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Published at 13th of July 2020 06:00:04 PM
Chapter 612: 612
Nine Dugu Swords (1)

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“Here, you can tell me now!”

Ye Lang wanted for the old man to finish his meal to start the conversation .

“Young master Ye, my surname is Ye too! I’m Ye Sheng, I’m a noble in the Ai La Empire despite my current state . I’m a baron, a knight! so if you help me complete my wish I’ll pass my title to you!” said the old man .

“Baron? Knight? I don’t care,” said Ye Lang bluntly .

From Ye Lang’s words, the old man could tell that Ye Lang was someone with a higher status than him .

“Young master Ye, the title can be accumulated so if you receive an extra one, it’ll add to your original one . This can help you,” said Ye Sheng .

“I’m not from Ai La, I’m not interested in that . Just tell me what you want . ” Ye Lang directly rejected Ye Sheng’s offer for his knighthood .

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“It’s very simple . Pass this half of this jade pendant to Migen of Ha De House in Ai La City . Tell him I told you to return it to him,” said Ye Sheng .

“Ugh! Just pass it to some mercenary to do something so simple, I’ll give you the money!” said Ye Lang,

Ye Lang didn’t have the time to go to Ai La City just to pass half a jade pendant . He wouldn’t be able to make it in time to Vermilion Bird Empire if he did .

A mercenary would be able to do such an easy task or any task that was a hundred times harder than this!

“No, this jade pendant can’t be carried by just anybody . We made a deal to not let outsiders touch this,” said Ye Sheng as he shook his head .

“Aren’t I also an outsider? Go find another person, don’t bother me, I have things to do,” said Ye Lang .

Ye Sheng looked at Ye Lang and said, “Ah! This was supposed to be done by my grandson but all my grandchildren are gone so I can only beg you to go . Please, this will benefit you . ”

“Did you know, Migen is the head of the Hade Household and that family is one of the most powerful families in Ai La . I used to have the same status as Migen but he had his talent and his few excellent sons and a hundred-year-old business…”

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“But I only had some unworthy descendants that led the family to failure . Look at my current state!!”

“You said I’ll die in three days . Death is a good thing for me but just before I die, I hope you can represent my family to the Ha De House and fulfil my deal with Migen!!”

“ . . . ” Ye Lang didn’t say anything as if he wasn’t even listening to Ye Sheng .

“Young master, are you listening to me? What I’m asking for isn’t a lot . Do you want to find out what my deal with him was? You can find out and get the deal if you bring this over and act as my grandson!!” said Ye Sheng as he looked at the disinterested Ye Lang .

“Act as your grandson?! You dare mention that again!!” Ye Lang was annoyed, he already told Ye Sheng about this . It was lucky for Ye Sheng that Ye Lang didn’t kick him right then .

What Ye Lang didn’t expect was that after Ye Sheng was displeased with his reply, he immediately knelt down and begged, “Please, please, promise me you’ll go!”

“Ugh! Don’t kneel! I said before it's not good for my luck if you kneel for me! Are you trying to harm me?” said Ye Lang . He caught the old man a moment before his knees hit the ground .

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“If you’re not going to agree, I’ll kneel here and never get up!” said Ye Sheng .

“Hey, are you threatening me?” said Ye Lang angrily .

“No, I’m not threatening, I’m just begging!” said Ye Sheng as he shook his head violently .

“ . . . ” Ye Lang felt that there wasn’t a difference in those two . He stayed silent and calculated the time he would need for the journey .

It was already September . He had a month left and it seemed enough . He remembered in the letter that his mother wanted him there before October to talk to him about some things .

If he sped up, he could make it on time since it was just to deliver something .

In addition to that, visiting the Ai La Empire seemed fun . Out of the three empires, Ai La’s capital was the only one he hadn’t been to .

“Fine, I’ll deliver your pendant . Get up, tell me any last words you want me to pass to him too,” said Ye Lang .

It was the last time anyone would be hearing from him because by the time Ye Lang would reach Ai La, Ye Sheng would be long dead .

“Thank you! Uh, I don’t have much to say, about you acting as my … You are probably my distant relative if we both have the same surname . It wouldn’t be lying,” said Ye Sheng .

“Makes sense!” Ye Lang nodded . It wasn’t hard to just act for a while but he was confused . Why did he need to act in the first place?”

Ye Lang asked Ye Sheng about it .

“Ah, so, this will benefit you . For me, it’s okay! This pendant was from a deal I made with Migen…”

“Cut the chase! What deal did you make?” said Ye Lang impatiently .

“Cough, cough . This deal is actually an engagement . My grandson would bring this pendant to find his granddaughter and we would become family . Of course, his grandson could do the same but his family’s status and my lack of granddaughters, nobody came to find me . ”

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