ahem ahem, come with us then, I'll send you home later, otherwise, you should just stay in that room." Ye Lang immediately changed his mind, and had generously let Zhen Xiaoyan temporarily stay for a night.

"……" Ye Lan Yu and Princess Qi were both speechless, however they had indeed confirmed a thing, and that was if they wanted to bind a man's heart, they had to capture the man's stomach.

'It seems that, I also need to learn culinary arts.' The two had simultaneously thought, for different purposes, and decided to try stepping into culinary territory.

"What about them……"

"Aren't they fine? Look, they're so loving……" Ye Lang casually said.

"That's called loving?" The three females simultaneously asked.

"Fighting is a form of love……"


Sha Lan strongly slapped Mo Ya's face, broken-heartedly cried, and shouted.

"Why aren't you willing to believe me, I didn't do it!"

She was in this state because Mo Ya had said some nasty words to her, but she couldn't have imagined that the following words that he would say would give her even more sadness.

"Why should I trust you, when we were together, when we were together, you were already a woman, and not a girl!!" Mo Ya coldly said.

"Hua……" Clamor broke out, even if Mo Ya was very vague, everyone knew what he meant.

"You……Mo Ya, I hate you……!"

At this moment, Sha Lan's heart completely shattered, she seemed to be regretting it now, why did she not maintain a virgin maiden body, otherwise this type of misunderstanding would have never occurred.

She only understood what others said now, girls should not easily give away their bodies to guys, even to the one they're in love with, even after looking carefully……

"Fatty, luckily you're so traditional, if not, you would have lost out, Mo Ya's type of person, he's not suitable for you!"

"I never thought that he was that type of person, I must have been blind."

"It's great that you've understood. In the future, when you're looking, you need to look for good men like me."

"Bah, good man… Don't forget when you pushed me into the fire pit!"

"Hey, hey, that was only to help you, to help you completely fulfill your feelings, or you would've become a pervert by now!"

"You're the perverted one…… Hmmph!!"

"Uhm, Ye Lang, did you want to show me Mo Ya's true face this way?"

"Mhm, yup!"

"Your reply is so fast, why do I feel like you're just saying that?"

"Oh, was it?"

Because of this event, Sha Lan was now considered a cheap woman. Men still chased after her, but their intentions were just casual, no one was serious!

In the end, Sha Lan could only immerse herself in Alchemy to keep her mind busy. She completely abandoned romance, becoming more and more cold!

Mo Ya was also not much better, his previous elegant demeanor was completely destroyed in that moment. Girls no longer fanatically pursued him, his popularity dropped, and his title as one of the Four Princes was also taken away.

The cause of it all, Ye Lang, was now being annoyed by a person.

"Thirteen, quickly think of a solution!"

"Solve your own problems by yourself, I can't be bothered about you!"

"I can't solve this by myself, that's why I came to ask you, only you can do this matter, you're the prodigal son!"

After Zhen Xiaoyan's incident, everyone acknoledged Ye Lang's Alchemy skills, it also attracted a lot of people's attention.

"So what if it isn't solved, it isn't even your business."

"Thirteen ah, this concerns your brother's happy life, your seventh sister-in-law's future relies on you!" Brother Seven became even more pitiful.
[Not sure how to say it, so I said it like that, but basically she's his seventh brother's(Brother Seven) wife.]

"Fight your for own happiness yourself!"

"I'm already fighting for it!"

"……I really don't want to bother with you."

"Be good, Thirteen, just agree to your brother's request."

"Okay okay, I got it. But in the end, what is this about seventh sister-in-law's future. How did you encounter such a strange question?" Ye Lang helplessly asked.

[There are a few ambiguous elements in here. In the future you will want to come back and will understand. I leave this here so that it will be easier to notice.]

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