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Published at 29th of September 2020 08:36:12 PM
Chapter 719: Chapter 719 - Leaving (2)
Chapter 719 Leaving (2)

Seventh Brother wasn’t the only one who would be happy to see Ye Lang back . There were many other people who wanted to talk to him .

Even if he returned, he still wouldn’t have the quiet days he wanted, at least not for a while . He would still be pestered and surrounded by people .

However, Ye Lang wouldn’t have minded them because they were family . The people at Dragon City were different .

At the same time, he knew this was temporary . After fulfilling their requests, they would disperse . It was, again, different from Dragon City .

“There must have been a delay in his travels . Get everyone to stay alert, report to us immediately when he appears!” said Ye Chengtian in a low voice . “Alright, rest up everyone . I’ve got matters to deal with!”

After returning to Ye City, Ye Chengtian had to deal with matters accumulated over this period of time . Although he could delegate some tasks, there were tasks he had to complete too .

Just like that, everyone went off . They could not do much about Ye Lang anyway .

Some people suspected something happened to him . Even if there were the seventh princess and the rest, they still couldn’t eliminate this possibility . Ye Lang had always been worrying .

Seven days later, Ye Lang finally arrived at Ye City!

This time, Ye Lang hadn’t lost his way, nor did anything happen . They just weren’t in a hurry, taking their sweet time . Plus Ye Chengtian and his people had rushed the journey . In the end, Ye Chengtian arrived 2 days earlier than expected while Ye Lang arrived 7 days after him .

It was a 5-day difference from the estimated arrival! How slow could they be?!

When he arrived at Ye City, he was impressed at how much the place had changed . When he left, this place was still mostly under construction . Although they were still building, the changes were unfathomable .

The current Ye City has expanded to a true metropolitan area . Previously, it had just been a tiny city . It was very different!

“Woah…” Ye Lang had said ‘woah’ many times since he arrived .

“Shut up!” came a very annoyed voice . It was a girl who stood in the middle of the path, blocking Ye Lng .

There weren’t many people who dared block Ye Lang like that . This person was no ordinary folk .

“Woah… Sister…” gasped Ye Lang .

This girl was indeed Ye Lang’s elder sister, Ye Lanyu . When he was approaching the city, she had already received the news and ran over .

When she arrived, Ye Lang had been ‘woah’-ing all over the place like a villager entering a city for the first time . Ye Lanyu wanted to laugh but was still very annoyed .

She was even more upset when she saw the seventh princess next to him!

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The seventh princess seemed to tell her: hehe, I’m doing very well here by Ye Lng’s side, how are you doing? Alone? Hope you’re well!

The seventh princess hadn’t told her because they had always been frenemies .

If she could kick Ye Lanyu away, she would!

“Shut up!” Ye Lanyu knocked his head .

“Sister, why are you here?” Ye Lang asked cluelessly, rubbing his head .

“Why wouldn’t I be here? It’s very normal for me to be here, you’re the abnormal one! Tell me, why are you back?” Ye Lanyu clutched Ye Lang, separating him from the seventh princess .

It’s my turn now!

“I’m back to do some stuff and visit everyone . I’ve missed everyone! Especially Seventh Brother…” Ye Lang said with a grin . The last sentence was a very odd one . How could that be possible .

Very soon, they understood .

“Cough cough! Thirteenth, when did you learn how to kiss ass? But it makes me feel good,” said the Seventh Brother wistfully . He knew no one really got to enjoy this unless Ye Lang had another notice .

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He’d probably be unable to refuse whatever Ye Lang wanted from him, might as well enjoy the treatment now .

He could still say no though .

“As long as you’re happy! Haha…” said Ye Lang smiling . It looked more like a sneer, it was very obvious he was thinking about something else .

“Just tell me what you need from me,” said Seventh Brother directly . He was already uncomfortable from Ye Lang’s smile .

“Ah? You’re so smart, how could you tell?!” Ye Lang gasped .

“Who couldn’t? You don’t give out compliments for free like that!” huffed Seventh Brother . While he could understand other people giving out compliments- though they could just be trying to form a relationship with him- Ye Lang was not the same .

“How could you say that? I’m not that bad, I just wanted to buy some materials from you!” said Ye Lang .

“…That’s it?” Seventh Brother was surprised . It was a very simple task, not a problem at all .

It was a little too simple .

“Yeah, it’s that simple! What did you think it was?” nodded Ye Lang .

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“Wait, tell me what you need . Show me the list first!” Seventh Brother did not let down his guard . It shouldn’t be this simple .

“Here you go!” Ye Lang gave him a list .

“…” Seventh Brother now confirmed that Ye Lang only needed him to purchase materials .

Simple? Look at this list! While he just needed to order them, the list was too long! There were also some things he hadn’t heard of!

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