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Chapter 622
Don't Bully the Poor Man (1)

“Continue with the recruitment . I’ll go find father . Sir Ye, please wait at the other hall . Entertain my guest well!” the head of the household gave out orders and went to find his father . He had to discuss this matter with his father .

“Sister! What do you know about that jade pendant? Why does uncle look so nervous?” asked the confused Debbie .

“Well… Let’s follow my father!!” said the pretty girl . Debbie was dragged away by her even though she wanted to stay there longer and laugh at Ye Lang .

‘Debbie, don’t stay around him, you’ll regret it if he takes an interest in you!!’ thought the pretty girl . She knew about the deal so that was why she quickly dragged Debbie away .

“You’re here, that’s good! I wanted to call you here!” said the head of the household . He let go of the breath he was holding in, looks like he had the same thoughts as his daughter, he was afraid that Ye Lang might take one of them away .

He was afraid of losing any member of the Ha De household to someone like Ye Lang, a poor tactless commoner . There was no way he would let anyone from Ha De marry a man like that . It was obvious he looked down on Ye Lang who was disguised as a poor man now .

“??” Debbie was still confused, she had no idea what they were talking about .

Soon, the trio reached where Migen was and told him about the Ye family that arrived with a jade pendant .

Migen was very shocked . He knew about Ye Sheng’s downhill fall in life, he didn’t expect anyone to bring a jade pendant over .

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However, he knew he had to go and meet Ye Lang .

On the way to the hall Ye Lang was in, Migen and his son agreed that they would offer Ye Lang the three wishes and make sure Ye Lang’s family would be able to live without worries .

If he wanted to get a high ranking job in the empire, they’d try to get him in .

They would reject anything related to marriage . They didn’t want their girls to marry into a poor family and suffer because of that . Even if the Ye’s were nobles, they were poor ones .

Migen felt that it was odd that his old friend didn’t ask for help for all these years but suddenly sent someone over . Was he looking out for his younger generation?

“I’ll never marry that idiot! He’s cruel, poor and stupid!” said Debbie after being told about what was happening .

She wasn’t sure whether her family would give her up to protect the family’s honour if she was choosen by Ye Lang .

If Ye Lang really insisted on marrying one of the girls, they would have no choice but to comply . They wouldn’t want to bear the consequences of having their reputation tarnished if he spread rumours of them .

“Relax, I’ll offer him the three requests!” said the head of the household .

“Don’t force him, if he doesn’t give up, then I’ll just pick…” said Migen .

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Everyone had strong reactions to what he had said . How could he even think of something like that!

“As I was saying, I’ll pick one of our maids to act as a granddaughter of the house . He isn’t even Ye Sheng’s grandson,” said Migen as he smiled .

“That’s true!” The head of the household nodded .

“Oh, that really shocked me!” said Debbie .

“ . . . ”

. . .

“Hello, Ye Lang, I’m Migen!”

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The group walked into the hall and spotted Ye Lang stealing a bite of food on the table when he thought no one was looking . As he heard Migen’s voice, he nearly choked .

“Cough, cough…” Ye Lang patted his chest and drank a few mouthfuls of tea .

“Pfft…” Debbie thought the scene was hilarious and laughed but quickly she held back her laughter and returned to her usual cold demeanour as if she was afraid Ye Lang would see her .

“Hello!” greeted Ye Lang politely .

Migen said to him, “Ye Lang, how are you related to Ye Sheng?”

“He’s my distant relative . He was my sword teacher but a few years and after that, I roamed around without settling down . I got news that the old man was very ill and I rushed to meet him . Before he passed, he gave me this pendant . He told me to pass it to you to complete the deal!” said Ye Lang as he tossed the pendant to Migen .

‘Old man? That wasn’t very respectful of him . Commoners being commoners . ’

“What? Ye Sheng is dead?” Migen caught on to what Ye Lang had just said .

“Yes!” Ye Lang nodded .

Migen was silent for a while before asking, “What did he tell you?”

“He told me to inherit his knighthood and complete the deal you two made . He said you had a great-granddaughter called Xi’er . He told me to marry her!” replied Ye Lang honestly .

“ . . . ” The pretty girl turned pale after listening to that .

It was obvious, she was the Xi’er Ye Lang was talking about . One of the four beauties in the Ai La Empire .

“Thank god it’s not me . Xi’er, wait, sister, is he talking about you? No, you can’t marry her!!” said Debbie .

“Sir Ye, please change your request, my daughter has someone else in mind already,” said the head of the household .

If Ye Lang paid attention, he would notice that the patriarch was telling a lie from Xi’er’s expression .

“Change what? I didn’t even request anything, Also, you, who said I wanted to marry your sister?” said Ye Lang as he pointed to Debbie’s nose . Of course, that was because Debbie pointed at his nose when she spoke to him .

“??” Everyone was confused by what Ye Lang was saying .

“Didn’t you just say you wanted to marry her?” asked Debbie . The patriarch was thankful for Debbie’s presence . She was the only one comfortable asking awkward questions, which was perfect for this kind of scenario .

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