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Chapter 587
Roar (2)

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“What’s going on? Why do I feel like we are speeding up?” The officer outside frowned because he saw his men streaming inside much faster .

Another way of putting it was this-- people were dying faster and in larger numbers!

“Should we stop? How many more of us will die? I don’t know if thirty thousand of us can live to see tomorrow . ” Some people started to doubt that they would survive . If other people did not know what the context was, they would think they had made a mistake .

“Don’t worry! Even if thirty thousand isn’t enough, it doesn’t matter because the leader has sent more people here . He has ordered to kill the Sorceress and her brother! Reinforcements should arrive tomorrow at sunrise!” The officer here clenched his teeth .

“Who’s coming? How many?”

“I heard it’s master with his fifty thousand people . Plus tens of experts . ”

“Master? It looks like this will only continue . We can only proceed…”

“ . . . ”

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Some people had a sense of dread . Eighty thousand people were sent just to kill two people . It was unbelievable .

However, they did not think it was unnecessary because so many people had entered only for them to die .

Very soon, it was late at night . Yet, there was still light in the hotel because the battle still continued .

Ye Lang and Li Yue had exchanged roles many times, taking turns to rest and fight . Although it was tough, at least they had enough physical energy for it . Their capabilities improved throughout the process .

Not just Li Yue, in the end, Ye Lang decided to use his weapons to fight . His swords, knives and all sorts of weapons were pulled out for battle .

He had realised that it was a good place to improve and cultivate his martial arts since he hadn’t really fought much .

Li Yue was stunned to see him fight physically . Other people would be stunned too because they rarely saw him fight with actual martial arts techniques .

When Li Yue watched him fight, she had a deeper level of understanding of martial arts . She started to immerse herself even deeper into the world of martial arts and from there, it was as if she had forgotten her ‘self’ .

This state of consciousness meant she had fully absorbed the arts . Perhaps after today, she would begin to enter the Heavenly stage .

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Ye Lang noticed Li Yue’s meditative state too so he did not interrupt her thoughts for her to replace him . He kept fighting until he sensed that she was fully back to reality .

Li Yue was still figuring something out as she watched Ye Lang . She felt like she was understanding something but she couldn’t quite place her finger on it . Once she knew what it was, it would mean that she had succeeded .

Li Yue’s meditative state was destined for failure but due to Ye Lang’s special fighting forms, she was repeatedly pulled back into the state of thought again . Ye Lang kept switching weapons too and that caught her attention .

Ye Lang’s change of weapons would provoke his opponents too . The Tanlang members were all angry because when they got used to his weapon and had a plan, Ye Lang would suddenly change his weapon and all their plans would fail and end in severe injury and death .

At the same time, they were in awe of how he could switch weapons like that .

Yep, Ye Lang could change the weapon in his hand in the blink of an eye, changing them into whatever he wanted-- knives, swords, spears, sticks…

And it kept switching!

This was alchemy . He had long mastered the art of changing the shape of matter, he just rarely used close-range weapons so no one noticed .

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Li Yue now realised that Ye Lang did not specialise in one type of weapon . He had all the weapons at his disposal and was adept at all of them too .

Was this the advantage of an alchemist?

If an alchemist fought a master like that, the sudden change in weapon could cause the opponent to be unable to react in time . It would be like a surprise attack .

No one had known his fighting style until today . This was because everyone who experienced this was dead, plus Li Yue never told anyone . She felt like it was his secret and she did not want people to know it- especially not from her .

Time passed slowly . Ye Lang realised that his strength was depleting . He could only seal the entrance if this continued . With his abilities, he could easily do that . He just left it open to lure more people in .

It was about time too . They had killed about ten thousand people today .

At this point, a roar that sounded like a spring bursting out of the mountains echoed across the lands . Ye Lang looked at Li Yue with a grin . He knew Li Yue had understood .

Although he wasn’t sure if this meant she had broken through into the Tian level, at least it showed that her capabilities had greatly improved!

In reality, she was not a Tian level fighter yet, but she was close . It was a matter of time . After the bout of understanding, her skills were even more perfect than before, every stroke more powerful .

This roar shocked all the masters outside . Their faces grew more solemn because they knew it meant a master had achieved a breakthrough . And since the roar was a long one, it meant this person was at least a Di level .

Right now, there was only one master inside, it was the Sorceress…

“Alright, that’s enough of screaming . Come help me! It’ll deepen your understanding . ” She heard Ye Lang’s voice as if he was exasperated .

“ . . . ” The roaring stopped and she looked at Ye Lang helplessly . She shook her head and leapt downstairs to help .

Once she started fighting, he prepared to head upstairs to rest . He collected all the war spoils along the way too .

When the rays from the alchemy formation disappeared, all the metal was gone .

Of course, the metal on Li Yue was not gone yet . Ye Lang could control his powers .

“ . . . ” Li Yue looked at him, puzzled . Why was he collecting so much metal? She initially thought he was collecting weapons but it wasn’t the main reason .

Whatever, he had always been a weird guy .

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