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Chapter 585
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Right now, Li Yue naturally would not want to fight everyone alone . That was just a death wish . Even a Tian fighter would drown in this crowd .

That was why this was the time to get help from Ye Lang’s alchemy so that she would not be swallowed by the crowd .

Although Ye Lang was training Li Yue, he did not want her to die like this . Fighting against so many people was risky, it was on a much larger scale than before .

That was why he had prepared traps to decrease their numbers!

Why didn’t Ye Lang just run? He could run with Li Yue using the underground tunnel too, there were many opportunities to do so .

This was because Ye lang wanted to wait for the entire Tanlang Group to arrive . This way, he could attract and lure the main powers of this group here .


This was to ease their journey later . If they did not lure them inside, they would just face a long journey of people attempting to kill them, it would be endless .

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Might as well concentrate everyone here and deal with them once and for all . Then their journey later would be a lot smoother .

Ye Lang was not sure if the entire group, including the general, would come . The chances were high though!

First, Li Yue had just killed their leader’s son, then killed the entire Grey Wolf battalion and other groups . The enmity was already deeply rooted, there were enough reasons for the leader to come .

Well, if they continued killing all these people, even if they killed all the masters here, there was a possibility Tanlang Military group was still throwing in more resources to kill them .

As the numbers increased, it might reach a breaking point . Maybe everyone in the military group would be here .

That was just a possibility . Anyway, them coming here was a good thing . It would make their future journey easier .

“I’ll check on my traps, you deal with them!” Ye Lang left with the lion . This time, the soldiers did not stop him because they had no time .

When he spoke, Li Yue had already slashed her way through the crowd with her sword . She looked like Death herself, reaping souls with her sword .

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This time, all the people who agreed to enter were probably regretting because they could not even use their numbers to their advantage when Li Yue was fighting so dirty .

And it wasn’t even a two-way fight, it just looked like Li Yue slaughtering them alone!

When they rushed in, a few masters wanted to ambush her but it was impossible . Li Yue was deep in the crowd and it was difficult to plan the ambush when there were so many people squeezed together .

REtreat? How could they retreat now? There was still a continuous stream of people entering and it was going to be difficult to stop that .

All they hoped was that the Sorceress would tire herself out . If that happened, she would be dead!

What the hell, fine! There were already so many dead, so what if a few more died! If they did not kill the two people today, they might die from the leader’s wrath .

Sigh, the previous leader was so nice . He would never make his subordinates sacrifice themselves for his son . The current leader was awful .

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At this point, some of the more experienced fighters sighed . But it did not matter if they hated the leader . They could not betray the leader- since the moment they joined, they would be in the Tanlang group forever .

Very soon, these masters had their train of thought cut short because they were ambushed by Li Yue!

They were in disbelief . They were about to ambush her and yet, the tables had turned . They died a very dissatisfying death .

Li Yue had already sensed the presence of masters among them . She planned to deal with these first because they would just ambush her sooner or later . Might as well remove the threats now .

At that point, she deliberately started killing from the other side first, then slowly approached . However, every time she approached, she would retrace her steps . Everyone could not predict where she would go next .

After a few times, she ambushed one of them, secretly using her Stacked Moon method . It must be a fatal blow!

That master had died with zero defence . The rest did not realise, they thought it was just an ordinary soldier . When they realised it was a master, they had already been attacked .

This was an expected outcome . All the masters were spread out, knowing their opponent might target them first . Yet, in the end, it was the same .

Once she destroyed the masters, Li Yue could finally openly massacre the rest of the soldiers . The bodies piled up and in the end, the entire ground was filled with bodies . Anyone watching outside was shocked . People were still streaming in from outside . “The Sorceress is terrifying, there were so many people who entered, yet she’s still alive!”

The guards standing outside frowned, watching the Moon Hotel was like looking at a black hole . It seemed to be infinite space .


They heard a gush of wind and then a dull cry of pain .


People outside saw a master from the Wolf Fang Battalion collapse with an arrow in his throat . It was just an ordinary arrow, yet it was enough to kill the master .

Whose arrow was it? Who was proficient enough in archery to kill a master like that?

At this point, everyone saw a young man standing on the balcony upstairs . He was holding a bow .

At the same time, he had another goal . He was waiting for the right time to stop people from coming in so Li Yue could rest .

As long as the people were stopped outside, Li Yue would be able to rest after dealing with everyone inside . The rest would be left for Ye Lang!

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