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Chapter 620
Swords Out (1)

“Come here, you’ll do your test with me,”

In the training arena, a master said that to Ye Lang . He seemed like a master, from his aura, where he was standing…

Well, it seemed like he was a master!!

He was in fact, one of the better-skilled guards in Ha De house, a level nine warrior .

“If I defeat you, does that mean I pass?” asked Ye Lang blankly .

‘This place is so weird, why do I need to combat with people before I meet them?’ thought Ye Lang .

“Haha, yes but let’s see how you do first!” laughed the master . He thought Ye Lang stood no chance against him .

Many at the arena thought the same too .

“Let’s begin!”

Ye Lang bowed at the master and signalled him to start .

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“You want me to make the first move?” asked the master . The master was shocked, he didn’t expect that .

Throughout the selection process these few days, he was always the one waiting for the other to make the first move . No one had asked him to attack first!!

“Yes!” replied Ye Lang .

“Are you sure?” asked the master again .

“Yes, or else I can’t start!” said Ye Lang . He was telling the truth . The Nine Dugu Swords was a special move, if the opponent doesn’t make the first move, he wouldn’t be able to use it .

Of course, Ye Lang could force the opponent to attack by taunting them but he doesn’t want to waste energy doing that . He planned to finish this in one go and meet Migen soon after .

“I’ll show you then!!” The master was a little pissed off . He wanted to teach Ye Lang a lesson for his attitude .

“Go ahead!” said Ye Lang calmly . His hand wavered around the hilt of the sword .
The master was even more angered when he saw this . He had a strong desire to properly beat up Ye Lang .


A storm of strikes came rushing at Ye Lang that felt as strong as a tornado .

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A few of the other guards thought the master was too harsh on Ye Lang, he would surely get injured by the master .

However, it was good for him to be taught a lesson, it would fix his attitude!!

As soon as everyone thought that Ye Lang would be swallowed by the “tornado”, something unexpected happened . The storm stopped .


Everyone stared blankly at the reason why the guard stopped . Right at his neck, a sword was pointed at it, if he moved just a little, his throat would be sliced in half .

Any sword, as thin as they could be, placed at that position would be deadly . No one would doubt a sword as thin as the one Ye Lang was holding wouldn’t be able to kill the guard .

They didn’t care what the sword looked like . At that moment, they only cared about the person wielding it and how he did it .

Ye Lang could spot not less than five weak spots the moment the master moved . In a swift motion, he grabbed his sword and swung it where it needed to be, right at his neck .

Of course, he held back and didn’t push forward, or else, he would kill the person before him .

“I… lost…”

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The master was stunned . He couldn’t bring himself to admit it . He told himself that if they really fought, he would definitely win, this time Ye Lang was just lucky .

“So, I passed right?” Ye Lang smiled as he kept his sword .

“Yes! You passed…”

‘You passed this round but you surely won’t pass the next one,’ thought the guard .

“So, you mean there’s another round? Ugh, I just want to meet someone, why is it so troublesome?” Ye Lang frowned .

“You don’t need to fight in the next round, just answer a few questions,” said the head examiner .

“Ask away!” said Ye Lang impatiently .

The head examiner shook his head and said, “The master of the house would personally ask you, not us . ”

“?? You all are weird… I was here to meet him in the first place! Why would he ask me questions when I’ve already met him then!”

“?? What do you mean?” asked the main examiner .

“Nothing, you continue! Hurry and bring me to him!” said Ye Lang .

Just like that, Ye Lang followed someone to meet the head of the house!

While Ye Lang was waiting in the hall, two girls walked past him . This was normal, Ye Lang met many girls after entering Ha De House . They were mostly the maids here .

They were all people he didn’t know so he didn’t mind it much but these two were different . He would later recognise them and he didn’t like that .

“You… you came to my house!!” one of the young ladies roared .

“Huh?” Ye Lang took notice of the two which he found familiar .

“Why are you looking at me like that? You don’t remember me?” said the girl .

“You look familiar!” replied the Ye Lang .

“ . . . ” The girls were dumbfounded .

“It literally happened yesterday,” said the other girl .

“Yesterday? Ah, I had a meal with some ladies, ah, right . It’s you two, you’re Aibi…” said Ye Lang .

“Debbie!!” said one of the girls coldly .

Well, Ye Lang was only focused on the food . He didn’t pay attention to who he was with . That made the two girls annoyed, especially since they were the prettiest there . People usually fawned over them, why didn’t he do that?

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