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Chapter 677
“Of course, you think I’m a person like you? I come from a rich family, you won’t be able to compete with me. Be smarter next time, don’t act like you’re the king of the world!” advised Wei Xing, as if he was teaching Ye Lang a life lesson. Everyone could hear how delighted he was though.

“Sir Wei Xing, I haven’t finished talking,” said Ye Lang with a smile.

“What did you want to say? Just say it, I don’t mind,” said Wei Xing, looking at him with contempt. He guessed Ye Lang was about to admit defeat and kiss his ass.

“You still owe them eight hundred gold coins, you should quickly pay them,” said Ye Lang mildly.

“You’re a savage indeed, you think I’m actually going to spend a thousand gold coins like that?” Wei Xing said after a pause, then he shook his head like he pitied Ye Lang.

“I’m sorry if you didn’t understand me? You have to pay up eight hundred gold coins,” said Ye Lang patiently.

“...” Wei Xing paused and then let out a guffaw. “Haha…”

“What are you laughing so idiotically about?” asked Ye Lang.

“Idiotically? I’m laughing at you!” Wei Xing glared coldly.

Ye Lang was confused. “What are you laughing at?” He did not sense that Wei Xing had turned hostile.

“I’m laughing at you for being stupid. You think I’ll pay one thousand just because you said so?” Wei Xing said with a sneer, his nose in the air.

“I didn’t say that, you did?” said Ye Lang mildly.

“When did I ever!” huffed Wei XIng.

“You just did, everyone here heard you!”

“What a joke, you think I don’t remember what I said?”

“You said you’ll order what I ordered, then you’ll pay ten times more than my payment, do you remember?” asked Ye Lang with a grin.

“Of course I do, didn’t I write the head lady a cheque for two hundred? You mean it’s more than two hundred? You ordered so little, it’s just snacks!” huffed Wei Xing. He looked down on their dishes. He usually had more extravagant feasts than that.

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He didn’t really like ordering dim sum here- he preferred more expensive dishes!

He was wrong. The dimsum here was equally expensive and because they ordered many plates, the meal here was worth as much as his usual feasts.

“It obviously isn’t enough! If you want to pay ten times what I did, how is two hundred enough? Be smart enough to pay the rest of the eight hundred or tell everyone here that you don’t have money, that you can’t afford it, that you apologise. Then I’ll let you go. We’re very generous!” Ye Lang said with a smile, as if he was not petty at all.

“I said ten times your payment, it isn’t like I can’t afford it! Don’t you say you paid a hundred!” huffed Wei Xing. He would never apologise and say he had no money.

However, he never once considered that Ye Lang did pay a hundred gold coins. It was just unlikely. One hundred gold coins was not a small sum. Even a young master of a major clan found one hundred gold coins to be expensive.

Of course, it wasn’t like he didn’t have the money-- he just wouldn’t want to spend so much on something so minor.

“Head lady, tell me! How much did he pay!” Wei Xing saw that Ye Lang was about to speak so he immediately turned to ask the head lady. He thought Ye Lang was lying.

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It was not the same for the head lady. If she still wanted to work here, then she must tell the truth.

“Sir Wei, the gentleman here paid us a hundred gold coins…” she said helplessly. She didn’t want to tell him, she wanted to hide but if he insisted, she had no choice.

“What?! Are you joking? He paid you a hundred? How is that possible?” Wei Xing was shocked, fear creeping in. He didn’t know what to do.

If he really had to pay a thousand gold coins now, that was the same as paying with his life. How long would he have to live without money? A few years? A decade?

“This is the cheque he gave us, it isn’t a joke…” The head lady took out Ye Lang’s cheque, proving her point.

“...” Wei Xing was silent.

“What’s the matter? It’s actually a small thing, just a thousand coins. If you can’t afford it, I’ll let you go but on one condition- next time, if you see us, you get the hell out of our sight. understood? “ Ye Lang said with a smile, though his smile invoked terror.

Anyone who said ‘get the hell out of my sight’ with a smile was scary. Looks like it was best not to provoke this young man.

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Actually, they didn’t know that Ye Lang was smiling because this wasn’t even something he wanted to say. These were all Coldblood Five’s words. He could care less. Ye Lang was just maintaining a polite smile on his face.

“I… You, I’ll show you that one thousand gold coins is nothing to me! Here, a cheque for eight hundred gold coins!”

Ye Lang’s words and tone made Wei Xing lose his mind, he was going insane now. The gentleman from the Liu family could not stop him in time while Sir Ximen stood and watched in silence.

“Brother Wei, that’s also our money in there! Don’t do this on impulse, take that cheque back!” Sir Liu gave the head lady a look, implying that she should not keep the cheque.

“Treat it as me borrowing from you for the moment! I’ll still pay you all, I can afford one thousand!” said Wei Xing through clenched teeth. It was obvious his heart ached for the one thousand gold coins.

“Sir Wei, you’re a man!” praised Ye Lang with a thumbs up. Everyone felt like he was mocking Wei Xing.

Everyone saw how Ye Lang cut Wei Xing’s heart deeper when he was already bleeding.

“Hmmph!” If he could, Wei Xing would’ve pounded on Ye Lang.

“Little Five, Feiyan, be careful when you choose your husband next time. You have to check if they’re a man like Sir Wei here,” said Ye Lang solemnly.
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