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Chapter 60 - Behind the Miracle (3) Translated by Castigliano

Ye Lang obviously did not think too much about the previous issues, but replied very casually: "I'm going home to sleep. You go and spend some time with your Mo Ya. After that, come to my house. Pay attention to your body, if there's something wrong, come immediately to me.

Go to your house? What do you mean? You want to make Zhen Xiao Yan live with you? Haven't you had enough of being together for the past twenty days?

Oh? Are you saying the reason why he's helping her is to live together with her?

Different suspicions appeared in many people's brains from Ye Lang's words, promptly ignoring his last sentence.

"I understand. What do you want to eat tomorrow?" Zhen Xiao Yan nodded her head. She knew what Ye Lang meant. Ye Lang was worried about any side effects, he needed to stay with her for observation, and to take proper measures in case of if something wrong happens.

Ye Lang shook his head: "No, I don't need anything to eat, I want to sleep for a few days. Don't bother me. Date with your boyfriend for some days. And remember to take your medicine regularly. Do not forget it!"

"I understand. I know you have put in a lot of effort the past 20 days, but you just didn't want to let us know." Said Zhen Xiao Yan gently as she looked at Ye Lang.

How could she not know the price Ye Lang paid for transforming her to such a cute young girl. How could that be easy?

For instance, the potions Zhen Xiao Yan needed everyday for her bath needed to be prepared differently every day, since her body changed from day to day.

Then there are the medicines and other things, which needed to be prepared in advance in order to keep up with the changes and progress of Zhen Xiao Yan. Ye Lang would generally prepare them at night. Because in the day, he needed to observe Zhen Xiao Yan to prevent accidents.

So, for more than 20 days, he almost did not rest properly, and he didn't want to let Zhen Xiao Yan know of this, afraid that it might affect her progress. Naturally, he would not let Liu Fei Yan and the others know either.

Because of this, the world only knew of Zhen Xiao Yan's perseverance. Only knew that for more than 20 days, Zhen Xiao Yan withstood inhuman suffering. But no one knew what Ye Lang went through these past 20 days, except for Zhen Xiao Yan.

"Who says I suffered for you? I didn't, I was very relaxed every day." Ye Lang said so with a chuckle, he didn't want to get too much into it, since it was already in the past.

"I knew you would say that. Anyways, you go and rest." Zhen Xiao Yan did not say anything more. For some things, as long you appreciated them in your mind, they did not need to be spoken.

After Ye Lang had left, Zhen Xiao Yan really won the competition without incidents. No one dared to cheat.

It wasn't just because of Ye Lang. It was more so because of the emperor. Remember, the emperor bet on the victory of Zhen Xiao Yan, and he didn't dare to leave, lest she lose because of that.

Even if Zhen Xiao Yan wasn't that talented, she would've still won.
Of course, Zhen Xiao Yan's performance was much better than any other competitor. No doubt that Zhen Xiao Yan deserved the reputation of first belle.

Zhen Xiao Yan left the stage with Mo Ya, no one knows where they went, and not everyone wanted to know, for they didn't want to interrupt this moment as it belonged to just them.

There was a small scene in Zhen Xiao Yan's home.

"Xiao Yan, is it really you?" Zhen Xiao Yan's mother walked around Zhen Xiao Yan, carefully observing the changes in her daughter who she can barely recognize.

As a mother who is familiar with her daughter, she has more reasons to doubt that the person in front of her is fake, because she knew and understood the most about Zhen Xiao Yan.

It really is like what Ye Lang said:

"Even your mother won't recognize you!"

"Of course, mom, it's me! Aren't I pretty?" Zhen Xiao Yan pulled her mother's hand, smiling.

"Yeah, you are pretty. But are you really my fat and cute little Yan, my daughter?" Her mother touched her cheek softly, not believing that this smooth cut-like-a-jade little face was that once round and fat face.

"Heh, of course. I am your fat little Yan, but I'm not fat anyore, maybe I might become fat again later, but who knows." Zhen Xiao Yan spoke while giggling. According to Ye Lang, she might only stay like this for a small period of time.

"This is uncredible, unbelievable."

"Incredible right? Can't believe your daughter would become like this. It's just like a dream. I'm also afraid that this is just a dream, but even if it is a dream, I'm still satisfied." Zhen Xiao Yan spoke with a smile.

"……" Her mother didn't say anything, but only looked at Zhen Xiao Yan with a puzzled look.

"Mom, do you remember, when I was still a child, I was hungry and I ate mud as a snack…." Zhen Xiao Yan began to reveal some of her private stories. But the answer she received was:

"Everyone knows about this. Besides, it wasn't just once or twice…"

"…… Do you remember, I stuck in the bathtub once?" This was one of her embarrassing moments that only a few people knew. At that time, her bathtub was broken, so she used her previous bathtub to take a shower. The problem was, the bathtub was used when she was still little, as a result, it was too small for her now. As expected, she got stuck in the bathtub.

"About this, although not many people know, but if one inquired about you, they would also know. Only you don't know that this matter was spread.

"What! You… Fine! Then, is the matter about the birthmark on my chest also revealed by you?" Zhen Xiao Yan spoke in anger and shame. After she was finished, her face flushed red.

"No, only you and me know about this…. Little Yan, are you really little Yan!" Her mother seemed to have confirmed it now, she embraced Xiao Yan and spoke excitedly.

"Of course! Mom, how can you not recognize your own daughter. Hmph.
And don't embrace me so tightly, I can't breathe…" Said Zhen Xiao Yan while struggling.

Zhen Xiao Yan would be embraced by her mother like this before, with similar strength. She could bear the tight embrace in past, but she couldn't now.

"Oh, you became so delicate now. You can't blame me. You changed so much, even a mother wouldn't be able to recognize you!"


"Quickly, tell me, how did you do it? Tell your mother the secret. Your mother wants to lose want to lose weight too, become beautiful and young. Come on!"
No woman could resist this temptation, especially a woman at the age of Zhen Xiao Yan's mother.

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