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Chapter 595: 595
Shock (2)

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At the Li Residence…

“Father? You’re going too?” Li Tianjun asked in surprise when he saw his father getting on the carriage too .

Grand Marshal Li was a very high-ranked official in this empire . Average matters did not require his presence . If he was summoned, it meant it was something that affected the entire empire .

“Yeah! Looks like something serious happened!” Grand Marshal Li nodded .

Within the main building of the palace, when an official stepped in, he saw Zhao Yarou was already at her seat waiting . This meant it was very, very urgent . So urgent that the empress was here to wait for everyone .

He stood in his place quietly, making no sound . They only started once everyone was present .

Very quickly, most of them were here . They all stayed close by anyway . When one arrived, everyone was almost there .

They would not delay on purpose too . Making Zhao Yarou wait would be a disaster .

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At this moment, when Grand Marshal Li and the military leaders arrived, they knew it was related to the military . Were they at war with another kingdom?

Or someone was attacking them? That must be why there was such an urgent meeting!

It must be!

“Alright, everyone’s here! Then I shall tell everyone what happened!” Zhao Yarou’s eyes swept across the room . “We have to send our army to the northern part of the empire . Grand Marshal, you will be in charge of this . You must have your men in the northern region as fast as possible .


Everyone was surprised .

“Your Majesty, although we also want to capture the northern region, the Tanlang Group still has a stronghold there . Other military groups are unable to penetrate the region . This will just cause a civil war, the time is not right!” advised the Grand Marshal .

In the past, Zhao Yarou would agree . But not this time!

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“Grand Marshal, the time is right . This is the time to take the opportunity!” she smiled, “My future brother-in-law has helped speed things up . ”

“Who? Oh, you’re talking about Thirteen? What did he do?” Grand Marshal Li knew who Zhao Yarou was talking about . There were only two brothers-in-law: the Ye family’s seventh and thirteenth prince . The only person whom she cared so much about was naturally Ye Lang .

Of course, they did not think she called him that because they were close . She would call him brother-in-law as she locked him up or murdered him .

“He has helped us kill one hundred thousand men from the Tanlang army . The Tanlang group is now very unstable, it is the best time for us to come in . We cannot let them stabilise or we’ll have to wait again,” she said gently .

“A hundred thousand? Your Majesty, what do you mean?” Grand Marshal Li didn’t understand . Perhaps he did, but he didn’t believe it .

How could he believe that Ye Lang could kill a hundred thousand people? Then what did they need armies for?

If he knew Ye Lang didn’t just kill a hundred thousand people, what would he think?

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At this point, Zhao Yarou had received news about the eighty thousand people Ye Lang had blown up, plus the rest of the people they killed before that . It added up to more than a hundred thousand at this point .

“He killed them . He and Li Yue dealt with ten thousand of them in one night, using a hotel as their base . Then, he seemed to have buried a lot of bombs and traps outside the hotel and blew everyone up!” she explained .


Everyone was shocked . If it wasn’t for the fact that it was Zhao Yarou speaking, they would have thought it was a joke . They still couldn’t believe it .

“Looks like he really didn’t want to trouble our people when he left Soaring Sky . If not, he could have blown all our people up too!” Zhao Yarou was a little shaken herself as she thought about it .

If Ye Lang had done that, she might not have gotten the throne . Losing such a large number of men would cause chaos in the nation .

“Yep! He’s an impressive kid . I believe the Tanlang Military Group must have overstepped their boundaries or he would not have done this,” nodded Grand Marshal Li .

“We can’t blame him too . From our reports, in the beginning it was because they were sexually harassing Li Yue so she taught them a lesson . Then they never learned their lesson and continued to harass her so everyone was killed by both of them,” said Zhao Yarou mildly . She had conducted thorough investigations . The Tanlang Military Group had brought this upon themselves .

“ . . . ” The Li father and son were silent . They knew Li Yue could attract some unwanted people sometimes but they didn’t know she was the start of this entire war .

“Your Li Yue is very impressive! She didn’t just survive this entire war, she even gave us such a good opportunity . At the same time, she seems to be close to breaking Tian LEvel,” Zhao Yarou said . It was not clear if Zhao Yarou was happy or uncomfortable .

“What?! That’s impossible!”

Everyone was shocked, especially the two Li men . They were clear on her fighting skills . Li Yue had just entered the Di stage . It hadn’t been a long time since they met, and now she was almost at the Tian stage .

It was supposed to be something that took people decades or entire lifetimes . Some people might not even advance past the Di stage .

“My reports are not wrong . Under Ye Lang’s training, she has reached the Tian Heavenly stage! She had killed almost a hundred Di level masters at the Moon Hotel, this is something even a Tian level fighter cannot do . ” Zhao Yarou seemed to be jealous but she maintained a very mild expression so everyone wasn’t sure .

“Is this… true?” asked Grand Marshal Li . She was his granddaughter, so naturally, he was happy for her achievements .

“You can read it yourself! Pass the documents to Grand Marshal Li and the rest . ” Zhao Yarou passed the report to a handmaiden, who passed to the grand marshal .

Grand Marshal Li was shaking all over when he read the report, extremely emotional . If he had any doubts, this document cleared them all .

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