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Chapter 7 – Best quality female slave Translated by imakeussmile


The disappearance of Ye Lang caused the Ye Family to feel as if they were ants on a hot pan, as they were all feeling extremely anxious. Especially Ye Cheng Tian and his wife, as it could be said that for the past three days, they were not able to sleep or have a moment’s rest.

As for little Lan Yu, she too was very anxious and had no appetite during these last few days. After all, within the four siblings, the feelings between her and the thirteenth prince was the best, since all day long they were always together. Perhaps, it was because the thirteenth prince was younger than her, this allowed her to exhibit her position as a big sister.

This matter also affected the emperor, as the emperor himself was similarly paying attention to any developments regarding this matter and had dispatched quite a few amount of people to help search for the whereabouts of the thirteenth prince.

“Continue searching! Search attentively for me! So many of you had already searched for three days and all of you actually couldn’t even find a five year old child?!” the Ye Family’s patriarch said angrily.

“It has already been three days…Could it be that Ye Lang has already left the city?” The patriarch’s wife, Ruan Lian Er said while frowning. With the current situation as it is right now, it was very hard for others to not think of this aspect.

“He is just a little child, how could he have left the city? That is unless, someone purposely took him out of the city.” Ye Yi knitted his brows. Actually, he had already ordered others to search in the vicinity outside of the city. it was just that he was not willing to think about this possibility any more.

In the case that little Ye Lang was actually brought out of the city by someone, that person definitely would not have any good intentions and this outcome would give everyone an even bigger headache.

“Whoever dares cause harm to my son, I will definitely bury his whole family with them!” Ye Cheng Tian snorted and said very softly, he was not sure if he was talking to himself but his tone was resolute for sure.

“Cheng Tian……” Long An Qi held onto Ye Cheng Tian’s hand, her tone sounding very complicated, as if she had just accepted something.

And it was just at this moment, an unexpected matter occurred which bewildered them. It was definitely a matter which, caused everyone to feel surprised.

“House master, little thirteenth prince, little thirteenth prince he……” A family retainer hurriedly ran into the house, with a flustered face, as he himself was not able to believe what he was about to say was actually true.

“What happened? Is there finally some news?” Ye Yi said calmly. The expression of this family retainer made him feel somewhat worried.

“Little thirteenth prince, he, he……” The family retainer appeared to still have not caught his breath.

“What about him, could you just quickly say it!!” Long An Qi said urgently.

“Little thirteenth prince has just come back.” The family retainer finally finished saying the rest of the  sentence.

“…!! What did you say? Where is he right now?” After remaining silent for a while, all of the people in the house erupted, and all of them grabbed onto the family retainer’s clothes and asked, causing the family retainer to feel as if he was overwhelmed by favor from his superiors.

“The little thirteenth prince has come back, and he had brought along a little girl with him too. Right now, they have already entered the residence.” The family retainer said. Very obviously, he had rushed to inform about the matter of the little thirteenth prince coming back, having a hint of somewhat wanting to take credit.

But at this time, who would even bother to think about him, as all of them immediately left him behind and quickly went out to find the thirteenth prince. And at the same time, they had not paid attention to an important matter that the family retainer’s had said, that the little thirteenth prince had brought along a little girl with him.

When Ye Yi and the others ran to the front courtyard, they immediately saw the little thirteenth prince walking in and not far behind him, there was a little girl which appeared to about the same age as the little thirteenth prince, although this little girl was somewhat different from any normal human. But at this time, they did not care or regard it, as they only wanted to hug the little thirteenth prince and see whether he had any kind of injuries on him.

And the person who hugged the little thirteenth prince first was the person who appeared to be the weakest, Long An Qi. At this moment, she had actually displayed 200% of her normal speed, no, it should be even more than 200% of her usual speed and she appeared in front of little thirteenth prince and hugged him.

“Little darling, where in the world did you run to? Do you have any injuries? Have you been hungry these past few days……” Long An Qi asked. On one hand, she examined the little thirteenth prince’s body over, and on the other hand, she asked about his well-being, also at the same time, temporarily pushing aside all the other people who had wanted to hug the little thirteenth prince .

