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Chapter 583: 583
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Li Yue appeared and disappeared before their eyes, slowly chipping away at their line of defence . She increased the frequency of her attacks on the Di level fighters while all they could do was defend themselves .

It did not look like a few people charging to attack Li Yue, rather Li Yue sparring with them one by one . Her capabilities far exceeded them all . The result was obvious, these few would soon die .

After some time, one person collapsed . Then the other . The time between deaths shortened until Li Yue killed them all .

“All hail the mighty Li Yue! Come eat some food . This is just the beginning, there will be more later!” Ye Lang yelled immediately after she dealt with the last guy .

Li Yue was stunned for a moment then slowly went to sit with Ye Lang, eating to replenish her energy .

She was stunned because she was confused . She never imagined herself defeating multiple Di level people like that . There were so many of them too .

The most unbelievable thing was that her opponents didn’t have time to fight back!

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In the past, this had been her dream . Her dreams came true, this didn’t feel like reality at all .

“You must look ahead, not behind at the past . Your past goals are not your current goals . To be a legendary master, you cannot be pacing around at the same level!” Ye Lang said suddenly as if he was talking to her, but not really .

“??” Li Yue looked at him, puzzled but she did not overthink . Ye Lang was right . She must look ahead .

Was this where the Tanlang headquarters were? Or such rare experts would not be so concentrated here .

This wasn’t actually the headquarters though, just a very important city!

Molin was here because he was sent to overlook this region . However, he could be considered a puppet ruler because the real power lies with another person .

These people were here for Ye Lang and Li Yue . Previously, the military had planned to betray or hurt Ye Lang and Li Yue in secret . That was why there was a huge group of masters around them .

Unfortunately, they had not planned well . There were unanticipated changes then it forced this bunch of masters to be in a disadvantaged position .

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These changes caused half of the Tanlang’s best people to die . It was a heavy blow to the Tanlang Military Group, a lot more serious than the previous battle . s

“You . . . You killed them?”

When the rest of the people saw the collapsed masters, they were stunned . They had already forgotten all about Mo Lin- they didn’t like that guy anyway, might as well think for themselves now .

“Yep, you’re all next… Li Yue…” Ye Lang nodded and called Li Yue once again .

Li Yue rolled her eyes and then in a flash, the battle began…

The results were similar to the previous one but this time, Li Yue was injured . It wasn’t because she was not careful, not because she was arrogant but her opponents were stronger . Accidents happened during the battle .

“Li Yue, come! I’ll help you treat your wounds . It’s great they keep coming like that too!” Ye Lang smiled as he treated her .

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If they kept coming for Ye Lang and Li Yue, then they could destroy all the masters in the Tanlang Military Group . This was something beneficial to them because only the masters were capable of causing problems for him .

This revelation was proved true later down the road . Everyone who heard this story would be in disbelief .

“Killing entire armies is tiring . If they keep sending their masters like that, it really is great . At least I get to rest!” Li Yue nodded . It made sense .

It was as if the universe heard their conversation, or that this was fated . The period of time after this was just masters visiting little by little, and then getting killed by Li Yue .

If all of them came together, this could spell trouble for Li Yue . She might even have to escape . However, they came in batches so she could kill them little by little .

It was a very special situation too . This was because these people were spread out across a huge area . After receiving news of this, they rushed over immediately . Since they had not pre-arranged a meetup spot, they all expected other soldiers to already be where Ye Lang was . So then they went there too .

Little did they know all the people who came earlier had died . Going in a small group would be the same as goats walking into a tiger’s mouth .

After a while, the truth was revealed . People were outside but when they realised their comrades did not come out, they realised something was wrong . A word of caution was sent out to everyone else .

“Looks like it’s going to be a tough one after this, Li Yue!” Ye Lang turned to look at her .

“What’s the matter?” Li Yue looked at him .

“Carry the Dabu pills I gave you where it is easiest to reach . Once you feel your energy levels dropping, you can take some . They are not ordinary soldiers, there are many masters here so it will be difficult!” Ye Lang said worriedly .

Li Yue was surprised to hear Ye Lang so concerned for her . She smiled and nodded . “Mm! You must be careful too, I won’t have time to protect you . ”

“I’ll be fine! I am prepared . Also, you must lure them inside . You will be at a disadvantage outside, Here, in this tight space, they will not be able to attack in large numbers!” Ye Lang explained .

“I know, I’m not stupid!” she pouted . This was an expression she rarely showed . Ye Lang was not in the mood to think about it .

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