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Chapter 594
Shock (1)

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Some soldiers were starting to cough up blood, painfully covering their ears .

“??” Li Yue was surprised . She didn’t understand what happened to them . Why were they spitting blood? And the rest looked like they were suffering too .

She looked suspiciously at Ye Lang . Was his performance so bad they puked blood?

Bad? If Ye Lang heard her thoughts he would have coughed up blood himself .

No matter what, she was sure this was all because of Ye Lang . He must have used some special skill for this .

She was also sure that the alchemy formation on the ground was key . As he played, an alchemy formation had appeared on the ground .

However, that was a wrong guess because the formation was just to help the music travel further . This was so that all one hundred thousand people could hear him and the music travelled far . Then no one would be able to escape .

It was a very useful technique because sound waves could not travel that far from the instrument .


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More and more people puked blood, now kneeling painfully on the ground, screaming for him to stop .

“I’ll be done soon, that was only twelve bars! After this, I’ll also play Fisherman’s Song for you…” Ye Lang said with a grin . It looked more like the devil’s grin to all one hundred thousand people .

Ye Lang closed his eyes because either he didn’t want to watch them die or because he was deeply immersed in the music .

It was probably the latter . The music intensified and the pitch went higher . Usually, people loved this part of the melody but it just brought the soldiers more suffering .

Finally, someone collapsed!

Then, half of them died . Other than being killed by the sound waves, most of them had killed themselves to end their suffering!

A suffering enough for hardened soldiers to kill themselves! This must be horrifying!


Li Yue watched silently, the shock in her heart was indescribable .

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Ye Lang, what are you? This is a shocking skill you have!

Li Yue watched him, spacing out . It wasn’t just because of the shocking scene around her but also the way Ye Lang immersed himself in his music . There was something emotional to it .

The song ended!

On this vast field, there was not a single person standing . Other than Li Yue, the Tanlang army of a hundred thousand were all on the ground . Not sure if they were dead or alive .

It was a shocking view indeed! Oh, the ripples that would create once other people heard of this incident!

It was unbelievable…

“Alright, time to clean up!” Once Ye Lang opened Li Yue’s meridian points again, he clapped his hands and went to clean up the battlefield .

She knew he wasn’t there to check if they were dead though . That wasn’t the priority, they weren’t here for war, they were just travellers .

They were only passing by!

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If only the Tanlang group understood this! This was all their fault! If they truly knew this, they would probably kill themselves from frustration!

However, even if some god came to tell them that Ye Lang and Li Yue were just passing by and that they didn’t have to suffer so much death, they would still not believe it because they had paid such a heavy price .

After such cost, would they shift the responsibility to themselves? Never! Even if Ye Lang wasn’t at fault, they would still blame him .

After that, Ye Lang merely collected all the metal there . He used a large scale alchemy technique to collect everything .

Then, he felt a wave of fatigue . He swallowed a pill and lay on the lion .

“ . . . You’re an idiot! Look at the situation we’re in, how could you use such an energy-consuming technique? Aren’t you afraid something might happen?” Li Yue took a look at him and understood .

“I have you, don’t I?” he said weakly .

“ . . . ” Li Yue was stunned . She hadn’t expected him to trust her so much . However, she liked it . She was willing to die protecting him if it came to that .

Li Yue had already forgotten that she had been kidnapped . This was not important to her .

“Ye Lang, what did you do? Why are they like this? Is it related to your instrument?” Li Yue asked after a while .

At this point, she was already on the lion and the lion was sprinting once again .

“Yep! It’s a technique that uses sound waves as a weapon . It’s terrifying . I won’t use it unless I have no choice!” Ye Lang said weakly .

“You destroyed a hundred thousand people alone, it is terrifying!” sighed Li Yue . If she hadn’t witnessed it, she wouldn’t have believed this .

However, hse couldn’t believe that this was not even Ye Lang’s limit . He could be even scarier because he said…

“That’s just High Mountain and Flowing Waters . If I played Guang Ling San, it would have been more terrifying!”

“ . . . ”

Late at night, an emergency report interrupted Zhao Yarou’s sleep . She wanted to kill the person who woke her up . She needed her beauty sleep or she’d get wrinkles!

Then she would look old!

However, she was awake when she finished reading the report . “What… Hold an emergency meeting now! Summon Grand Marshal Li and all the military leaders here!”

That night, the officials were all woken from their sleep . Some were about to scold the messengers but when they heard it was an order from Zhao Yarou, they put on their clothes and rushed to the palace in their carriages immediately .

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