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Chapter 609
Slap (1)

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A heavy object fell miserably onto the ground .

“ . . . ” At that moment, Ye Lang realised that he should have grabbed the flying object instead of dodging it .

“Uh, sir, are you okay?”

Turns out the flying object was an old man . Ye Lang immediately ran over to check on him .

“I’m fine . Young master, can you give me anything to eat? I haven’t had any food in a long time,” said the old man shakily as he stared at the barbeque in Ye Lang’s hand . His mouth was watering, he was so focused on the food that he forgot the pain he just endured .

“Here!” Ye Lang gave his food to him with no hesitation . The old man instantly stuffed his face the moment he got the food .

“Slow down, you’ll choke!” said Ye Lang .

“Oh… cough cough…” With perfect timing, the old man started to choke as he replied Ye Lang . He waved his hands, wildly gesticulating for some water to drink .

“Drink this!” Ye Lang passed some juice to him .

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“Glug, glug, glug…”

After downing the juice, he let out a sigh of relief before continuing to eat the barbeque .

“Hey, who are you!” The disdainful voice directed a question at Ye Lang . Ye Lang turned around to see a rather young man dressed in flashy clothes .

“Hello, I’m Ye Lang,” greeted Ye Lang . Ye Lang felt no need to hide anything, his name wasn’t a secret anyway .

There was more than one Ye Lang in the world, there was no point to lie .

“Ye Lang? So Mr . Ye, what’s your relationship with that beggar?” said the well-dressed man . He didn’t realise who Ye Lang was, the name Ye Lang was pretty common but he did take note that his surname was Ye .

From what happeend next, the old man must’ve had the surname Ye too, or he had relatives with the surname Ye .

“He’s my grandson,” said the old man suddenly .

“??” Ye Lang was confused at what was happening . Why did the old man claim that he was his grandson? It seemed that the old man was quite well known around here .

This man surely knew something about him!

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“Your grandson? Didn’t he die long ago?” asked the well-dressed man .

“Those were just rumours, my grandson didn’t die!” roared the old man as if the dandy man said something unreasonable .

“Not dead?” the man was confused but the confusion soon replaced with disgust . He said, “So what if he is your grandson? He’s still trash!!”

“My grandson is not trash!!” roared the old man .

“??” Ye Lang was still utterly confused .

Ye Lang didn’t know that the grandson didn’t have a respectable surname, just like the old man . He too had been called trash for his whole life . It was hard for anyone without a respectable surname to succeed or even survive in this world .

However, the grandson was able to catch up with the help of his peers who came from powerful families . Unfortunately, he met his fate in an adventure that went wrong .

“Ugh! Trash is trash . Death doesn’t make it different,” said the dandy man .

“He’s not trash, he’s not dead…” The old man shook his head as he said pathetically .

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Ye Lang chose to just leave the scene when that happened . He didn’t acknowledge the well-dressed man or the old man and walked past them . He needed to find a place to stay, he didn’t have time for this .

Besides, the old man dragged him into this for seemingly no reason . Ye Lang was a little pissed about it so he had no sympathy for the old man .


The duo looked at Ye Lang who just walked away without looking at them . He was completely ignoring them!

The old man regretted making a rash decision just now . It was obvious that he offended Ye Lang .

However, the old man still kept his hopes that Ye Lang could pretend to be his grandson for a while . Even for just a moment, he wanted someone to accompany him .

Ye Lang was well aware of this . From his brief interaction with the old man, he knew that the old man was at the end of his days, there weren’t many days left for him .

There was nothing Ye Lang could do to stop it unless he used some unnatural item and had some unnatural trick .

It was easy to talk about breaking the laws of nature but Ye Lang wasn’t one to try and break them .

If the old man was in a better state, Ye Lang would have acted as his grandson and scolded the dandy man .

Don’t think that if you’re pitiful, you’ll automatically get my sympathy . They’re both different things but if you assumed that you could do whatever just because you’re pitiful then you’re not worth the pity .

Hence, Ye Lang chose to ignore the old man!

“Hey, Mr Ye, what do you mean by this?!” the well-dressed man blocked his path and continued, “Don’t you care about your grandfather?”

“I’m not his grandson, move!” said Ye Lang as he frowned .

“You’re not? Haha, stupid beggar, looks like your grandson is pretty smart . He just chose to leave you . Good, good . I like you, you’re shameless enough!!” said the well-dressed man as he laughed .

At that moment, a crowd started to appear, judging and pointing at Ye Lang .

It seemed that the crowd too thought that Ye Lang was the grandson of the old man but because of this low social standing, chose to not admit it .

There were people like that . People who thought their elderly parents were embarrassments and disowned them .

At that moment, the crowd didn’t care about the truth Ye Lang was trying to tell, they already had a prejudice against him .
“Shameless? I’ve told you, I’m not his grandson . This old man is not right in the head, speaking nonsense,” Ye Lang waved his arm and said, “Excuse me, passing through . . . ”

“Bastard! I’ll do the right thing today and teach you how to respect your elders!” said the well-dressed man .

“This is ridiculous!” spat Ye Lang . The next moment, Ye Lang was standing behind the well-dressed man . Everyone wasn’t sure how he did it but Ye Lang just seemingly teleported from the front to the back of the well-dressed man .

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