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Chapter 588
Shaking The Skies (1)

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“Can you clean the bodies up too? It’s piling up to the second floor already,” said Li Yue when she thought of alchemy .

The tallest pile had already reached the second floor . If it wasn’t for the fact that it was a huge hotel, this place would’ve been packed .

“They brought this death upon themselves but we still can’t destroy their bodies . They have families,” said Ye Lang, shaking his head .

“I didn’t say to destroy them, I need you to find a way to clean this place up and take them outside,” huffed Li Yue .

“It’ll take a huge effort . I have an idea . Li Yue, come here first!”

“Oh, alright . ” She nodded and flew next to him .

Just as she leapt, Ye Lang pressed both hands into the ground and transmitted a ray of magical energy into the ground . An alchemy formation formed with the hotel at the centre .

Then, there was a flash and all the bodies were gone . There was a surprised crowd in the middle of the hotel though . They looked like the Tanlang group .

“What . . . what’s going on?” Everyone was talking among themselves and panicking .

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Li Yue widened her eyes . She didn’t understand either . Why did the bodies disappear? Why were the soldiers here?

“Nothing much, I just used a formation to exchange the people here with the people outside,” he said casually .

It was a transport formation for transporting people . It was sort of a bridge utilising magical energy . This was often used for military purposes .

Teleportation could only be used for short-distance transport . The longer the distance, the more magical energy would be needed . More than one kilometre and even a Tian fighter would use up all the magical energy within him .

That was why while the theoretical maximum was one kilometre but usually everyone only did less than a hundred meters .

This was just a little more than ten meters so Ye Lang sent the bodies outside and the people inside . There would be people dealing with the bodies later .

However, he hadn’t expected so many people to be outside!

“Li Yue, time for your training!” Ye Lang didn’t explain much either, sending Li Yue to practise what she had just learned .


It was the start of another massacre!

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This one night involved many miracles, it was a historical event!

Two people managed to fight off a huge army of tens of thousands . This was something even Tian fighters could not do .

Later research found that this was because Ye Lang and Li Yue had the terrain to their advantage . The army could not utilise their numbers to their advantage inside the small hotel .

Researchers also mused that the soldiers shouldn’t have entered the hotel at all . The Tanlang military leaders were just a bunch of idiots!

So this became a common example of what not to do in the military world!

The night passed . Ye Lang and Li Yue were now resting soundly inside . No one disturbed them .

That wasn’t because the other party was tired or they did not want to disturb them, Ye lang had used alchemy to seal this area so no one could enter for the next few hours .

Unless someone could crack his formation- which was so far impossible .

At sunrise, a group of people arrived on their horses . The leader was a young man of twenty-five years old . There was a look of murder on his handsome face .

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‘Senior Master!”

The military officers around the hotel all rushed forward to welcome him immediately, calling him ‘Senior Master’ respectfully .

So this was the Master they mentioned before . The arrival also meant reinforcements had arrived .

“What’s going on?” The Senior Master asked with his brows furrowed .

“What happened was…” Someone started to explain .

“ . . . So you mean two people- the Sorceress and her brother, didn’t just kill my younger brother, they even killed over sixty people from the Wolf Fang Camp, and then ten thousand of you guys?” asked the Senior Master after a long pause .

He was in disbelief . The people who came with him didn’t either . It sounded more like a fictional story .

“Yes, sir!” The officer hung his head, embarrassed . However, he quickly looked up because he knew it was unavoidable .

“How is that possible? Are they Tian level fighters? No, even Tian fighters would not be able to do this . Are there really two people inside?” he asked with a low voice .

“Yeah, only two and they are not Tian level fighters!” said a master from Wolf Fang .

“How is that possible? Do they have some special skill?” asked the Senior Master .

“Not the Sorceress but her brother, the Ghost Doctor, does . He uses his medical skills so the Sorceress can restore her douqi very quickly . At the same time, he uses some peculiar alchemy skills . ”

“ . . . ” When he heard the word ‘alchemy’, the Senior Master paused as if to think . Then, he asked, “Then what are you all doing here? Why did you stop? Do you want them to rest?”

“Sir, it’s not that we don’t want to enter, he set up a defensive formation that we can’t crack . We can just wait until it disappears?”

“Defensive Formation?” The Senior Master leapt and hurried to the hotel . He tried to break the formation using douqi . After a few times, he returned, yelling---

“Everyone, attack here! Tear down the building! Everyone, use your douqi!”

“Senior Master? Would that work?” said someone, suspicious .

“While the alchemy formation is remarkable, it still has limited defensive properties . Only continuous damage would successfully destroy the entire thing . One blow is not enough but hundreds and thousands of blows would be effective! What is our advantage now? Our numbers! Everyone can use their douqi one time and it would be enough . You all have such a huge advantage and you’re not using it! A bunch of idiots!” scolded the Senior Master cruelly . How stupid could they be?

“ . . . ” The people were silent . It wasn’t because they hadn’t tried, it was because they felt like Ye Lang and Li Yue could just restore the formation from the inside .

However, since the master had said so, then they would destroy this formation using their douqi .

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