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Published at 19th of September 2020 08:16:58 PM
Chapter 662
Lengxue Wu (1)

“As long as you’re here. Wait, tell me, how was I brought here?” said Ye Lang gently as he held the Ai La Princess’ small hand.

“You jerk, I’m standing right here! Did you really have to ask anyone else?” Princess Longji knocked his head with her knuckle.

“Do you know?” asked Ye Lang cluelessly.

“Of course I do!” Princess Longji pinched him in a huff.

“You could’ve told me earlier, how would I know that you know? Well I don’t believe that you know when I don’t know, that I’d need your explanation,” said Ye Lang very quickly while everyone was stunned.

“... Jerk, what are you talking about? That was very messy!” stopped Princess Longji. “This is what happened, when I was there to welcome...”

“Coldblood Group? Who? Wait…” When Ye Lang heard about them, he interrupted Princess Longji and looked in a direction.

“Come out, Little Five. I can introduce you to everyone,” said Ye Lang.

“?? Brother, are you alright? There’s no one here, who are you talking to?” asked Ye Lanyu.

Everyone, including Ye Chengtian wanted to ask this question. With his capabilities, he still could not sense anyone there.

Just as they wondered, a girl seemed to appear magically out of thin air, startling them.

This girl was Coldblood Five. She did not stray too far from him, planning to have a chat once everyone had settled.

However, she didn’t expect him to expose her position like that. She showed herself anyway, since he had already called her out like that. All the responsibility would be on him. At the same time, the people here were safe, except for the little princess.

The little princess seemed very close to Ye Lang though, so perhaps there was nothing to hide.

“Ye Lang, how did you know there was someone there?” asked Ye Lanyu. Princess Longji did not ask not just because she knew Coldblood Five was nearby- since Coldblood Five could sense him, then he must be able to sense her too.

“What’s so weird about it? Of course I know it when she’s over there. Little Five, you were the one who kicked down the carriage door,” said Ye Lang casually.

“Yes!” Coldblood Five nodded.

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“Then why do you have to hide like that? You could’ve just walked with me,” said Ye Lang.

“Stupid, I was on duty, I couldn’t expose my identity!” huffed Coldblood Five.

“I guess you’re right! Little Five, what mission are you on now? If you don’t have any missions, come follow me,” said Ye Lang with a smile. There was a secret intention hidden behind his smile.

“We are understaffed, I don’t have time to follow you.. Unless… Protecting you is my mission…” said Coldblood Five coldly. The people who didn’t understand thought she did not like Ye Lang’s suggestion or talking to him.

“That’s simple! I don’t have Little Xin with me now so I need protection. Transfer your position here, tell Little Zero about it too. I have a huge mission that I need her help with,” said Ye Lang. It was very confusing, all they understood was that he had to do something and needed help.

“What huge mission? Right, where’s Little Xin? Where did you send her off too?” asked Coldblood Five coldly.

“A huge one. Ignore that, you won’t understand! As for Little Xin, I let her keep Tigress company. She will be entering the City of the Beast Gods so she needs a bodyguard,” said Ye Lang simply.

“Huh? City of the Beast Gods? Doesn’t this mean she’ll be gone for ten years before she comes out again? Won’t you miss her?” asked Ye Lanyu immediately.

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“What’s that got to do with me missing her? That’s her life, I cannot interfere,” said Ye Lang midlyl.

“I smell helplessness!” chuckled the seventh princess, wrinkling her nose.

“Alright, I admit that I don’t like her going but her father insists, if only… Ah, I’m so stupid! I shouldn’t have saved him so quickly! I should have left him frozen for a year, past the timing for them to enter the city. Then they’d have to wait for ten more years…” Ye Lang slapped his own head, frustrated.


“Silly child, it’s been so long and you just realised… What is the use now!” said Princess Longji, exasperated. “You must’ve gone to Soaring Sky for this! I haven’t talked to you about that yet-- how could you do something so dangerous? What if something happened to you?”

“What could happen? I’m alright now!” said Ye Lang, nonchalant.

“You’re treating it like it’s nothing. If it wasn’t for the part where Zhao Yarou wasn’t as meticulous as she should’ve been, you might not be able to escape!” Long Anqi pinched his face.

“Tsk, she won’t care about me, she’s too busy now! Right, you all must be careful. That psychotic woman has something very dangerous in her hands. Do not ever declare war against her. If she does come, you all must be very careful and do your best to stay alive,” reminded Ye Lang , suddenly serious.

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The Ye family did not have any conflict with Zhao Yarou but he must remind them just in case. As for the Vermilion Bird Empire… That was a little more complicated because the two empires were enemies. Any conflict could happen easily.

Initially, this was none of his business but when he knew about Princess Longji’s own land here and how she had a very special position, he knew that the territories under her would be attacked first in the event of war.

If Zhao Yarou wanted to declare war against Vermilion Bird, she would attack Princess Longji’s lands first. And Ye Lang did not want that.

“What does she have? Did you find out any military secrets?” asked Ye Chengtian in a low voice. He knew of Soaring Sky’s secrets but he knew the empire did not have anything as scary as Ye Lang put.

If there was something like that, then it must be Zhao Yarou’s military secret. One would not be able to access such information that easily.

“No, I did not have time to check out her stuff,” said Ye Lang, shaking his head.

“Then how do you know she has something scary?”

“Because it’s something I helped her find…” said Ye Lang weakly.


Everyone gasped, glaring at him.
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