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Chapter 601
Treatment (2)

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x“Why not? Li Yue, you promised . I’ve told you, I’ll only use it for a while and it’ll benefit you too . You promised me, why are you taking it back now?!” Ye Lang looked at Li Yue with an upset frown .

“I’m not taking it back, it’s just…” Li Yue blushed as she spoke softly . Ye Land interrupted her before she got the chance to continue .

“Whatever, hurry up, pass me the armour, I need to save someone,” said Ye Lang as he extended his arm to take it .

“Can’t you hear me out!!” said Li Yue as she angrily slapped Ye Lang’s open palm and glared at him .

“What do you want to say? Can you say it later? We need to be quick for the treatment!” said Ye Lang impatiently . Tigress who stood at the side was looking at Li Yue too in confusion .

“I can’t give it to you if you don’t hear me out,” said Li Yue as she rolled her eyes at him as if saying you’re such a dumbass, a huge dumbass .

“Then say it then, ugh, women,” said Ye Lang even more impatient but he let Li Yue continue .

“Uhm, can you ask the others to leave the room?” Li Yue said as she looked around .

“Now isn’t the time for secrets, get your priorities straight!” said Ye Lang bluntly .

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Well, if she wasn’t going to talk about a secret why would she ask the others to leave?

“What do you think of me?!” Li Yue grabbed her head helplessly .

“Asking people to leave? Doesn’t that mean you’re going to share your secrets with me?” asked Ye Lang in his confusion .

“I just wanted them to leave, not because I wanted to share secrets with you!! Who do you think I am? Sharing secrets with you?!” said Li Yue as she coldly looked at Ye Lang, her gaze filled with animosity .

“Then why ask them to leave?” asked Ye Lang .

“You dumbass! Should I let them all see where I keep my Tianji armour?” said Li Yue as her cheeks flushed .

Ye Land was in deeper confusion, why are you blushing?

“Why are you calling me a dumbass? Why… Oh, I remember, yes, sure we can’t have them here . ” As if a lightbulb appeared on top of his head, he said, “Please leave the room, don’t let anyone get in!”

“??” Tigress and the others were in confusion .

“Leave! Don’t interrupt the treatment!!” said Ye Lang as he waved his hand telling them they were dismissed .

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“Go out now!” said Tigress . She believed that Ye Lang had his reasons for doing so, even if he didn’t she would have done the same because she would listen to him under any circumstances .


The people of the Tiger and Fox Tribe left . Ye Lang was the doctor and their only hope for saving the tribe leader, they respected his request .

They too believed that Ye Lang had his reasons . Whether it be him wanting to keep his medicinal skills a secret or it was unsafe for them to be in the same room, they would respect his wishes .

At that moment, Ye Lang took out a few screens to surround Li Yue and block her from the others . They didn’t understand the intention behind the action but they continued to leave the room .

“Done! You can change now!” said Ye Lang when everyone had left the room . He squatted down to melt the chief’s ice seal and prepared for the treatment .

Right, the armour tears up clothing, no wonder she didn’t want anyone around . thought Tigress .

If Li Yue wanted to take off the Tianji armour she had to get naked, even if she didn’t the armour would rip her clothes so the outcome would be the same .

She hadn’t planned to get naked in front of everyone that day, so naturally, she chased everyone else out .

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Tigress knew this from the time Ye Lang first borrowed the armour . When he used it, his clothes were torn to shreds and he was left standing here naked .

Luckily Tigress was the only one present then, or else people would have been able to see every inch of his body .

Oh, Tigress? It didn’t matter, she saw everything and it wasn’t her first time seeing it .

“Here!” said Li Yue as she passed the armour to Ye Lang after she changed her clothes .

“Hold on to it first, pass it to me later!” Ye Lang didn’t reach out to grab it . He was still busy chipping away the ice crystal bit by bit .

“Ok,” said Li Yue and she placed the armour behind him . She looked at the ice slowly melting away bit by bit, slowly exposing the person inside .

Was that the chief? Was it really Tai Ya’s father?

Li Yue took one good look at Tigress and looked at the chief again . A sense of suspicion crept, that maybe someone got something wrong . Tigress didn’t look like the chief at all!

“The armour!” said Ye Lang as he extended his arm .

Oh, … Li Yue was still pondering and wasn’t able to react quickly .

“Li Yue, focus! Pass me the armour!” repeated Ye Lang .

“Yeah, got it…” Li Yue rushed the armour to Ye Lang and observed him as he put the armour into the chief’s body and the glow of the armour as it slowly sank into the chief’s body .

Then, Ye Lang took out some golden needles . The needles were long, it would be hard to imagine the sensation of them as they were pricked into your body but Li Yue knew that feeling all too well .

During their fight with Tanlang Military Group, she was constantly receiving treatment from Ye Lang that involved those needles . She couldn’t quite explain how it felt but she knew those needles had some healing properties to them and Ye Lang was performing some obscure alchemy to heal her .

Well, she could only explain the whole process with alchemy, how else would she do so?

Regarding this, Ye Lang also didn’t explain much because he himself didn’t know how to . The others just need to know its alchemy!

The needles were pricked onto the chief’s blood vessels . Ye Lang lightly flicked them and they started to vibrate at a constant frequency .

Then, Ye Lang surrounded the chief in an alchemy formation to immerse him in flowing light .

The light shone on him . . .

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