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Chapter 64 - I object (1)

After Ye Lang sat down, he stretched out his hands at the same time that Zhen Xiaoyan stretched out her hand and placed it on the table in front of him.

At first, no one paid attention to this movement. Then, the two's hands had touched each other, as Ye Lang held Zhen Xiaoyan's wrist in an odd manner that no one had seen before. That was called—

Pulse reading!

The two were already used to this. In fact, Ye Lang would always feel Zhen Xiaoyan's pulse every morning, whilst Zhen Xiaoyan was accustomed to letting Ye Lang read her pulse. Therefore without speaking, the two had matched each other with tacit understanding.

However, this method called pulse reading didn't exist in this world yet. Thus, in the eyes of others, they were holding their hands in an odd manner. To them, this was definitely a display of close intimacy!

So the rumor was true, Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan's relations were indeed dubious, Mo Ya is so pitiful, isn't this clearly not giving him any face?

This situation gained even more heat…….

"Erm student Ye Lang, you were able to make Zhen Xiaoyan so beautiful. Could you make us more beautiful as well? But don't use the method you used on her, we won't be able to tolerate it, but we can tolerate a certain level of pain though." The young girls encircled Ye Lang, their eyes glimmering, with a look of expectation, as they directly ignored Ye Lang's and Zhen Xiaoyan's 'close intimacy'.

Will he agree? The young girls had all thought about the answer to this question before. Looking at past experience, they all knew that Ye Lang was a person that completely disregarded others.

In this instance, if it wasn't Zhen Xiaoyan, but one of the other young girls, even if Sha Lan had stepped until the critical point, he would not have cared.

So, they all thought if they wanted to make Ye Lang agree, while difficult, there was still a chance, because Ye Lang wasn't a disagreeable person, the conditions have to be right for it to be work.

But, they had never thought that Ye Lang would unexpectedly……

"Okay!" Ye Lang had nodded his head just like that, dropping the bombshell whilst agreeing so easily.

"Ah?! You've agreed?" The young girls asked blankly, even having a bit of an incredulous tone.

"Yes, this doesn't amount to anything, it only requires a little bit of effort, moreover, this also won't trouble me." Ye Lang said casually.

"?? What, it won't trouble you at all?"

"Although I have agreed, I can't help all of you, go and find Liu Feiyan. She can help you! Just say that I am the one who sent you and she will definitely help you all become prettier." Ye Lang said indifferently, while still continuing to read the pulse.

In this school, the girls were all basically young and pretty, with figures that were enchantingly thin and graceful, after all, they were all elite nobility. People like Zhen Xiaoyan were rarely seen, thus, Ye Lang's acupuncture, moxibustion and medicines was of no use to them.

"Let Liu Feiyan help us? We won't be sent off that easily. Can't you just help us?"

"……" Ye Lang didn't reply, his facial expression serious as he inspected Zhen Xiaoyan's condition and read her pulse with single-hearted devotion.

At this moment, Zhen Xiaoyan's voice resounded, to explain in Ye Lang's stead, "I've already said it to all of you, your figures are okay, thus you only require learning manners and how to dress up. Ye Lang doesn't know about these, I learnt those from Liu Feiyan."

Zhen Xiaoyan had actually sprinkled a very small lie in between her words, as the manners and the dressing up were actually created by Ye Lang, and not wholly established by Liu Feiyan.

Perhaps this was due to her knowing that Ye Lang didn't like to involve himself that deeply, or perhaps, it was just because she didn't want these girls to entangle with Ye Lang!

"Forget it, it's better if I ask others to help." The young girls decisively retreated.

This was one of the reasons why the majority did not find and ask Ye Lang for help, because he would tell them to get Liu Feiyan's help. But who was Liu Feiyan, she's from the Romantic Floor, a brothel girl, which of these noble ladies would be willing to learn from her?

Obviously, this was impossible!

"There isn't much of a problem, be more aware of oneself, and eat more things!" After a while, Ye Lang spoke out a sentence that was was not understandable for many.

Not talking about others for now, let's just say that he told Zhen Xiaoyan to eat more, this was a bit too superfluous, for after this incident, the amount Zhen Xiaoyan ate increased without letup, and this made people feel very weird.

Why was it weird? Using logic to explain, a young girl like Zhen Xiaoyan who had gone through and experienced such a torturous ordeal to obtain a beautiful figure would definitely know how to treasure her own body, and would absolutely not eat unreasonably.

There were some people who had asked Zhen Xiaoyan this question, and the answer they got was, I won't get fat no matter how much I eat, however, if I eat a little less then I will starve to death!

This answer had puzzled people even more, as Zhen Xiaoyan's explanation wasn't clear, and only Ye Lang knew about this situation, so everyone had become even more puzzled.

What made them even more puzzled was that despite Zhen Xiaoyan's method of eating, Ye Lang had actually thought that it wasn't enough and even wanted her to eat a little more……

Did she really have a secret to not getting fat? Was Ye Lang the one who gave it to her?

"Mhm! Oh yes, this is your lunch for today, you better not steal my portion as I didn't prepare a second portion… you… hmph!! I won't care about you anymore!" Zhen Xiaoyan realized that when she finished talking Ye Lang had already disappeared, because as she was talking, Ye Lang had already started eating.

"Oh? What did you just say?" Ye Lang ate the food, pretending as if he didn't hear anything.

"Nothing! I didn't say anything!!" Zhen Xiaoyan shouted.

"Oh, then that must have been a fly just now……"

Looking at Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan, in the distance, Sha Lan's mouth curved up to express a smile, that definitely was not a envious smile, but a type of seemingly proud and seemingly abhoring peculiar smile that gave others a sinister feeling!

No one had noticed this, because almost everyone's attention was on focused on Ye Lang and Zhen Xiaoyan.

Soon after, the teacher had come in and everyone also entered the room to attend the class, whilst the teacher's attitude towards Ye Lang's attendance was as usual, everything had progressed normally……

After class, it continued to be normal, everyone ate their lunch as usual, and Ye Lang had snatched Zhen Xiaoyan's lunch as per usual……

"Ye Lang, you bastard, I told you to not eat it all, but you still did, and now you are stealing my portion as well……" Zhen Xiaoyan wanted to snatch back her lunch, but it was swiftly hidden by Ye Lang.

"what's the loss anyway if you eat a little less, I can eat until I'm full……oh……" A muffled sound, made obviously by Ye Lang stuffing his mouth.

To everyone it was a very common situation, a very ordinary situation.In fact, if it wasn't like this, then it would have been outlandish!

These two would be like this everyday, while Zhen Xiaoyan would endlessly scold Ye Lang daily, but she would still prepare him the best lunch every single day!

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