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Chapter 580
Stacked Moons (1)
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Mo Lin’s face darkened . He had been very excited to have fun with these people but he realised these people were targeting him on purpose .  

Why would he think this now? The plates Ye Lang punched were all flying at him, even their broken pieces and powder were all directed at him .  

With his built, it would be easy for him to dodge these “attacks” . However, he got hit by an unexpected plate flying in his direction as he was too immersed in watching the fight .

The contents of the plate were flying out . There was no time for him to dodge . In a second, he turned from a prince to a chicken getting prepared for soup*, drenched in actual soup… 

[Note: Chinese idiom for describing someone that is soaking wet] 

“Stop!!” Mo Lin roared, slamming the table .  

“Ignore him!” Li Yue said in an aloof manner, continuing her movements .  

“Who cares?!” Ye Lang said with equal aloofness, also continuing his movements .

“ . . . . . . ”

Li Yue was soon out of items to throw, Ye Lang wanted to celebrate it at that moment . The bystanders thought they were nearly finished and Mo Lin thought that this would be his chance to speak .  

However, Li Yue stood up with her hands around the corners of her end of the table . With one swift motion…… 

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She flung the table! 

“Fuck, did you really need to throw the table?! Very unladylike of you!” Ye Lang shouted as he pushed the table aside with one hand .  


Mo Lin’s voice rung in the room . He was stuck under the table Ye Lang had flung .  

How pitiful!! 

“What happened to him?” Ye Lang asked dully .  

“Not sure, maybe the weather’s too cold for him……” Li Yue said without much thought .

Such a lame joke . Even if the weather was too cold, would anyone use a table as a blanket? 

“Is it cold? Whatever, maybe he fooled around too much and his body became weak . Leave him, let’s go back and rest . We’ll leave early tomorrow,” Ye Lang looked at Mo Lin with disgust and prepared to leave with Li Yue .  

“Sure thing,” Li Yue nodded .  

How, how did these two make up so easily? That’s a drastic turn of events . Well, they are siblings, fighting among themselves is normal .  

“Stop right there . Do you think you can leave after doing that to me? Let me tell you . Li Yue is mine today, or else you two won’t leave this city!!” Mo Lin roared as he pushed off the table and walked towards the duo .  

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“ . . . . . . ”

Ye Lang and Li Yue looked at each other and left the place, completely ignoring Mo Lin . It was true contempt, what they felt towards Mo Lin, they didn’t even bother saying a word to him .  

“You… you two……” Mo Lin was about to burst . As long as he lived here, he’d never encountered something like this, no one had ever ignored him so blatantly .  

The audience of this spectacle was shocked as they didn’t expect this ending . They thought that Li Yue would give in to Mo Lin and be tortured by that devil .  

But now, this young lady not only ignored him, she even flipped a table towards him! How the tables had turned!  

Everyone was secretly wondering whether Li Yue was just using Ye Lang to mess around with Mo Lin .


Mo Lin filled with a sense of revenge rushed towards Ye Lang . He grabbed the dagger hung on his waist, eyes filled with anger… . . .

A burst a light flashed through, leaving everyone wondering what happened . The light came as soon as it went, making them wonder if was just an illusion .  


Mo Lin felt the pain coming from a wound . He instinctively looked at it only to realise it was red from what looked like blood .  

When did my clothes get stained with blood? 

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At that moment, Mo Lin hadn’t realised what happened but he soon did . The redness expanded quickly, flushing the wound with red .  

This, this was my blood from the wound? When did I get hurt? 

Then, a sharp pain started to spread from his heart, overwhelming his nerves . He knew then, he was slashed by someone .  

“Was it you?” Mo Lin asked blankly, his eyes focused on the dagger pointed at Li Yue . He noticed the few drops of fresh blood on Li Yue’s sword .

At that moment, he understood, Li Yue had killed him .  

“Lose that murderous gaze, I’m a little sensitive towards it now, sorry!” Li Yue said casually as if she was talking about something unrelated to her .  

With the stupid wolf battalion chasing after them, Li Yue sensitivity towards people’s gaze was at its peak and her habit of attacking first maintained . As long as anyone looked at her or Ye Lang with that gaze, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill them .  

“Nevermind, you’ll be down there with me soon, haha……” 

Mo Lin had no other thoughts during his final moments . No hatred, no anger, he only smiled . He felt that Li Yue would die soon because that was the price she had to pay for killing him, as he was … . . .

“Sorry, she won’t be there with you, she’ll live a long life . Get her in your next life . ” Ye Lang said with a smile .  

“You’ll be gone too, I’ll be waiting for you!!” Mo Lin smiled devilishly as he looked at Ye Lang .  

“In a few hundred years……” Ye Lang said as he shrugged .  

“What are they saying?” 

The onlookers didn’t understand what they heard . They didn’t know that Mo Lin who was in front of them was dying and these were his last words .  

“I am Mo Lin, my father is……” 

“Your father is Mo Jie, I get it . You don’t have to tell me again, just go . ” 

“ . . . . . ”

Thud .  

Everyone was shocked and looked towards Ye Lang…

Mo Lin fell to the ground . Blood started to seep out from his body . At that moment, everyone finally realised what had happened .  

This was huge!! 

“Run, Mo Lin is dead!!” 

In a flash, everyone left the hotel . Those with quicker reactions had already taken their things and scrammed . They didn’t want to get into trouble if someone found out that they were there when Mo Lin died .  

Quickly, the Moon Hotel was empty, left only with those that didn’t know who Mo Lin was .  

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