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Chapter 660
Reunion (1)

“??” Princess Longji was confused, not sure what the princess meant. You mean you’re here because of the jerk?

Very soon, she got her answer!

“Princess Longji, about that… The emperor told us that once she arrives, she just has to follow the gentleman around. We just have to let her be. Also, he told us to go back on our own if we want, we don’t have to ask the princess either! We think he meant that the princess would be with the gentleman from now on…”

“Is that so?” Princess Longji looked at the princess, still puzzled.

“Mm! Brother said I can follow him. After he’s done here, I’ll follow Brother to Ye City,” said the princess, nodding her head. “Sister, I must follow him.”

“Alright then, you can come with us. As for the rest, we’ll discuss after he wakes,” said Princess Longji, nodding. Might as well bring the princess along if that was the case.

“Princess, your carriage is here!”

“Alright, back to the quarters!”

Just like that, Princess Longji disappeared under the confused gazes of the crowd. In the end, most people still did not know who she was carrying.

It was all very confusing!

“Where’s Lanyu and Yazhu? Hehe, I’ll let them live in regret later since I can’t find them now.” Princess Longji did not see them where they were previously at. She did not continue searching, instead going home.

She believed that they would definitely regret not accompanying her if they knew about this. Haha, serves them right.

Even she did not expect that the task of greeting the Ai La princess became an encounter with his idiot. Not sure when he went to Ai La Empire and kidnapped their princess.

At this point, there is no need for introduction-- the gentleman was Ye Lang, one of the few who could make Princess Longji lose her composure.

“Princess Longji! Is he awake?”

Just as Princess Longji was so smug with herself, she heard a voice coming from nearby. She recognised it, it was Coldblood Five, very close to her.

“He’s not awake. You know how he is, no one can wake him if he sleeps,” said Princess Longji.

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“Oh, we’ll see when he wakes,” came Coldblood Five’s cold voice.

Coldblood Five was very honest. Since he was asleep, might as well make any decisions later.

“Coldblood Five, how did you know it was him inside the carriage?” said Princess Longji.

“He carries an item belonging to the Coldblood Group with him so I can communicate with him. I can sense its presence, so when I did, I rushed over to check,” said Coldblood Five flatly.

However, Princess Longji could sense the concern she had for Ye Lang, even if Coldblood Five stepped on his face to vent her dissatisfaction when she realised he was fine.

“I see…” Princess Longji nodded. She did not find Coldblood Group’s matters peculiar, nor was she surprised that Ye Lang had something like that. Ye Lang was technically a member of the Coldblood Group.

Perhaps Ye Lang did not know this but Princess Longji did- Ye Lang was the current Coldblood One figurehead. This was because the Coldblood Group was under the charge of the emperor and it was inappropriate for the emperor to be in this position so Ye Lang was shoved in place.

He was really just a figurehead, he did not hold any power there. That was why it was the same if Ye Lang was Coldblood One or not!

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“Not sure if grandma is here or not. I hope they’re not still playing that silent game,” thought Princess Longji as she returned to Jilang Residence. However, she felt bad for thinking that. Then again, she’d been out for a long time, how could they still be here?

But surprisingly, her guesses turned to reality!

“Ah… Grandma, Auntie, you all are still here, not speaking…” When she entered the courtyard, Long Anqi and Ye Chengtian were still seated in front of the empress dowager. There was rice and dishes on the table. Looks like they had lunch too.

Princess Longji understood, guessing that grandma must’ve used lunch as an excuse to stay. And it seemed that they weren’t done with lunch yet.

If she was done eating, then the staff would’ve cleared the dishes already!

“What nonsense… Wait, Longji, who is that you’re carrying? Weren’t you supposed to greet Ai La’s princess, why did you carry a boy back?” The empress dowager was about to nag when she noticed the boy in her arms.

She could not see Ye Lang’s face so she just called him a boy.

It was a serious problem in deed. Longji carrying a boy? That was news! She had not heard of Longji contacting any boy, she did not even have close male friends.

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“Hehe, this is the person you all wanted to meet so badly. I carried him back, how are you going to reward me,” chuckled Princess Longji mischievously. She clutched him tight so no one could see his face.

“What do you mean we want to meet him? You mean your boyfriend? We do want to meet him,” said the empress dowager, smiling. She did want to see her lover, she did not want Princess Longji to neglect her love life for work.

“Hey, grandma, don’t say that. How could this jerk be my boyfriend? My boyfriend’s more handsome, taller and older! This kid isn’t qualified at all!” huffed the princess.

“Then who is he?” asked the empress dowager.

“Chengtian, that looks like…”

“No, not ‘looks like’, it is!”

Long Anqi and Ye Chengtian looked at each other, seeing disbelief in each other’s eyes. They were sure that Princess Longji was carrying Ye Lang. They were his parents after all.

However, they were puzzled why she’d be carrying him back.

“Longji, where did you find the kid? Why is he here? Also, weren’t you supposed to greet the Ai La people?” Long Anqi rushed to Princess Longji and pinched Ye Lang, who was fast asleep.
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