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Chapter 666
Sparring (2)

Princess Longji did not know that Ye Lang knew how to wield a sword, or that he was very good at it.

“Didn’t I say yesterday that I used my swordsmanship to snatch the brides? Do you really have to ask me that?” Ye Lang looked at Princess Longji, his eyes seemed to say- ‘Weren’t you listening yesterday?’

“I thought you won with alchemy, and your swordsmanship was just a cover,” said Princess Longji. Like the rest, although he said he won with his sword, they did not believe him.

“No, I didn’t use alchemy. I’m very good with my sword! Why don’t you spar with me, I guarantee you’ll lose.” Ye Lang looked at Princess Longji with a raised eyebrow arrogantly.

“Alright, don’t blame me for being hard on you!” Princess Longji looked at him as if to say, ‘Come at me, I’m not afraid of you.’

“Little Kaline, take a rest. Watch how I use my sword,” Ye Lang said to the little princess, as if he was a martial arts sifu.

That’s right, Ye Lang wanted to teach her martial arts. Take your mind out of the gutter.

When Ye Lang was demonstrating for Fei, he had already noticed how smart the little princess was. After some probing, Ye Lang realised that little Kaline was actually a martial arts prodigy with an unfathomable ability to comprehend martial arts.

Thank goodness her body was still of an eight-year-old. That was why she could still start training now to build her foundations.

That was good too. She could spend a long time building her foundation. If she remained in this stature forever, then she would have the strongest martial arts foundation in the world.

Her body wouldn’t grow, of course she could keep training. No one else could do this!

The little princess was likely going to be by Ye Lang’s side for a long time too. If that was the case, then her future was infinitely bright.

If, in the future, she did grow, then she could become the ultimate warrior of the new generation, the kind where no one would even come close to her capabilities.

However, if she stayed in this body, it would be difficult to progress to that level. A child’s body was too different from a mature adult, there were certain limitations.

Of course, she would have no problem protecting herself. It would take another ultimate warrior to even touch her.

“Alright!” said the little princess obediently. She sheathed her sword and sat down quietly in a corner.

It was difficult to make her speak. Other than when Ye Lang was there, anyone who tried to make her laugh would be faced with complete silence.

“Eh, what are you all doing?”

“Ye Lang, I hope you weren’t going to fight Princess Longji. Don’t be stupid, she’s crazy.”

At this moment, Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess appeared. When they saw that they were about to spar, they immediately expressed their opinions.

Based on what they knew, Ye Lang was just an alchemist. Princess Longji was a warrior close to the Heavenly Level-- maybe she had already achieved it.

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Ye Lang was going to lose. The disparity was huge.

“We’re going to fight, yes. I also know how strong she is. But, we’ll see,” said Ye Lang with a smile, fiddling the sword in his hand casually.

“Ye Lang, you look so badass!”

“I just realised how cool you can look.”

“Not bad, you’ve grown!” cried all three girls, swooning. Of course, that was just in front of Ye Lang. When other people were present, they would not do this.

“Big Brother, you’re so cool…”

When the three girls finished, the little princess also looked at him with eyes full of admiration. The three girls were embarrassed.

Did they look like this little girl?

No, absolutely not!

“It looks so cool, right? I’ve thought about doing this move many times, I’ll use this to impress little girls… Sister, Cousin, Little Seven, I can’t believe…”

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The three girls wanted to beat him up. How can you hurt our feelings like that? Do you want to die?

“Shut up! Come, show me your skills.” Princess Longji pulled out her Fire Dragon Whip and lashed it on the ground. There was immediately a deep gash on the ground.

“Hey, hey! Longji, that’s unnecessary! I’ll kill you if you hurt my brother!” Before Ye Lang spoke, Ye Lanyu had already warned her first.

It wasn’t her fault. To Lanyu, Ye Lang was far weaker than Princess Longji. At this point, Princess Longji looked like she was going to take the fight seriously. What would she do if they got hurt?

“Don’t worry! If I hurt him, I’ll treat him too!” said Princess Longji with a grin.

“...” Ye Lanyu and the seventh princess were speechless.

“I don’t need you to treat me, I can do it myself. No, wait, I won’t get hurt. Why would I need treatment…” Ye Lang realised a flaw in his logic as he was speaking.


“I won’t hurt you but it’s not because of your capabilities, because I’ll feel bad. Let’s begin!” huffed Princess Longji, preparing.

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Although everyone thought he was far from her level, they did not think that he was helpless. That was why they still weren’t too worried.

“I won’t hurt you either, I’d feel bad too,” said Ye Lang.


Everyone was also speechless. They thought he was just mimicking her. It wasn’t going to be true.

“You little jerk, you’re devious!” Princess Longji smiled. At least he said he’d feel bad if he hurt her.

“What? Wait, let me look for my sword… That previous one was just for aesthetic purposes…” Ye Lang kept the sword he used to impress the girls. After some searching, he pulled another out.


“That’s kinda small…” frowned Princess Longji.

“Everyone says that but they regret underestimating it…” said Ye Lang mildly.

“I don’t know if that’s true but isn’t that too small… I’d just get a small cut if you stabbed me,” said Princess Longji with furrowed brows.

“A small cut is fine. Many times, even a small wound can be deadly… Eh! Why is my sword so small?!” Just as he was beginning to look cool, he realised the sword he held was tiny.
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