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Published at 11th of July 2020 05:10:04 PM
Chapter 610: 610
Slap (2)

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“?!” The well-dressed man was stunned . He thought his eyes were failing him . The man who stood before him was gone and by the looks from the crowd, the man was behind him .

The well-dressed man immediately turned around and walked towards Ye Lang . He wasn’t an ordinary man . Despite his fashionable appearance, he was a level eight warrior .

To achieve so much at such a young age was something to be proud of!

As a level eight warrior, he was pissed that someone like Ye Lang could pass by him undetected .

Did I miss something?

“Hey, you, what level are you?” asked the well-dressed man .

If Ye Lang was weaker than him, then he probably was just being careless and that meant that it was safe to be arrogant again; if Ye Lang was stronger than him, he would just leave .

“Level? What’s that?” Ye Lang was confused, he never connected his skills to levels and people rarely asked him about it .

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“Your warrior or magic skills, don’t act dumb!” said the well-dressed man .

“Oh, that . I’m not a warrior or a magician so I have no level!” replied Ye Lang honestly . He never took the exams for these two skills so he wasn’t lying .

“Are you telling the truth? You’re not a warrior or a magician?” asked the well-dressed man in surprise . Could a normal person just disappear like that? That isn’t possible, is he fooling me?

“Yes, I’m just passing by . Don’t mind me and tell that old man he’ll die in three days . Get someone to prepare for his funeral!” said Ye Lang nonchalantly .

“!!” The old man looked at Ye Lang in disbelief .

It seemed that the old man knew about his condition but he estimated that he would have had more time . Seeing that Ye Lang could say that with so much confidence, the old man believed his words . He was going to die in three days .

“Hmmph, just say it . You’re a level three warrior . You’re a lazy piece of shit who doesn’t care about his grandfather . You deal with his funeral . ” said the well-dressed man .


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In one swift motion, Ye Lang slapped the man . The red marks on his face made it clear that the slap hurt a lot .

“How dare you hit me!!” roared the well-dressed man after a moment of dumbfoundedness . He momentarily forgot the fact that he wasn’t able to avoid the slap .

The slap from Ye Lang wasn’t sudden, it was a rather normal one . Not being able to dodge it as a level eight warrior was embarrassing .

Some would say that the well-dressed man wasn’t paying attention but in actuality, a high-ranked warrior couldn’t have been hit that easily .

One wouldn’t be able to strike a warrior unless they had great luck . Another explanation would be that the person striking was stronger than they lead on .

The well-dressed man wasn’t able to process and analyse what just happened because he turned to blind rage .

Anyone that got slapped in front of a crowd would find it hard to accept it, not to mention that the well-dressed man was famous in the city for abusing his power, he found it unacceptable!

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“Why not? Be careful with your words, my grandfather is living well!” said Ye Lang coldly .

“You said it! Your grandfather, in three days…”


Ye Lang slapped the well-dressed man’s other cheek . His face now looked better with the red sores being symmetrical .

“Let me explain again . I am in no way related to this old man, I never met him before,” said Ye Lang as he pointed at the old man . Some in the crowd started to believe his words, changing their view on him .

If he dared to slap that man, why would he not admit that old man as his grandfather?

“Don’t lie! He said you are!” said the well-dressed man angrily .

“Is that all that matters? If he said that you are his grandson, are you his grandson?” asked Ye Lang .

“ . . . he has no reason to lie to me, you don’t know each other, why would he say that then?” said the well-dressed man as his voice flattered but his hatred didn’t .
“How would I know? I hate people like that the most . I helped him but he dragged me into this mess! Take a look at me, my clothes, it’s silk, a high-quality one!” said Ye Lang .

At that moment, the crowd started taking notice of Ye Lang’s clothes . The material wasn’t something anyone could afford . His full outfit could easily cost more than what a normal person would earn in a year .

“Uhhh . . . ” The well-dressed man was uncertain now . He and the old man in front of him wouldn’t be able to afford it, even at their peak wealth, not to mention they were nowhere near that level of wealth now .

“It’s fine . I want to find a hotel to rest, are you the local bully? Do you know the best hotel here?” asked Ye Lang .

“What local bully? I’m not a gangster . The best hotel is right in front but it’s not cheap . ” said the well-dressed man .

“That’s better! My only hobby is spending money! Thanks…” said Ye Lang with a smile as he left .

“Welcome… wait… fuck!!”

The well-dressed man forgot that Ye Lang had just slapped him twice across the face . He would not rest until he got even with Ye Lang!

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