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Chapter 633
Surprise Attack (3)

“I look normal, thank you, your highness, for the exaggeration! Let’s go, third princess, tell us about the plan!” said Debbie .

Debbie quickly understood the plan . The prince wanted to eliminate all the grooms so that the red team could score a hundred points more .

So even if someone took all the brides, it would be a tie but the chances of that happening were very low . They would be able to defend a few brides with low effort . There was no way someone could snatch all the brides .

At the same time, it would greatly reduce the number of opponents they had to deal with . The thought of this seemingly solid plan gave them a boost of confidence .

The blue team had fewer people than the red team anyway because the red team was meant to only defend in the game .

With this switch of roles, the red team was now the offence and the blue team was defence . The uneven numbers on both teams lead people thinking that it would be safe to guess that the red team could win this game easily .

If all went according to plan, the blue team would lose and maybe a new rule would be set to make sure the red team doesn’t attack the blue team like this again .

Of course, before this, the red team could attack the blue team to retaliate but nothing on this scale happened before .

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Under the prince’s plans, the red team was scattered around the map . They mostly hid on the routes to the brides so that they could easily go after the unknowing blue team members .

It would be safe to assume the blue team members would use the same route as they had all these years . They never had a reason to change it .

“What? The prince is going to attack them by surprise? That’s unscrupulous!” said Debbie .

“Why not? Why is it unscrupulous? He’s not breaking any rules!!” said the third princess .

“But…” Debbie wasn’t sure how to counter that .

The third princess was right, it’s hard to argue with someone when they were technically right .

“But what? Are you worried about Ye Lang? Relax, it’s just a game, they won’t harm him,” said Qi’er with the sly smile she wore before .

“What? I’m not worried about him . I hope he gets eliminated right away so that I won’t be snatched by him!!” replied Debbie immediately . The corner of her lips curved up a little, she looked really cute .

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“Okay, okay, I get it . You don’t want to be snatched by him, or else you would have to be his bride!!” teased the third princess .

“Please, even if I was, I won’t ever be his bride!! Also, if he could snatch me, then he would be able to snatch you all too, don’t forget that . Someone even said she would award him if he snatched all of us . You all will be his brides then!” said Debbie as she told everyone her thoughts .

“Pfft, that won’t happen!!”

Debbie’s words made the third princess and Qi’er blush . They didn’t think that far . The thought of it seemed so scandalous to them .

Soon Debbie and the other brides parted on their own ways . When they reached their designated spots, they could only wait in silence with no clue what was going on outside .

They had to wait for at least half an hour before the game started which would be when the blue team would meet their demise from the hidden red team .

An hour later, Debbie and other brides started to get some news, good news, at least for them . The blue team was nearly wiped out by the red team .

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The hundred special tokens were nearly all in the hands of the red team .

News of this new tactic used by the red team spread through the city like wildfire . The people praised their leader, the “crown prince” for this unique strategy,

Even the emperor himself smiled with pride as he heard the news!!

Another hour passed, the game was nearing its end . Few from the blue team were left, of course many from the red team were eliminated too since the blue team had some strong members themselves .

However, in the end, three thousand from the blue team were eliminated!

“The end!!” the eldest prince flashed a winner’s smile . He thought he had won at that moment, it wasn’t just him, the remaining members from both teams thought so too .

It was when he was claiming his victory that the eldest prince knew he hadn’t actually won yet!
“What? There’s one more? Groom number 5050?” The prince was shocked to hear the news .

“Yes! Number 5050!” said the referee of the game .

It’s been so long, what the hell is that guy doing!

But it was only just that one person . Should be fine if he doesn’t show up . There’s 4000 of us and just one of him .

No one would be able to pull something as impossible as to change the fate of this game but no matter how much the red team tried to persuade the referee to end the game, he wouldn’t do it .

The referee coldly looked at the members of the red team and said, “You hid and attacked the blue team which technically didn’t break the rules so you should continue following the rules . As long as there’s a chance for two teams to win, this competition can’t end!”

Although his words may not say much at the first listen, the referee seemed to imply that he was pissed off at the members of the red team for pulling that stunt . Only those that were listening carefully would have caught it, or else it would even seem that the referee was complimenting the red team .

Hence, before time ran out, no matter how hopeless it seemed for the blue team, the referee wouldn’t end the game .

“That’s right, we will follow the rule! Find number 5050 or else we will have to wait until 8 at night to end this!!” said the prince coldly .

The event usually lasted a long time . It would be hard for them to even end on time . The closer it was to eight, the more excited people were as the teams would usually be neck and neck .

And when the game ended, they still had to count the points to see which team accumulated the most points to decide the winner!

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