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TSA 65 - I Refuse (2)

"Hmph! You sounded much better before, telling me to eat some more…" Zhen Xiaoyan felt warm and fuzzy inside when she saw Ye Lang eating. However, on the surface, she didn't give Ye Lang any face.

"So you just need to cook even more! Don't worry, if you can't afford it, I'll give you money. Ye Lang said.

"I don't want your money! Who do you take me for….." Zhen Xiaoyan immediately replied.

"My personal chef. Don't forget, you're supposed to cook for me until one of us dies. Don't worry, for my own sake, I'll support you financially for this whole lifetime!" Ye Lang gave a dull reply.


Chef? Lifetime? Support you?

These keywords made the crowd dumbfounded. Could it be that the two's relationship had already progressed so far? That wasn't possible! If it was, then why would Ye Lang let Zhen Xiaoyan pursue Mo Ya?

God! Tell me! Just what exactly is going on?

The thoughts of the people on-site were muddled and chaotic. They were completely unable to make heads or tails of Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan's relationship!

But one thing was for certain, Mo Ya was definitely in a difficult position……

But the two people didn't care about how everyone else saw them. Instead, they just kept doing something that made everyone feel a bit envious, a bit speechless, and a bit puzzled.

"Fatty, do you still have anymore of this?" Ye Lang asked after eating.

"Here, take it all!" As always, Zhen Xiaoyan gave part of her portion to Ye Lang. Even though on the surface she said she wouldn't hand it over, and would snatch it back, whenever Ye Lang wanted more, she would always pass him her food.

"Hmph! Let's see how you fight with me over Mo Ya now. When I tell him about what the two of you are like, will he still want to be with you?" Sha Lan secretly thought to herself.

It wasn't just her that thought like this. Everyone else also felt that it would be difficult for Zhen Xiaoyan and Mo Ya to be together. That was because this wasn't something Ye Lang had only done for a single day. The only way to describe the situation was:

Rome wasn't built in a single day!

During this one month, towards Zhen Xiaoyan's attitude, Mo Ya first felt moved. Then, he started liking her. Afterwards, he fell madly in love. The two were practically inseparable, and brought about the envy of others. During this period of time, Sha Lan had no way to insert herself between the two!

Later, with the passing of time, something cropped up. Zhen Xiaoyan had a very serious problem. So serious that it affected the two's relationship.

Because of this problem, Mo Ya's heated love towards Zhen Xiaoyan slowly cooled down. And Sha Lan naturally weaseled her way between the two. In the end, she was spending more time with Mo Ya than Zhen Xiaoyan.

Just what problem did Zhen Xiaoyan have?

First, even though Zhen Xiaoyan was passionately in love with Mo Ya, she had never had any physical contact with Mo Ya. They had never held hands, let alone kissed or hugged. It wouldn't be a stretch to say she hadn't touched Mo Ya at all.

This could be considered the reservations of a girl. Even though everyone saw her get pulled along by the hand by Ye Lang when she made her stunning debut, those were special circumstances!

The biggest problem was yet to come. Whenever the two of them went out together, Zhen Xiaoyan would constantly bring up Ye Lang. Time and time again, she used Ye Lang as an excuse to leave. The reason she gave, was that she had to cook for him.

This type of situation would be unbearable for anyone. Even if you knew the other party was deeply in love with and completely loyal to you, you still wouldn't be able to stand it!

This was Zhen Xiaoyan's biggest problem. Unknowingly, she had placed Ye Lang above everyone else. Not even her own lover was as important as him!

Moreover, she could confirm that the emotions she had towards Ye Lang weren't anywhere near romantic love between a man and woman. Not one bit!

What she felt towards Ye Lang was friendship and gratitude!

Ye Lang practically gave her a new life. He had given her what she wanted most. Also, he was the person who understood her the best. Even though that was because everyone else barely understood her, it was still a fact that she couldn't deny!

Towards this kind of person, some would forget them, some would always remember them, and others would repay their kindness a hundred times over. She chose the third option. She placed Ye Lang as her utmost priority. No one would be able to shake that position of his!

It was this that had hindered her love life. But even more serious, was that she hadn't even noticed it!

At this time, someone suddenly burst into the room and rushed towards Ye Lang. Before Ye Lang noticed anything, Zhen Xiaoyan had already stopped the person.

The person that came was a girl wearing plain commoner clothing. Her entire body gave off the scent of austerity. It was out of place in the classroom which held a noble atmosphere. The girl was quite young, at most 14 years old.

"Are you deaf or something? I've already told you numerous times, there's no way he'll agree!" Apparently, Zhen Xiaoyan knew the little girl, and had talked to her many times.

"That's what you think. Who knows? Maybe you just don't want him to see me. Don't act as if he's yours! Don't you dare think of holding onto him and never letting go!!" Her voice was clear and melodious. At the same time, it carried a trace of anger, and also brought about a sense of maturity that didn't fit her age.

"What are you saying?! I just don't want him to be troubled by such trivial matters!!" Zhen Xiaoyan was angered as well. It was unclear whether her anger was because of the girl's words, or because Ye Lang was being disturbed.

"How is this a trivial matter? Besides, it benefits him too!" The little girl said.

"That's exactly why he won't agree……" Zhen Xiaoyan said helplessly. Those words made the little girl momentarily confused.

"I don't care! Let me through right now!"

"No way!"

"You're being too unreasonable and overbearing. It's just a chat!"

"Not happening……"

As for the party they were discussing, Ye Lang, he was still eating. In front of everyone's powerless eyes, he hadn't noticed the people arguing over him right next to him.

"??Fatty, what are you doing? Why are you blocking the path?" Ye Lang finally took notice of the situation. He pulled away Zhen Xiaoyan who was blocking his path.

"Hm? Who's this little lady? Your little sister?"

"No……" Zhen Xiaoyan shook her head. When she was about to explain further, the little girl interrupted her.

"There's no way I'd have such an emotionless elder sister. One that isn't even willing to help with such a minor matter!" The little girl gave a slight pout and said with anger.

"Oh……" Ye Lang carelessly threw out an 'oh'. Then he stood up and walked out.

Regarding his behaviour, everyone clearly knew that he was going on another walk, then he'd lie down on a grass patch and take an afternoon nap, this was his habit.

The little girl was dumbfounded, she noticed that she was completely ignored, she suddenly felt, Ye Lang was just making polite conversation, even if she was Zhen Xiaoya's little sister, there was no guarantee that he would care about her, at most he'd just say hi.

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