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Chapter 696
Little Cousin Sister (3)

Liu Feiyan hadn’t expected this at all. She just wanted these girls to have an aura of elegance, hence they must have some artistic, musical or dance skill…

Many people mimicked their business model but their results were not as impressive as Wanhua Building because these girls weren’t just beautiful, they were extremely talented. No one else could do anything like Wanhua Building.

Some of the girls in Wanhua did not want to perform sex work after their time here. Hence, they became solely dancers and performers. Surprisingly, they were the most popular ones because they were dreams that couldn’t be attained.

“When is boss coming back? Dinner’s ready…” a girl asked Liu Feiyan. They were all waiting for Ye Lang although he might not return and didn’t say he was going to have dinner here.

However, they were all used to it. In the past, they would wait for him when he was still rehearsing with them. They would only start if he didn’t show up after some time.

“We’ll wait for a bit. Maybe he went somewhere else to eat. Then we’ll have to eat first,” said Liu Feiyan. He might show up soon. She was used to waiting for him.

“How is boss like? Why do you all follow him around?” a girl from Wanhua Building asked, puzzled.

“He’s an idiot who doesn’t have a heart, but he’s still our favourite boss, he’s the one who gave us new lives,” replied another girl before Liu Feiyan could.

“An idiot who doesn’t have a heart?” the Wanhua girl didn’t understand. She didn’t understand how her boss was like or what these people were doing with him.

Usually, if he was the boss of Romantic Floor and these were the girls who worked there, there could be some shady relationship between them. However, they ddi not feel that way. Their relationship felt innocent.

Had they mistaken?

“Boss, you’re back! Let’s eat! Eh, this is…”

At this moment, Ye Lang arrived. Other than Coldblood Five and the little princess behind him, there was another young girl of about seventeen or eighteen. She was cute.

The cute girl pouted, looking away as if she hated Ye Lang but was following him around.

Who is she?

Liu Feiyan did not know. From some of the Wanhua girls’ expressions, they recognised her.

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“She’s my little cousin sister, I met her at the auction,” said Ye Lang nonchalantly. “Time to eat! What are we having today?”


After his introduction, both Liu Feiyan’s bunch and the Wanhua girls gasped in surprised. They were shocked at different things.

Liu Feiyan was shocked that Ye Lang would met his cousin at an auction and then bring her here. Ye Lang’s cousin, that means she’s…

Cousin? She’s the… If that’s the case, then boss is…

The people of Wanhua Building knew who she was because they’d seen and heard of her. If that was the case, then Ye Lang must be high-ranked too…

They did not know who Ye Lang really was, all they knew was that he had bought this place over and was close to Princess Longji. They did not dare ask many questions, though they still would ask for more information later.

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“Hmmph! You asshole, you took my stuff again! Give my stuff back! And my flowers, you promised you’d give it back to me in one year’s time…” His little cousin extended a hand, asking for her stuff back.

“Uh, I don’t have the flower with me, I forgot about it. I’ll go plant it and we’ll talk in a few days. As for the thing today, I need it. Be a good girl and I’ll give you something better as a replacement,” replied Ye lang. He’d said this many times already, she was very stubborn and insisted on following him here.

Thank goodness they were closed. With her identity, no one would dare bring her inside. The riders outside would not let her in too.

Before this, they hesitated to let her in. They didn’t know how Princess Longji and the rest would react. However, Ye Lang was the one leading her and he was staying there too. It didn’t seem like a problem.

Ye Lang sat down and immediately started eating. Coldblood Five and the little princess too. HIs cousin was stunned for a moment, then sat down next to him.

“Your Royal Highness!” The girls of Wanhua Building got up and bowed in respect.

They did not know the little princess’ identity, they were greeting Ye Lang’s cousin instead.

Ye Lang knew this little cousin of his. It was the princess who had chased him down for half a day after he took something of hers a while back.

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There was a saying- enemies often had the narrowest paths. Ye Lang was about to buy something at the auction house when they both met. Just like her, he took a liking to a gemstone. In the end, Ye Lang won and she was very upset.

They both caused a scene with a fight until they both realised the other person was their cousin.

Ye Lang was the one who noticed first. No, his senses hadn’t improved. The little cousin just hadn’t met Ye Lang in a while. Previously, Ye Lang had been tiny and ‘fought’ her by controlling Little Xin.

“No need for formalities! What’s this place? Is it a bar? Why are there so many big sisters here?” asked his cousin curiously. She was just following him, she didn’t know where they were.

“Almost. They’re drinking companions,” said Ye Lang. To him, brothels and bars were almost the same. Both places for food. Brothels just had performances.

“...” Liu Feiyan and the rest shook their heads. The girls from Wanhua were stunned. What explanation was that?

“Your Highness, this is a brothel. You shouldn’t be here,” said Coldblood Five.

“Brothel?! Ah, this is a brothel? Stupid cousin, why did you bring me here?” yelled his cousin, leaping out of her seat.

She had heard of brothels and knew what kind of place it was.
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