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Chapter 668
Osmanthus Jelly (1)

“Go sit there. Right, I brought some snacks, have some!” As Ye Lang spoke, he tossed a bundle wrapped in paper containing delicious snacks. It was still hot. The space ring could insulate heat.

“Mm!” In the end, Coldblood Five sat next to the little princess and started eating.

“Hey hey! Ye Lang, you’re so unfair! How could you only offer Little Five food? We’ve been here for so long and you didn’t offer me any food,” said Ye Lanyu bitterly. Her own brother was treating other people better.

“Uh… I don’t have any food left! Little Kaline ate all of it when we were travelling… Ask Little Five to cook for you, she cooks really well,” said Ye Lang casually.

He had a lot of food in his space ring but along the way, he and the little princess kept eating because they had nothing better to do. At this point, he didn’t have much left.

He’d bought this pack of food yesterday. If he hadn’t done that, he would’ve had no food with him at all.

“I am not cooking for anyone else!” said Coldblood Five coldly. Other than for Ye Lang, she had never cooked for anyone. It was just a hobby, she didn’t like cooking for other people.


“Alright, are you ready? Again!!” Princess Longji ignored everything, glaring at him. This time, she was serious.

“Alright, one more time. We’ll have breakfast after this round, alright?” said Ye Lang, looking at her.

“Yes! You can eat whatever you want!” said Princess Longji gently.

“Then I want Osmanthus Jelly from Wanhua!” Ye Lang gave a longing look, as if he really, really wanted it.

“...” Princess Longji was silent.

“Pfft…” Coldblood Five had been sipping some tea in the midst of eating but lost all composure and spat out all her tea.

Although Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess didn’t know what the problem with Osmanthus Jelly from Wanhua was, they understood that it must be a huge problem. What Princess Longji said next proved it.

“You little jerk, do you want to get beat up? Thinking of going to a place like that so early in the day!” Princess Longji glared at Ye Lang.

“But, you said…”

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“Sister Longji, what is Wanhua?” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess interrupted Ye Lang because his explanations were deemed unnecessary at this point.

“Wanhua’s THAT kind of place, like Romantic Floor…” Princess Longji rolled her eyes.

“Like Romantic Floor? Isn’t that a brothel?” said Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess at the same time.

“Mm! At least Romantic Floor is a little better because there are many ladies in there who are just purely performers on stage. It’s completely different in Wanhua, you can get any of them as long as you have the money,” said Princess Longji.

“Ye Lang! What do you mean by this? Also, why have you gone there before?” said the seventh princess coldly. If he knew their food was good, that meant he’d been before.

“To eat their Osmanthus Jelly! I went there with Cousin sister and Little Five, though I can’t remember why we were there…” said Ye Lang.

“Cousin sister? Little Five?” Ye Lanyu looked at Princess Longji and Coldblood Five, not believing that they had been too.

“It was for business!” said Princess Longji immediately. “I was not a bad influence at all, I just let him eat there.”

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“Even if that’s the case, you shouldn’t have brought him there. What if he gets influenced?” said Ye Lanyu.

“Boss won’t get influenced even if he’s been. Do you know who he is? He’s the boss of Romantic Floor. He’s seen it all.”

At this moment, Liu Feiyan appeared within the courtyard, then ran to embrace Ye Lang.


The seventh princess’ face darkened. Liu Feiyan, what’s the meaning of this?! Can’t believe you’re hugging my fiance right in front of me.

“Liu Feiyan? Right, I was looking for you before this. We’re going to Wanhua later, are you coming?” Ye Lang did not wriggle out of her embrace, letting her hang on him.

“Sure, I want to visit Vermilion Bird’s top brothel,” chuckled Liu Feiyan. She obviously wasn’t against this, she had grown up in a brothel.

“Hmmph!” The seventh princess and Ye Lanyu huffed.

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“Alright, if you all want to go, you go. I won’t be coming.” Princess Longji furrowed her brows. She did not want to visit such a place. But if Ye Lang wanted to go, she would not stop him.

“I’m not going! I’m a lady!” said Ye Lanyu. Although Ye Lanyu was a generally bold person, she still had clear boundaries of what she would not do.

“...” The seventh princess was considering. She did not mind going, that was just her personality. Previously, she was just questioning Ye Lang but she would not stop him.

“Alright, actually it isn’t that bad. If you don’t want to do it, you can listen to music. It is Vermilion Bird’s top brothel after all, everything in there is the best,” said Princess Longji, shrugging.

“Then hurry! Liu Feiyan, step aside! I still owe her one fight…” Ye Lang pulled Liu Feiyan aside.

“Alright!” Liu Feiyan smiled and went to sit next to the little princess. She was curious to see her there, then began asking the little princess questions. The little princess ignored Liu Feiyan.

With one look at the icy Colbdlood Five, Liu Feiyan completely gave up on trying to talk to anyone. She watched Ye Lang with full attention, soon forgetting about everyone else.

“Let’s go! Cousin, don’t be a sore loser this time!” Ye Lang twanged his blade, as if he was bored.

“You little jerk! Who are you calling a sore loser? You’re asking for a beating!” Princess Longji glared with her beautiful eyes, then cracked her whip. This time, she was much more serious. She mustn’t be ‘ambushed’ again.

Although she did not use any douqi in this crack of her whip, normal people would suffer at the end of it. Even an expert could be defeated with this.
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