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Chapter 647
Potential Son-In-Law (2)

“Do you sense that Fei is different around Ye Lang? When they were reaching for the ladle just now, their hands touched, did you see her reaction?” asked the third princess .

“What reaction, I didn’t see anything,” said Debbie .

“Ugh, you’re so slow . Don’t forget the kind of person Fei is . She literally practices social distancing with males but she didn’t even recoil just now . What does that mean?”

“Ye Lang is the exception!”


“They can get together!”

“That’s right, so even if both of them don’t have that kind of relationship . The elders will surely see him as a potential son in law!!” said the third princess .

“No way! Ye Lang already has a fiancee . ”

“Can’t he have another one? Also, it’s just an engagement, it doesn’t mean much . ”

“ . . . ”

. . .

“Sir Ye, how many family members do you have?” asked Fei’s mother bluntly .

“Mother, why are you that!” Fei immediately blushed, she knew why her parents were here .

“Shh, I’m speaking to him!”

“ . . . ”

Ye Lang looked at Fei’s mother’s expecting gaze and said, “My family has my father, mother, grandfather, one elder brother, two elder sisters, a lot of cousins, hmm, my fiance and…”

And what?

The young ladies were all very curious, including Fei .

“The female slave, the food lady… there’s my weird aunt but whatever, that’s all . ”

“Sounds confusing, your family must be quite well off . Which family are you from?” asked Fei’s father .

“The Ye family!” said Ye Lang bluntly which didn’t explain anything .

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“The Ye Family? And you’re number?”


“ . . . ”

Fei’s father understood then, he was talking to that Ye Lang from that Ye family . He didn’t expect his daughter to have any sort of relationship with him .

“Oh, I see . I’ve never heard about you from my daughter, how did you two meet?” asked Fei’s father politely, his tone changed a little after knowing Ye Lang’s identity,

The fact didn’t seem to affect the grandfather . He continued to look at Ye Lang and Fei thinking that they would be a great couple!!

“Hmm, I’ll have to start from a while ago…”

The timeline confused the others . Fei was always in Ai La City, he wasn’t always in the Soaring Sky empire . They were thousands of kilometers between them . How could they have met?

“I poured juice on her face and she got angry at me . That’s how we met,”

Thank god he didn’t mention the other thing! I would die from embarrassment!

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“Right, I remember someone telling me something similar to that . So that was you?”

Fei forgot that that incident was known by others while she was still in Sheng City .

“Right, she wanted me to clean it but I …”

“Shh! I’ll tell the rest . We met a few times, once in Soaring Sky, once in Alexandra, once in Sheng City . This is my fifth time meeting him, we’re not that close,” said Fei .

“Yes, not close!” Ye Lang nodded in agreement .

Who would believe you that!!

The young ladies showed that they were in doubt of what they just heard!
Ye Lang was no longer a potential partner for them . They now believed that Ye Lang and Fei were truly meant to be .

Maybe this was the best for them as Ye Lang didn’t plan to stay here . He could leave this place without ever coming back . They would have no chance of meeting him again!!

“That, sir, are you ill?” Ye Lang asked Fei’s grandfather .

His bluntness may be taken the wrong way by people who don’t know Ye Lang but Fei knew what he meant . Meanwhile, her parents didn’t seem to appreciate the question .

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“Ye Lang can you cure my grandfather?” asked Fei as she grabbed his hand .


The rest were confused, did Ye Lang really diagnose Fei grandfather like that? It seemed like the case from Fei’s reaction .

“Let me take a look first . Sir, pass me your hand!” said Ye Lang .

The elder gentleman couldn’t wrap his head around the situation . What is this young man just being a brat?

“Grandfather, quickly give him your hand, this is a rare opportunity!” said Fei as she nudged him .

“What rare opportunity are you talking about?” asked her grandfather .

“Grandfather, he’s a miracle doctor . The reason why he has a title in Sheng City is that he’s the legendary doctor from the House of Confusion!!”

“What?!” Everyone was shocked .

They knew who Ye Lang was at that point but not many knew about this ‘legendary doctor’ status .

If this wasn’t brought up in a conversation between Fei and Ye Lanyu, Fei herself also wouldn’t know about it .

“Sir, pass me your hand,” said the unfazed Ye Lang .

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