The little thirteenth prince shook his head and then slowly said “Don’t have, there were tasty foods and tasty drinks. Also, there were fun things too.”

“Tasty foods, tasty drinks and fun things?” After confirming that the little thirteenth prince was fine, Long An Qi continued asking: “What type of place is that? Who brought you there and who is this little lady? Ehhh, this little lady……”

Only at this moment, had Long An Qi appeared to have discovered that the little girl standing at the side, was different than humans. Yep, that’s right, she was not of the human race.

The little girl’s eyes were huge and when she smiled, the corner of her mouth would reveal a pair of little canine teeth. Also, on her head, there were a pair of ‘cat’ ears and on the back of her body, there appeared to be a little tail. All of these points very clearly told everyone that she was a beastman.

The question lies in whether she belonged to the cat race or the tiger race as these two races’ distinctive features were somewhat alike, especially when they were still young.


And very quickly, the little thirteenth prince gave everyone the answer to their question: “She is bought by me. They said that she is the tiger race’s best quality female slave.” (GK Ed. Damn boy, wow look at him 5 years old!!! Prodigal son for sure!)


Silence. Pure silence. For a little while, no one let out any kind of sound and just looked at the little thirteenth prince quietly, with an expression in their eyes showing a kind of strangeness.

“You are the one who bought her? Where in the world did you actually run off to during these past three days? Also, how did you go out? Slowly and attentively tell your mom right now.” Long An Qi asked curiously. She was very curious towards what her own son had gone through, and the experiences he had over these past three day, and wanted to know what had happened intensely.

The people at the side were also curious about all of these things, and all of them fixed their attention on the little thirteenth prince, awaiting his answers.

Not waiting for the little thirteenth prince to speak, Long An Qi spoke once again: “Let’s first go into the house. The wind here is strong.” She certainly did not want her own son to get blown away by the wind and immediately carried her son into the house.

This was good, since everyone could sit down and slowly talk as they drank tea.

After everything and everyone was ready and in place, the little thirteenth prince started to slowly narrate his experiences during the past three days. Of course, many of the narrated parts were very vague and needed everyone to guess on their own, as after all, there was a limit to the thirteenth prince’s ability to express what he wanted to say.

Fortunately, the people here were not ordinary people and were still able to understand what had basically happened. And from the start to the end, their mouths were hanging wide open, obviously they were thoroughly shocked by the thirteenth prince’s experience.

First, the thirteenth prince spoke about how he was able to leave the Ye Residence, and the answer given caused everyone’s expression to change, as the method the thirteenth prince had used to leave the Ye Residence was not complicated at all, and was instead just too simple.

“Eh? I just walked out of the residence like this. There was no one blocking me and they didn’t pay attention to me at all.” This was the little thirteenth prince’s original answer.

That’s right, not one person in the Ye Residence noticed him at all, and just like that, under everyone’s so called watchful eyes, he had walked out of the big gate.

Within all of this, there were a few reasons why this happened. First of all was that, there were just too many people in the Ye Residence, and the number of children the same age as the little thirteenth prince were not few at all. Also, other than a few select members of the Ye Residence, the other members had actually never met the little thirteenth prince before. (GK Ed. Wow they are smart…)

Secondly, although the Ye Residence does conduct background checks of people who enter the residence; and for people outside who want to sneak inside the residence, it could be said to be as difficult as trying to sneak into the empire’s imperial palace. It was just that, there was a blind spot that existed and this so called blind spot was that, they were much more relaxed when people inside the Ye Residence were going out.

Moreover, as a child who was at the age of five, of course this would not alarm others.

Of course, there were a lot of coincidences, which allowed the little thirteenth prince to be able to leave the big gate under the situation where no one knew about it. Just simply walking out of the big gate, this answer made everyone feel totally surprised!


(Gintokikatsura Ed. I’m surprised the Ye family has survived up till now… it would be so easy kidnap and ransom their little master’s… no guards posted around the thirteenth prince to watch over and protect him just in case. Wow just wow, rant end/)

(Ilesyt: Actually, they didn’t monitor people leaving, but they do heavily monitor people entering, they are one of the best in fact.

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