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Chapter 636: 636
Burn (3)

After leaving the shop, Ye Lang located himself on the map in his head and started his journey to his first destination that was Debbie’s location .

“Odd, why is there not a blue team member in sight? Are they all attacking now?”, thought Ye Lang .

He’s here, he’s here…

Ye Lang’s appearance was quickly noticed by the referees and crowd . They followed him quietly without informing the red team because the rules state that non-participants are not allowed to interfere with the game . Giving any side any sort of help, including tips was a big no-no!

If the red team wanted to know about Ye Lang’s whereabouts, they would need to find out themselves!!

However, at that moment, all the red team members were scattered at the bride’s location . There were none on the streets because they thought Ye Lang wouldn’t pose much threat to the game . They could handle him if he came to them, they didn’t need to make the first move .

“Eh, why are there only reds out here?”

As Ye Lang got closer to Debbie’s location, there wasn’t a single blue team member in sight . There were only an abundance of red team members as if their numbers hadn’t diminished at all .

Did that mean that the blue team was wiped out by them? That could be the only explanation!

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But, their defence sucks, anyone can pass through them like this!!

“What is he planning to do?”

The crowd and referees watched Ye Lang walk casually to the bride’s location . They wondered if this was a facade he put up to face his opponents .

They watched him confidently walk past the members of the red team without them realising .

What was happening? Did they not notice him?

No, they must have, they greeted him . Did they not realise that Ye Lang was not their member?

That’s it, they thought he was one of them!

Ye Lang realised early on that the red team had a very lax security team . They didn’t check anyone walking in and out of the area at all .

They were so sure that the win was in their bag that they didn’t care much about Ye Lang . This was an opportunity for Ye Lang, he had to act fast,

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In the courtyard, the prince was lying down comfortably while talking to Debbie as he enjoyed his tea .

“It’s been so long, why haven’t you found him,” said Debbie as she looked at the sky . It was the afternoon already .

“Searching for him would just waste our energy . Debbie, do you think he would show up?” asked the prince without a hint of worry .

“I’m not sure but something is telling me he will,” said Debbie .

“Why would you say that?” asked the prince .

“I don’t know!” said Debbie as she shook her head, “I just felt . . . like he would just show up…”

“No way! Even if he came, he won’t be able to come to this courtyard and stand right in front of you . Of course, we could bring him here…” said the prince confidently . He was sure that Ye Lang had no chance against his team .

“Why not? It was pretty easy to get in . ”

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A voice rang in the area . The prince’s face was drained of colour while Debbie’s face lighted up . It was Ye Lang! The prince was alerted by this stranger’s voice .

To his knowledge, everyone here was someone he knew . This unfamiliar voice meant that someone had trespassed . This was bad for the prince .

“You’re here!”

“Who are you? How did you get here?”

Debbie and the prince spoke at the same time . Debbie’s words made the prince quickly realise who he was dealing with .

“Yes! I’m here! I just walked in,” said Ye Lang as he nodded .

“No way! There’s so many people outside, how did you come in without a noise?” The situation was absurd to the prince .

Even if Ye Lang was a master, he would definitely hear the noise of a battle if Ye Lang came here .

The prince was in utter confusion!

The referees that were watching closely thought the same . Ye Lang swung his arms and legs as he walked in confidently without hiding and no one suspected anything .

Well, it did make some sense, the members of the red team didn’t recognise all their members .

“So I must make some noise because there’s a lot of people? Whatever, Aibi, tell me what do I need to do now or do I just bring you out?” asked Ye Lang, completely ignoring the presence of the prince .

“Bring me away from here and you succeed . You can go to the next place but the next bride may reject you so you’ll have to think of a way then,” said Debbie .

“Easy, just knock her out cold!” said Ye Lang .

“ . . . ”

No one did that before . Well, it was pretty violent and why would people treat such beautiful ladies so harshly?

At most, people would just annoy the bride or roughly bring them away .

Debbie prayed for the brides . She hoped that they wouldn’t reject Ye Lang or else they’ll be knocked out cold . She knew that would definitely be the case for Princess Hyena, Ye Lang wouldn’t hesitate at all to do that .

However, Debbie was overthinking, at that time, Ye Lang wasn’t serious about snatching all the brides .

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