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Chapter 714: Chapter 714 - Celebration (3)
Chapter 714: Celebration (3)

“Oh…” With Long Ai between them, Ye Lang ate the delicious food on the table .

‘Cousin, the song you played was really good . Can you play for me next time?” Long Ai was starting to annoy Ye Lang again .

“Sure!” ye Lang nodded .

“Really?” That’s great! When?”

“Like you said, next time…”

“When is that?”

“Next time!”

Long Ai fell silent . “Cousin, you’re not listening!”

“Mm, at least you’re not stupid!” Ye Lang admitted .

“Fine, at least you promised . You still have to do it! Also, how did you plant that flower? I tried many times but I couldn’t . Also, didn’t you say you didn’t have the flower? How did you do it in a few days…” Long Ai begged him on another subject again .

“This peculiar flower, it’s…” Ye Lang did not mind telling her how to plant it . He told her the regular method, not using alchemy . As for how he did it in a few days, he naturally didn’t tell her .

She just wanted to plant it so she didn’t dwell on the subject .

Very soon, every performance passed . The atmosphere turned joyous again, everyone seemed to have forgotten about what happened .

There was an opera performed by the Tianlai Performing Group . It was the climax of the performances . They were the top performing group in the world too .

“Eh, isn’t that our traitor cousin? Why is she performing like nothing happened? She’s glaring at me too . Grandma, what’s going on?”

The highlight of the Tianlai Performing Group’s performance was an arrogant girl . She was Wu Ji’s sister .

Everyone was surprised too . Long Ai looked at the empress dowager .

She shook her head . “She’s not glaring at you, she’s glaring at your cousin . She’s still angry about what happened, she’s trying to compete through this method!”

“Angry? You mean the plan that Cousin ruined?” asked Long Ai, cockingher head .

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“No! She is angry because of the way your cousin ignored them . They had long been angry at him!” said the empress dowager, smiling .

“Oh, I see! That’s so odd, why would she care about that, not what just happened?” Long Ai asked .

Everyone was surprised . Prince Wu Ji, his sister and mother should be angry at their failures .

“She doesn’t know yet! I believe she still doesn’t know what her brother and mother did to us . She never knew1” said the empress dowager, shaking her head .

Before this, the Tianlai Performing Group and the other performers had been sectioned off in another place . That’s why they didn’t know what happened at the square .

If the plan had succeeded, perhaps Prince Wu Ji would have informed her to leave . Or maybe she would be sacrificed for his political career .

Think about it . If something happened to her, no one would suspect Prince Wu Ji because the princess was dead .

If all three of them were fine, then it would attract suspicion . No matter what happened to Vermilion Bird, they would definitely invade Luse Kingdom .

That was why the arrogant princess became their sacrifice from the beginning . One would wonder if she would still be this arrogant if she knew the truth!

“I pity her…” Long Ai felt bad .

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“Why? Perhaps she is an accomplice, she just has to act as if she didn’t know to save herself . Then no one would do anything to her,” shrugged Ye Lang .

“…” After what he said, the empress dowager and the emperor fell silent . Like their granddaughter (niece), they pitied the girl, thinking that she was a sacrifice and they should let her off .

However, after what he said, they realised it could be a possibility too . Perhaps the girl was just acting so they’d feel bad .

They should not feel bad about their enemies . However, she was still family . If she wasn’t involved, they’d let her go .

They both had their brows furrowed tightly . Should they let the princess go?

At this moment, Ye Lang said another thing that made them want to kill him!

“Of course, it’s just a random thought . Perhaps she’s just a pitiful sacrifice!” said Ye Lang irresponsibly .

To let her go, or not?

The emperor thought about it . He made a decision not to, but he wouldn’t do anything to her . She would be confined within the Vermilion Bird Empire, banned from returning .

This was the best solution . There would be people caring for her, she wouldn’t be harmed and she could live as a princess . It was already an acceptable outcome for a family member .

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As for the other two, naturally, they must be punished . Then, they would be allowed back to Luse on certain conditions . No one was sure what the terms and punishment would be . Ye Lang and the rest didn’t want to know .

“But her voice is beautiful, she acts well! Her performance is a great present . Ye Lang, can’t you play for your grandmother again? One song isn’t enough . ” said the empress dowager when she finished . She wanted Ye Lang to promise her another show .

Ye Lang frowned . “Sure, if you want, I can perform again . I’ve picked another song . ”

“Really? That’s great! Also, what was the name of your previous song?” said the empress dowager excitedly . SIt was a very important question, something many people wanted to know .

“Uh…” Ye Lang thought for a moment, then with an odd expression, he said, “It’s called ‘Celebration’! What do you think? Isn’t it apt…”

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