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Chapter 586: 586
Roar (1)

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Ye Lang felt like there were already too many bodies downstairs and Li Yue was already eating the Dabu pills . Her energy had been depleted and it was time for her to rest .

A rough estimate of the situation concluded that Li Yue had slaughtered almost two thousand people, about ten of them were masters . This was excluding the previous batches of experts who came .

Right now, she had already killed a third of the experts from the Wolf Fang Camp!

Everyone knew the Wolf Fang Camp was one of the Tanlang Military Group’s best teams . Everyone there was at least a Di level fighter . Although there were barely two hundred of them, they could easily fight an army of ten thousand .

This time, more than half of the camp sent them men to attack Ye Lang and Li Yue . However, the sudden change in events made them come out of hiding so they were fighting in a disadvantaged position . Batch by batch, they were sent to their deaths . Suddenly, sixty of them were dead .

They were just stepping stones for Li Yue to rise as an accomplished martial artist . After fighting them, Li Yue had learned a lot because these were more powerful than the armies of thousands .

Ye Lang wanted to stop the people from coming in so that everyone could rest, plus he had to deal with the bodies downstairs mainly to collect their weapons .

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Ye Lang shot many arrows continuously, every arrow taking one life . Everyone outside quickly dispersed to leave his shooting range . Just like that, the stream of soldiers was interrupted .

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Li Yue wasn’t used to this . What happened?

“Come up and rest for a while . Replenish your energy . I’ll deal with the rest!” Ye Lang jumped down from upstairs and told Li Yue .

“Oh… Alright!” she nodded, snapping back to reality . A wave of fatigue rushed over her, reminding her that it was time for rest .

Ye Lang did not have time for a chat . He made a few alchemy formations in his hands . Rays of light shot out in all directions, at the same time the formations grew bigger and bigger .

At this point, something very odd happened . If there were people watching, they would be shocked .

In the light, the weapons on the bodies were disintegrating into small particles flying towards the centre of the formation . If you watched carefully, it wasn’t just weapons- armours and other equipment made of metal were all disintegrating and flying to the centre .

They were now concentrated!

A few large blocks of metal were formed . Every different kind of metal formed their own block .

Perhaps this was true alchemy, these formations were especially used for disintegrating and re-integrating metal . However, they had their limitations in terms of scale and time . A lot of energy was needed for this .

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If this power had no limitations, everyone could just use this on battlefields all the time and an entire army’s armour and weapons would be gone . Then they would be slaughtered .

What about Ye Lang? It was the same . He could not use it on a large scale either . The energy needed at the centre was not something he could handle alone . There was always a price to pay for alchemy . In this situation, energy was needed . Disintegrating matter used up more energy than attack formations .

However, Ye Lang was willing to do this just to collect all the weapons because collecting them one by one would also be tiring . Plus he didn’t have the time .

The people outside would only stop for a while . They were going to attack once again and this time, they would be prepared for his arrows .

On the battlefield, there was an object meant for blocking arrows…

“Shields up!”

The Tanlang soldiers held their shields in front of them, blocking any arrow from the second floor . Then, a group of soldiers ran between the shields into the hotel . They did not want Ye Lang the Li Yue to get time to rest or the people before them would have sacrificed themselves for nothing .

“You all should just shift the bodies out . If this continues, even the door would be blocked,” Ye Lang said calmly to the men who rushed in .

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It was only after his reminder that the soldiers realised the hotel was filled with bodies . They were piling up too . It was eerie .

“We will deal with them after we kill you! Brothers, we shall avenge our brothers! Attack---”

With a shout, everyone charged at Ye Lang . At this point, he did not move . He was still as relaxed as ever .

They were all puzzled . What was he doing?

It was obvious he would not be a sitting duck though . He was so relaxed because they would not have a chance to hurt him, not even approach him .



Consecutive explosions scared them . What was going on?

Although there was rigorous fighting before, when Li Yue was still here, they hadn’t heard sounds like that .

That was because Ye Lang had just activated his alchemy traps…

“ . . . ”

The front batch of soldiers died in the explosion . Everyone in the back did not dare step forward . They feared meeting the same fate . It was a powerful force .

However, soon, more people charged forward . There would always be people coming because they had to kill Li Yue and Ye Lang .

“Why do you guys keep doing this?” Ye Lang shook his head in pity . More explosions ensued .

Batches of soldiers sacrificed themselves like that . This did not stop the people at the back and Ye Lang’s traps were soon used up . However, they had lost almost a thousand people like that .

Then, Ye Lang was moving very quickly . He was as agile as Li Yue-- she was trained by him after all .

It was impossible for them to catch him . Not just that, they were killed by the new traps he placed .

He moved and spread traps at the same time . Just like that, Ye Lang replenished all the previous traps and more soldiers died once again .

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